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When looking for guns and accessories online, it is not surprising to find the name Beretta posted. With centuries of experience, Beretta has positioned itself as one of the world’s most famous and competent Italian firearms manufacturers.

Beretta Review

Its famous slogan “Quality without compromise,” which was decreed by Bartolomeo Beretta about five centuries ago, remains the company’s cornerstone today and is considered the unalterable key to Beretta’s worldwide success.

What is Beretta?

The company manufactures 1,500 guns a day with a rich history, including “handguns of various calibers and different levels of finish, semi-automatic shotguns, carbines, express shotguns, semi-automatic pistols (from .22 short caliber to .45 Auto) and automatic military rifles”.

In the ’90s, Beretta opened its doors in the sporting arms business (accessories and instruments for hunting and target shooting), which gained immediate fame for their quality and elegance.

Beretta has an updated website with its products and even history, adapting to the new technologies and media. Among its products, we have the category of shooting safety equipment, i.e., glasses and hearing protection.

If we want to talk about the protective lenses, these are designed for shooters to develop an incomparable optical superiority when shooting. It should be noted that not only will you be protecting your eyes, but you will be maximizing your focus on the range with the lightweight shooting glass with a plastic frame.

Beretta has an incredible list of lens models, all tailored to your comfort. If you want to talk about their hearing protectors, there are two options:

One is the adjustable and rugged low-profile ear muffs with an NNR (sound reduction rating) of 25 dB. And for a second choice, Beretta also has the new Off Shot Mini Headset® that, unlike the common shooting earmuffs, is more comfortable, offers absolute freedom of movement, and has 32dB levels of acoustic protection in only 7 grams of weight.

How to buy these products?

As mentioned above, Beretta has an advanced website with an easy and fast user interface that anyone can use.

To purchase their products, you only need to register and be part of the B-Club. You can register using a Facebook account or fill in the requested information such as e-mail, name, surname, country, etc.

Once you are registered, you can start shopping online with a single click which adds the product to the shopping bag.

Each Beretta item has photographs from all angles, color options, sizes, product descriptions, and reviews. It should also be mentioned that this acclaimed company has physical stores called Beretta Gallery located in Dallas (USA), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Paris (France), and Milan (Italy).

Is Legit?

Beretta, having so many years of experience in the market, has an impeccable reputation. The reviews found on their products do nothing but acclaim the quality and innovative designs of their products.

In recent years the company has been under the direction of Gussalli Beretta, and thanks to him, it has opened its headquarters in the United States, which is the main emporium of the arms industry.

Thanks to this agreement, Beretta has acquired the largest contract in modern history, allowing the 92FS pistol to become the official weapon of the U.S. Armed Forces. But it doesn’t end there. Beretta has also secured contracts for more than 45,000 weapons with the Spanish Civil Guard and the Turkish National Police.

To achieve the level of precision and quality of its products, Beretta has automated work centers and highly specialized personnel.

Advantages of Beretta

  • They have unique, sober, comfortable, useful, and innovative designs.
  • They have years of experience and work in agreement with armed forces and police forces of several countries.
  • Its range of products is very varied, having weapons of all kinds—accessories such as glasses and ear protectors, gun holders, special clothes for gun depots, etc.
  • For a company that has a mostly male audience, some accessories come in designs for women as well, i.e., they are lighter, and the sizes are smaller.
  • They have marketing and sales teams that develop new products and try to meet customer demands.
  • They employ modern IT systems (internet and intranet) that provide the necessary information to meet market demand quickly.

Disadvantages of Beretta

  • Although most of their reviews are positive and praise their quality, their prices are much higher than the competition.
  • As mentioned above, they have a women’s section, which is an improvement since it is dedicated to the male audience, but this section is tiny compared to the men’s section.
  • Their marketing is limited since they are an arms company and the advertising they can do is limited.


Beretta is not only a company that sells Italian firearms, no, but it also goes beyond that. It sells a lifestyle for those passionate about guns and sports such as hunting and shooting. So, we can say that Beretta has an assured future.

Its trajectory gives it such an impressive reputation and reliability that it is understandable why no one should hesitate to buy from its stores.

Although their prices are not the most accessible, the quality-price ratio does justice, and it is betting that their products are reliable and safe.

Besides, they should be credited for the time invested in their products as they fulfill their function but are developed with the idea to innovate and change the parameters in the gun world, as did their Off Shot Mini Headset®, which evolved hearing protection to another level. Beretta is one of the icons of guns, and it can be said that they do justice to their slogan “Quality without compromise.”

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