Best Computer Science Websites Made for Students

Finding information on a particular topic on the web is usually a challenge.

The reason is not usually a lack of information, but rather that you find a lot of information that is of little use. However, when the search topic is web development and related issues.

As a student, freelancer, or the kind of person who seeks to complement your learning, it is important that you have a good list of sites to go to for education on coding, development, and web page design –Mainly, whose content is easy to understand.

Computer Science Websites

Because of this we have prepared a list of the best computer Science websites for students.

Through this compilation we hope to help you develop the computer skills that will help you, in the first instance, to better understand the design of websites and, subsequently, to enhance your future career.


Official Site

W3Schools is an online learning website to help everyone who has the desire to understand web development.

Here you can find lots of tutorials, references to apply in your designs and also examples of web development languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Python, jQuery, W3.CSS and Bootstrap, among others.

The design of the site is simple, but this facilitates the fulfillment of its purpose, directing attention to its content.

You will be pleased to know that you can also obtain the certification of your web skills obtained on the site, for it, you will have to pay 95$ per certificate.

Through the practical guides, you can find answers to most computer-related questions. In addition, it has its own “try it” editor for writing and executing codes; it even offers you predefined web templates.

They’ve been online since 1999, so they have a lot of experience and some users have indicated that the content is very basic, but if you are looking to start on this path or reinforce the bases of your knowledge, then this site is for you.

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Maintaining the same orientation since its inception in 2007, GitHub is a development platform inspired by the way of working of each of those who have a passion for web development.

This ranges from open source codes to business programming.

Thanks to its tools you can host and review codes, manage projects and create software together with 36 million developers.

Some of the reasons they present as valid to choose them in your training process include:

Write Better Code:

  • The conversations and code reviews that occur in extraction requests help your team share the burden of work and improve the software you build.
  • You learn about code review in the process.

Manage Your Project:

  • Project management occurs in problems and project panels, right next to the code used.
  • What you have to do is mention a colleague to participate.
  • This also allows you to learn about project management.

Find The Right Tools:

  • Search and buy GitHub Marketplace applications with your account.
  • You’ll find the tools you need and also the most popular, easy-to-use tools.
  • You will also get some discounts.

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Official Site

From Codecademy’s point of view, you don’t need to know the whole programming language to use it, just know some important points.

The routes show you where to start your training on the first day and guide you through languages, projects, and practices to achieve your goal.

Here you decide what you want (to learn a skill, build a thing, or qualify for a promotion) and you will be directed there.

Since the university is not within everyone’s reach and few can afford to leave their jobs to learn full time, they have developed this platform to make coding more flexible and accessible so that everyone has the opportunity to learn and the desire to learn.

About membership fees

This online school can be considered quite affordable as their rates are:

  • $15.99/month for the annual fee (in one payment of $191.88)
  • $17.99/month for the six-month plan (in one payment of $107.94)
  • $19.99 for the monthly fee.

Through this platform you can learn about the languages of the web: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, learn the basics of Python and CMD line, as well as SQL.

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Code Avengers

Official Site

Headquartered in New Zealand, Code Avengers makes available a wide selection of courses, through an a la carte to one model based on subscriptions.

The service is easy to use and its built-in tools allow any user to learn with ease. It points out that in addition to online courses, they also offer Code Camps, so students from around the world can meet for three to five days to learn together.

We can indicate that the price is affordable, as the monthly cost of $29, while the six-month package has a price of $120.

Also, in case you prefer to try to know if it suits you or not, you can opt for the free trial, which has a duration of one week.

Training will be available for eight tracks, including HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Python, as well as broader offerings such as Web Dev, Design and Computer Science.

As a feature, we have to mention that it has a built-in text editor, where you can write your code, make sure of its accuracy and see it work.

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Stack Overflow

Official Site

Founded in 2008, Stack Overflow is an online community where anyone who encodes can both learn and share their knowledge and build their careers.

More than 50 million people enter the site each month to help solve coding problems, develop new skills and find job opportunities.

In appearance the design of this website is very simple, in fact, it is very similar to a social network.

Yet, this configuration makes it easier for your users to connect and solve problems together in programming codes and other aspects related to information technology.

If you are interested in this aspect, many companies have seen in this site an opportunity to centralize their questions, thus developing an easily accessible encyclopedia.

Fundamentally, this site is also oriented to meet the needs of organizations of any level to manage and classify from data to almost any issue they require.

Finally, when you enter you will have access to a section of the FAQ, another dedicated to the most prominent, as well as the most purchased courses, and a search engine to access specific information.

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Official Site

PVTuts is a free online learning library specializing in computer programming solutions.

On this website, you can quickly learn how to use many popular programming languages through text and video tutorials. Since they exist since 2003, they accumulate an experience that guarantees excellent quality content.

As for the content disclosed on this website, the aim of the tutorials is to explain only what is relevant and practical for the purpose, without including repeated ideas or arguing unnecessary theory.

PVTuts does this with the aim of providing you with a highly efficient learning experience, so it is assumed that those who make use of this content have, at least, basic knowledge of programming languages.

It is designed in a classical way, so it will be very easy to explore the content. Besides, to ensure the correct access to the different tutorials, they have classified the main topics in a column on the left of the screen, which includes a news section.

You can also purchase different manuals and books related to the content of this Computer Science website.

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Official Site

Udacity was founded by Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig.

It took several years to develop the current platform, of which they are proud to offer aspiring students from all over the world the opportunity to participate and contribute to some of the world’s most important developing fields, with their enormous variety of applications.

They offer all online students courses in the areas of data science, artificial intelligence, programming, autonomous systems, and cloud computing.

These courses are based on the following structure:

  1. Real-world projects from industry experts: real-world projects and immersive content created in partnership with top-level companies.
  2. 1-to-1 Technical Mentor: You have an expert mentor who guides your learning and focuses on answering your questions.
  3. Personal Coach and Professional Services: You’ll get access to career guidance sessions, interview preparation tips, resumes and online profile reviews to help you grow in your career.
  4. Flexible learning program: You can learn at your own pace and achieve personal goals through a personalized program.

To Sum Up

Having made this list we are sure that you are in a better position to decide which e-learning training sites are most convenient for you.

All the content is aimed at educating people who, like you, want to achieve personal success through professional preparation.

Most of these Computer Science sites offer free content, as well as greater access through paid content and they are all present on social networks.

Besides, in most cases, are backed by a great track record, as well as many other students who qualify them as excellent learning tools. Check out their offers and you will surely find the perfect place for you to start learning computer science!

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