6 Best All-grain Brewing Websites – How to Make Beer

Nowadays, it has become trendy to brew beers. It is not that one is living in the prohibition era, but that the growing boom of the culture of doing it oneself has influenced many of the things we consume when We go to a store.

Particularly, the grain beer has great appeal due to its unique flavor and is that, following a few simple instructions, arm yourself with the necessary equipment. Then, with the required knowledge, you can prepare your own grain beer at home and share it with friends and family.

First, you need to know how to prepare these beers, and to access this knowledge, we have prepared a list of the best all-grain brewing websites on the internet that explain how to make grain beer and other interesting tips that will undoubtedly be useful for you.

What You Should Consider for All-grain Brewing

You must know what you are looking for, or no site will be useful. In addition, you need to know if you expect to find tricks, recipes, methods, ingredients, or just inspiration.

If you do not want to be part of a community or receive emails, finding a website with quality content will be more difficult.

Analyze your economic framework. Some websites ask for a paid membership to register. Although it is not much, it should be within your reach.

Beer & Brewing

Official Site

The information posted on the Beer & Brewing site is structured so that beginners, people with intermediate knowledge and extensive knowledge on the subject can go directly to the courses that might interest them.

Paying $ 9.99 per month, you have access to all the courses, and the same thing happens to pay $ 99.99 for the one-year membership, but registration is free. On the homepage, the courses are ordered, starting with the most outstanding ones. You can expect:

  1. Access the courses anytime, anywhere, with a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  2. Videos, quizzes, and interactive content designed to achieve a complete learning experience.
  3. Unlimited access, with the freedom to take your courses at your own time and pace.
  4. Receive certificates for completed courses.


  • List of courses organized by level of experience.
  • Content simple to understand.
  • You can access all the courses by paying the monthly or annual membership.


  • Little information about the site, who they are, what inspires.
  • Only one of the instructors receives a description of their history in the field, the others do not, or at least this information is not easily accessible.
  • Individual courses can be moderately expensive.

American Homebrewers Association

Official Site

We should start by mentioning that this is actually an organization. The American Homebrewers Association is better known as AHA, was founded in 1978, and in addition to this website, they publish the famous Zumergy magazine.

It is easy to get information on all-grain brewing on this website. In fact, you can decide to participate in seminars or courses. The home page has a fresh appearance, with several drop-down menus where you learn how to prepare beers, how this community is organized, recipe recipes, upcoming events, among other things.

You also have the possibility to download your application, compatible with Android and iPhone. The search bar also allows you to find the particular information you are looking for, but do not forget to take advantage. You have to pay $ 43 for one year, $ 110 for 3 years, and $ 700 for a lifetime membership.


  • Broad content, very varied, and excellently organized.
  • They hold live events, which can be especially useful to talk with others about tricks and recipes for beers.
  • They organize competitions periodically.


  • Registration on this website is not free, although you can opt for a free trial.
  • You could receive a membership renewal alert, even if you still have months left to enjoy it.

Homebrew Talk

Official Site

Essentially Homebrew Talk is a website that follows a blog model, allowing the comments and articles that hang the members of your community to be the protagonists. The site does not offer drop-down menus but direct links to different sections of the site.

Because the site does not charge anything for joining your community, they depend on the advertisements, although these are not aggressive.

It is also possible that you donate to your cause, which is done through the Paypal platform. Another highlight is that they share a price list of offers on items to use in brewing available on popular sales platforms.

The recipes are usually accompanied by quite clear instructions, complemented by explanatory videos. As for brewing software, it is a striking and complete tool, which will allow you, among other things, to understand the composition of your beer.


  • Free registration
  • The site design quite similar to old blogs, so it looks familiar.
  • Software for brewing beer.


  • Little management of the site, reflected in ancient articles still visible and old blog design.
  • Useful and recent articles are not easily accessible.

Beersmith Blog

Official Site

This blog is operated and produced by Dr. Brad Smith, who, among other things, is a frequent presenter of the AHA, along with volunteers from the homebrewing community.

The BeerSmith Blog contains brewing tutorials, home-brewing techniques, product and book reviews, articles on the development of popular beer styles, and beer brewing news.

If you do not want to be part of this community, whose membership is free, you can subscribe to receive the weekly newsletter to your email. The courses must buy them, but you can benefit from a couple of content advances to inform you about them.

As for the recipes, there are many and varied options for you to prepare the beer according to your taste.


  • Operated by Dr. Brad Smith, along with volunteers from the homebrewing community.
  • Link to download BeerSmith software, viral among homebrewers.
  • Possibility of acquiring other products, such as books and CDs.


  • The site does not adapt well to all browsers.
  • With the site’s completeness, listening to radio, podcasts, CDs, videos, and other media is overwhelming.

Craft Beer

Official Site

CraftBeer.com is a website published by the Brewers Association. It is a non-profit commercial organization that protects and promotes small and independent American brewers, so it is ideal to find inspiration in stories of people who also started in the shed.

They organize various courses. For example, the online 101 beer course will guide you through craft beer basics, learning from beer’s history to ingredients and different beer types.

While the beer and food pairing course will provide you with in-depth knowledge about craft beer and food, you will understand how to make a knockout match, as well as creating a set menu for a beer and dinner event.


  • You will find recent news about the world of beer in the United States.
  • They organize beer brewing courses.
  • Published by the Brewers Association.


  • Given that they promote the small and medium brewer, such information will not be efficient if you are looking to make your own beer.
  • It is not very clear how to get to the recipe section to help you prepare your beer.

Beer Hawk

Official Site

Beer Hawk’s goal is to offer you the best beers available in the market, so, under the philosophy of being on the lookout for the best beer in the world, they have more than 1000 varieties from different countries, including Ireland, Australia, Belgium, Germany, and more.

In addition to buying beers, you can also buy beer preparation kits, and if you complete your purchase with some good beer to overcome the £ 50, you can get free shipping.

Unfortunately, this online company operates in the United Kingdom and ships only to the continental United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Highlands, and Islands.

They care about customers, suppliers, and the people who work in this company dedicated to beer, so they are committed to empowering each person in Beer Hawk to participate directly in the business’s success while serving as a showcase for your product.


  • Excellently written content always focused on finding the perfect beer.
  • When you make purchases through this site for over £ 50, shipping is free.


  • An operations Center in the United Kingdom.
  • It is not about making beers but about tasting craft beers.

To Conclude

We hope that the list we have prepared for you has been useful. These sites are mostly dedicated to making craft beers, so you’ll find many practical tips and even detailed guides if you do not know anything but you have the desire to start.

Don’t forget to consider local regulations and make some amazing brews to share with your friends and family.