Best Chess Training Websites Online

Getting better at something requires practice, and strategy games like chess are far away from being an exception to this. For this reason, we have here a list of the best online chess training sites. So, get your pawns to the towers and keep reading.

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Official Site

Chessable is one of the best chess training websites with various content for improving their play chess. Magnus Carlsen promotes it as one of the best platforms to improve the game.

Within the Chessable platform, you can get a variety of content to learn. Basically, the site creates a bridge between people who want to learn and those who want to improve their techniques. The site has a large library of content that is segmented at various points.

We can find inside the page and some free courses offered by great professionals from strategy to tactics.

People can enter the site by making a simple registration with which they can enjoy certain content that is offered for free.

On the other hand, Chessable has courses that vary in price depending on the content they are offering. The lowest price you can get is $5, and the highest is easily over $20.

Great chess players recognize the site as a school for those who wish to learn more about the game. Both the great players and their community have created a reputation that accompanies Chessable wherever they go. This, along with the content they offer, positions Chessable as a highly reliable site.


  • has the approval of Magnus Carlsen, a world champion.
  • They offer a variety of basic and advanced courses.
  • The prices are quite affordable for everyone.


  • You don’t have many payment methods for buying content.

Chessable is a great site for those who want to take their level of play a little further than normal. The only detail is that its content is only handled in English, so you have to understand the language to take advantage of each material.


Official Site

iChess is a great chess academy with the particularity of having a great variety of courses and grandmasters in charge of teaching them. All their material is quite didactic and entertaining for those who are interested in chess.

iChess works as a great online library to learn about basic chess terms to more advanced aspects. Grandmasters and chess champions have taught various courses within the platform, these being the most sought after by beginners and advanced players.

People can enter iChess for free. The real price comes when they want to purchase a course, ranging from $5 to about $120, depending on its content.

The site has great personalities who have left their mark by creating material for people to learn chess. As a result, their community is growing, and more and more new users lend their hands to the site to learn more about the game.


  • Their courses are created for all levels of the game.
  • Has video presentations to create didactic spaces.
  • They offer great deals weekly.


  • It does not have an internal platform to practice.

Except for the language barrier, iChess is a site with one of the world’s largest collections of chess instruction. This, together with the quality of the people who teach the courses, creates an excellent formula to attract many users.


Official Site

Chess24 is a teaching platform that makes it easy for players to learn by reading and practicing. In addition, they have an extensive library of material for players and other features that attract game fans to sign up on the site.

The Chess24 platform allows its users to learn chess by playing or reading texts or watching videos.  It is also a site that allows you to stream major chess events around the world.

People can log in to Chess24 for free. However, to access more content and some improvements to the site, they have the option to pay a membership of $13 per month or $10.83 per year.

The site has been running for several years on the Internet, and you can see how users consider it a safe site in terms of payments and materials offered. But, on the other hand, they also offer security in user accounts, which is extremely important nowadays.


  • offers various subscription plans to the page
  • has a streaming service within the
  • has a news section that is updated daily


  • The page does not usually give many offers in its content.

A platform with plenty of courses and options for learning is what Chess24 offers us. The site is fluid and also has mobile applications that allow you to connect with more users. It is worth taking into account to learn and enjoy a few games of chess.

Chess Tempo

Official Site

Chess Tempo is an open-source site that is constantly being improved to serve players better. Despite its simple design, the site has a lot to offer to people who join and are part of the community, where you can practice or play in one place.

Within Chess Tempo, people can improve their skills by playing or practicing with the site’s content. Although they do not offer courses or books, they have many problems and training for the community to practice with.

Being an open-source site, many people have entered for free and contributed their knowledge to the site. On the other hand, Chess Tempo has three subscriptions:

  • Silver: $3/month or $20/year.
  • Gold: 4$/month or 35$/year
  • Diamond: $9/month or $79/year

The site is quite reliable. First, its open-source library gives users confidence at the outset. Beyond that, their service has proven to be of quality, allowing them to gain greater recognition.


  • Has over 700,000 training problems
  • The site is quite minimalist and simple to use.
  • The website is customizable.


  • They have a highly generic translation of all their content.
  • Does not offer courses by level

It is a growing site that has the potential to be a powerhouse in the chess world. The site has some things to improve, but it is still a good option to practice or play chess games.


Official Site

Ideachess is a relatively new site. The site has some basic features for practice but is still under development and playing with other users in real-time.

The Ideachess platform is divided in terms of problems and space to play. As it is growing since its launch was 2020, the page has various problems that continue to increase as the days go by and improve its game mechanics.

Registering and using Ideachess at the moment is completely free. They do not even have additional subscriptions for their members.

Despite having been created this year, the page has a forum where you can read the testimonials of users who have supported the page and are still active members of their community.


  • It has a minimalist design
  • has a forum to answer questions and share with users
  • Has support in several languages


  • The site does not yet have courses for its users.
  • Does not have any additional aspects to make the registration appealing

A growing page with an intermediate amount of content to practice is the best way to define Ideachess. It has potential, but it still needs to be exploited due to the site’s short life.

International Chess School

Official Site

The International Chess School is a site dedicated solely to teaching practical content for the game. Despite not having a space to play, the amount of content they offer is unique and has great tutors recognized worldwide.

International Chess School is a huge library of practical chess content. From online courses with chess masters to courses that can be purchased depending on the players’ level.

The costs of the materials on the page are quite varied. For example, courses start at $25, while complete packages cost more than $250.

The site has a testimonial section for those who have questions about how it works. They also have protection services for purchases made within the platform.


  • have a lot of material created by chess masters.
  • Offers free lessons.
  • It has a forum dedicated to the basic notions of the game.


  • Does not have space to practice inside the page
  • Does not have support in other languages

Despite being a space for learning only, the International Chess School offers much useful content for people. From basic courses to personalized lessons, the site is one of the best in teaching the game.

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