7 Best Art Websites for Students

Studying art is often synonymous with “not finding information,” but hey! Today we got a list that will ease that burden a lot! Here are the best art websites for students you can find online:

Met Museum

Met Museum

Official Site

The Met Museum is one of the most important museums in the United States. The museum has more than 50 years of experience, offering people the opportunity to know art in a close way. People can also get useful information about art on its online platform.

The Met’s website offers the opportunity to search, download, or learn more about the history and important data of important works of art. Its digital library is quite extensive and allows learning about the main works of art worldwide.

People can visit the Met website for free and download all the information they need without paying anything. However, there are some memberships for those who wish to make physical visits to the museum.

Regarding trust, the Met is one of the oldest and most important museums in the United States and has gained users and VIPs’ confidence who regularly visit the museum.


It is a world-renowned museum.

The entire library is free and can be used as a scholarly reference.


No mobile app

Most books are in PDF images so that you can forget about copying/pasting any quote.

We can say that without a doubt, the Met Museum’s website is one of the references for art students and that it certainly deserves to be visited and taken into account for research.

The Kennedy Center ArtsEdge

The Kennedy Center ArtsEdge

Official Site

The ArtsEdge project was created to provide free resources for everything related to art globally and historically. People can get content on theater, and art, among many other things that have marked the history of art in one way or another.

ArtsEdge concentrates a lot of information in one place, allowing people to visit it and gain knowledge without searching elsewhere. As a result, people can spend hours and hours surfing and getting important information on the site.

On the other hand, this project was created and managed for free. Therefore, those who use it do not have to cancel anything and access the information for free without paying.


Hundreds of art topics to educate yourself

Easy-to-use interface


It does not have a mobile version

ArtsEdge is an excellent project for those who are undertaking in the art world. It is extensive, comprehensive, easy to use, and above all, easy to get information on various topics.

Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture

Official Site

Google Arts & Culture is one of the most innovative projects currently handled by Google for students and people interested in learning more about art. The platform is easy to access and is divided into many varied categories for all types of research.

Google Arts & Culture is innovative because it is a platform for research and allows people to play and learn simultaneously. But beyond that, it’s a great place for students to get free, useful information in one place.

The platform can be used at no cost since Google created it to give a free space with hundreds of informative and educational content. Even documents with more information can be used without paying a dollar to Google.

Regarding trust, we cannot deny that Google is currently one of the most famous and reliable platforms on the Internet. Therefore, the Arts & Culture platform is extremely reliable for all people.


Information in several languages

Didactic games to learn


It is one of the few Google services without mobile support.

The platform can become heavy because of the amount of information.

Following the last point, finding a specific piece of art can be hard.

Without a doubt, we can say that Arts & Culture is one of those complete art websites that allow us to take a step into the future. Google has given all that and more by allowing people who need to learn to do so within a single platform without extra charges.


Art Websites

Official Site

Artsonia is a handy platform for artists who wish to make known a little more of their work since the beginning of their careers. In addition, it is a great place to exhibit and sell artwork in a community with over 70 million art pieces.

The platform works as a bridge between artists and those interested in art pieces. But it is also a platform that allows individual growth because people can receive feedback to improve their work. But in addition to that, they can buy artwork from different artists.

Entering Artsonia is completely free. However, those who wish to sell their works will have to pay a percentage of the sale to Artsonia.

The site has a variety of licenses that can be found at the bottom of the page. It has also received several awards for the initiative they have created, allowing users to have full confidence in what Artsonia offers.


Excellent platform to share your artwork

Artwork can be sold

The selling fees are quite decent and offer you great exposure.


Slightly outdated interface

Artsonia is a great platform; it is perfect for improving and receiving feedback from other artists worldwide. Also, it’s a great way to get a little more money selling some artwork on the site.

Art Babble

Art Websites

Official Site

Art Babble is a website recently created to promote art education at all levels of education. It has created and expanded the lessons that can be gradually obtained within the page, allowing teachers and students to get hundreds of articles about art in its entire splendor.

The site has sought to place hundreds of educational content sites so that students can take advantage of it and learn about various topics. The site has also created a section for teachers to use the platform’s material for teaching purposes.

Using Art Babble is completely free. The website’s content has been brought to life by a group of professionals who make life within the Indianapolis Museum of Art and have added content over the years.

Trust is not something Art Babble lacks since, as we said before, its main benefactor has been the art museum of one of the most important cities in the United States.


Content available in multiple languages

Artistic content is quite varied

Backed up by one of the most important museums in the US


Confusing platform to use

Does not have a mobile platform

We can say that Art Babble has taken a step forward and is similar to what the Met has offered. However, it has an approach that allows teachers to enjoy more of the content they can teach; therefore, people can use it to learn or teach as required. Without a doubt, Art Babble is a handy platform for art students.

Art Websites

Official Site

The National Gallery of Art is a site that works to support one of the most important galleries in the United States. Created to teach mainly about art, it works as a great platform to learn about art and history.

People can enter the site and see all the content created and uploaded to the platform. But they also have the opportunity to download it to some devices, or they can choose to get the information for the computers.

The people place the cost of the platform. This is because the page works according to people’s donations since the gallery receives its main income from physical visits.

In terms of trust, it is enough to say that we work hand in hand with the gallery located in Washington, D.C. It has been functioning for several years as one of that city’s most important art centers.


Downloadable content for various devices

Easy access to hundreds of informative articles


Access for Apple devices only.

The National Gallery of Art is an imposing gallery and an important site. However, this is all we have to say about it as a definition. It is worth visiting to learn and investigate more about the art and history behind the pieces.


Art Websites

Official Site

KinderArt has been a platform on the market for over 20 years. It was created to provide knowledge to all people who need it with everything related to art. It is also a site that has managed to extend and grow to be real-artistic power.

The site currently has hundreds of useful lessons for students and teachers of all ages. Besides, people can get some pieces inside the store created by KinderArt.

The platform can be used completely free of charge. That was the purpose of its creation; however, content can be purchased to increase knowledge in some areas.

As for trust, it is enough to say that hundreds of users have accompanied its 20 years of trajectory. Besides, they have been winners of several awards, and some institutions use them to collect information.


Platform with multiple content areas

Age-divided website to promote knowledge

Valuable information for all learning stages


Somewhat confusing page to use

Paid content feels expensive

People can use this page to learn more about art as it is complete. Besides, they have a store created to encourage people’s artistic learning further.

In the End

If you struggle with your art studies, you can find comfort in searching these sites. Most of this list’s content is on renowned museums and contains valuable and quotable information.

On the other hand, Artsonia is a great place to get your art out there. Even if you are a student, you could hit a nice sale and jump to fame sooner than expected.

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