Food Recipe Websites – The Top Ten Online

Eating is one of life’s simplest pleasures when what you eat is delicious. Still, it is not always possible to go out and buy a good meal. It may be because of the difficulty of moving to a good place, the insecurity of a certain place, or because you prefer to be at home. Perhaps you may be interested then joining the growing number of people who have decided to prepare their own special meals with their favorite food recipe websites.

Best Food Recipe Websites

For those who like to cook, the internet has allowed them to access recipes for varied meals, from international food to the most traditional, and prepare desserts.

You only need the internet and the ingredients. Besides, preparing food among friends creates unique moments, so we have prepared a list of the best food recipe websites.


Official Site

The powerful Discovery brand owns a food Network, and since you enter, it is easy to be dazzled by all the videos, shows, and programs offered with just one click. However, the first tab at the top of the page corresponds to the recipes, so it’s straightforward to access them from the home page.

You will find all kinds of recipes to prepare meals quickly, different ways of making lasagna, vegetarian food, the best dinners or breakfasts, the latest videos, and without a doubt, many recipes that will catch your attention. Fashion recipes and all their recipes are arranged alphabetically in this page’s lower section.


Official Site

Undoubtedly, entering the AllRecipes website is a complete experience. From 1997 until today, it has become a social network where users (including you) share their recipes to prepare certain foods or desserts. The site is easy to explore. You can easily access eight categories and enter a search engine to cook or select your interest type in a column.

As a user, you can register at your online cooking school, which has a monthly cost of $ 7.5 and an annual cost of $ 44.99. You can also register a subscription to the magazine and even download applications for Android and Apple phones.


Official Site

We must mention that it is not a website, Yummly is an app available in Google Play and App Store, and there are good reasons to download it. For example, it is among the Top 100 essential Apple applications and has been the annual winner of 3 Consecutive Webby Awards since 2016, to mention some of their achievements.

Two million recipes are more than enough to choose what to cook. In addition, you can use the app to organize your purchases based on the recipes you will execute.

To find what you want here, you can optimize the search with filters such as cooking time, course, cooking, occasion, diet, allergy (if you suffer any), nutrition, and more; of course, enjoy a step-by-step guide on how to prepare amazing new dishes.

Simply Recipes

Food Recipe Websites

Official Site

Simply Recipes was founded by Elise Bauer in 2003 as a blog to share the recipes she learned from her parents. Nowadays, the success of her site is evident, and we can see with pleasure how easy it is to explore it. You can access search guides for special diets, ingredients, meal times, seasons, trends, nationalities, and even ways of cooking.

They bet to develop recipes at home, taking as main ingredients what grows in the garden and what can be bought in a common market, so you will notice that natural ingredients are used, although they rarely appear in canned or prepared foods.

You can also leave your constructive comments on the recipe so they can improve it on the site.


Official Site

Maxwell Ryan and Sara Kate Gillingham are the founders of The Kitchn 2005, an Internet space that they say is dedicated to people who love to cook and who do not fear getting their hands dirty in the process.

For them, a harmonious and happy atmosphere in the home is one of the keys to personal and professional success, and one way to achieve this is to unite the family through cooking.

The site is attractive because of its simplicity. The home page shows you how to equip your kitchen, as well as other items of interest, and through a drop-down menu, you have access to the recipes section, where you will find all kinds of recipes for dinners, lunches, and breakfasts or choose to use the search engine for something more specific.

My Recipes

Food Recipe Websites

Official Site

Preparing healthy foods is one of the main focuses of My Recipes, a website where you can get recipes and tips related to cooking.

Through the “HOW” tab, you will access articles that will help you, for example, make better use of your fridge space or clean the stoves with ceramic surfaces.

The recipe section is divided into healthy recipes, baking, snacks, cocktails, and world recipes. If you tend to be short on time, there is a drop-down menu dedicated to all the quick and easy recipes and direct access to the section of free cooking recipes.

You can see suggested holiday recipes at the end of the page, such as July 4thor Halloween.


Official Site

Epicurious is a company founded in 1995 and has established itself as a leader in the digital world in that it offers its users and visitors site recipes of all kinds. Today, you can easily register a user or get one of their applications on multiple platforms, including Android, Windows, iOS phones and tablets, and Apple Watch.

On the home page, highlight the recipe search, you will have a list of interesting recipes and the latest that has been posted on the site, and with the advanced search option, you can optimize your search.

They have excellent image management in almost all social networks, and from here, you can access other sites such as bon appétit, Penguin Random House, delicious, and more.

Genius Kitchen

Food Recipe Websites

Official Site

Originally, this website existed since 1999, but Genius Kitchen has been online since 2017, part of Discovery’s entertainment network. When you enter, you notice that it is designed to attract young audiences because it appears like a social network. Its main characteristic is that its users share, comment, and modify the site’s recipes.

Thanks to a combination of professional chef recipes and users, you have over 500,000 recipes available.

They will show you the topic of interest for the week. You will see a giant drop-down menu in the recipe tab, where you will see them grouped into main categories such as popular, dietetic, meat, seafood, desserts, and vacations, among others. However, you access the recipe section. The search becomes complex.


Food Recipe Websites

Official Site

For Delish, cooking should not be seen as a professional activity, but rather a social nature and even more to eat. That is why this site presents cooking as a fun activity to do with your friends and family.

This site, relaunched in 2017, also shows those who enter news related to food, nutrition items, healthy food, and more.

Exploring the recipes section will find many articles and videos to guide you when preparing your meals. However, although they hang about 200 recipes a month, they are not very organized, so you are forced to resort to the Search menu to find what you need and hope that the subject of your interest appears.

To Sum Up

Whether you cook a meal to be among friends, a cake for a special occasion, or something romantic, we all need to cook, and it depends on our attitude to take full advantage of this time of day.

So, take this list of the best food recipe websites online, download the apps, or even get a subscription to receive delicious recipes directly in your email now and then.