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Keeping your garden in good shape is one part of the many chores your home needs to look good, but a good garden is a great way to pass the time and, at the same time, give your home a fresher and friendlier look. Now, surfing the web for sites that help you with this task can be a big challenge. Nevertheless, to help you get the best advice on care, pest management, and more, we’ve prepared a list of the top 10 gardening websites to help you give your home a look you have in mind:

Royal Horticultural Society

Official Site

It is a UK charity established to share the best in Gardening. The purpose of the Royal Horticultural Society is to enrich everyone’s life through plants and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place. However, its councils are available to everyone in the world.

The different sections of the site educate you in the best possible way about the care of your garden. There is also a section promoting Gardening among young people and even tips for each month, depending on the year’s season –Although you may not use these if your local weather is too different from theirs. Despite being a “professional” site, they prepare their articles because everyone can easily understand the information. After all, not everyone is an expert.

Fine Gardening

Official Site

Fine Gardening is a national website dedicated primarily to reporting news from the world of Gardening in the United States. To reach the most significant number of people, have a digital edition and a printed monthly circulation. If you are interested in subscribing, you will have to cancel for $29.95, but by paying $39.95, you get more content online.

That being said, they allow their visitors to register as users, thus enjoying wider access, and provide garden design tips, videos, podcasts, how-to” guides on performing certain tasks, and much more information.

Dave’s Garden

Official Site

With over 200,000 encyclopedic files on plants, insects, and birds and useful articles from gardening experts, you’ll find everything you need to help your garden grow. This site was founded in 2000, Dave’s Garden meets the interests and needs of gardeners and horticultural professionals worldwide, and here you can subscribe to their newsletter via email.

Besides, you can register a user to share experiences and buy or sell related items. On the other hand, the search engine will allow you to get information and buy what you need, you can access videos instead of reading articles, and there is a section dedicated especially to botany, as well as an interesting section named “the plant of the week.”

Garden Savvy

Official Site

Garden Savvy’s primary purpose is to function as an online store specializing in Gardening and horticulture. Therefore, if you are looking for professionals in this sector to obtain the products you are looking to use in your next project, this is an excellent choice.

You’ll get suppliers for every aspect of Gardening, including seeds and tools. Besides you can also read news related to this activity. On the other hand, you will need to register a profile to facilitate the buying or selling processes. However, you can also read about educational plants and tips for taking good care of your garden without an account.

You Grow Girl

Official Site

Maybe you’re the kind of person with little space but a lot of enthusiasm for Gardening. That being the case, You Grow Girl is the right website for you. It’s a project that speaks to a kind of gardener who seeks to redefine the modern world’s relationship with plants. This contemporary approach to organic Gardening emphasizes ecology, style, affordability, art, and humor.

Although they do not yet work with a newsletter, nor can you register, they are active on social networks offering tips and a nice community to follow. Besides, the website is very nice. Another advantage of this website is that you can buy some of the various books published by its founder to imitate her techniques and apply the media’s advice.


Official Site

Gardenista has been online since 2012 and is proposed as the definitive guide to stylish outdoor spaces. They seek to offer design ideas, from fragrant French roses to mid-century house styles. So, whether your outdoor space is a city balcony or an expansive garden, you can customize it to your liking with their guide.

Here you can buy all the plants or seeds you need or have in mind. To facilitate your search at the bottom of the home page, they have placed a wide selection of categories at your disposal, and all types of “garden visions” can be specified through this website, as they offer the possibility of acquiring from the simplest plant to the most desired and expensive type of seeds for your home.

Garden Guides

Official Site

Adjusted to the approach it offers, the name of this website, Garden Guides, clearly indicates that its purpose is to guide all people, whether experts or beginners, while striving to give their home a more pleasant and harmonious look through a garden.

From making a pot to caring for a specific plant, you’ll know every step to run with them. Unfortunately, they do not offer a user platform or a newsletter. However, you can get help whenever you contact customer service.

Another highlight is that they have posted who their team members are and are in charge of offering direct advice to community members.

Birds & Blooms

Official Site

Birds & Blooms started as a bi-monthly magazine in 1995, and their point of view, which they have shared and taught their readers since then, is the idea “to attract birds to the backyard through gardening and landscaping, is the best way.”

The feeling is real since when a garden is full of flowers, the movement of colorful birds and their cheerful songs make a courtyard full of life. This website covers many topics, including attracting hummingbirds, building birdhouses, growing butterfly gardens, feeding birds for less, growing vegetables, readers’ birding experiences, and much more.

Accessing the home page gives you access to project guides, an online store, a magazine subscription, and a Photogallery of both gardens and birds. On the other hand, you can also use the search engine to find what you are looking for in their archives.

Garden Gone Wild

Official Site

Born in 2007, Gardening Gone Wild has dedicated itself to spreading the design philosophies of gardens, such as perennial gardens swept, naturalized, and sprinkled with deciduous shrubs.

The idea is that they should be bold, organic, low maintenance, and drought-resistant. That was the orientation they determined when creating the gardening type they believed in and wanted to promote.

Behind this site, you will find a group of gardening professionals: authors, photographers, journalists, broadcasters, designers, teachers, speakers, and artists, who are passionate and prepared to keep you on the cutting edge of house and backyard planting.

The articles here are prepared to help readers work themselves in their gardens, and their content is categorized into sections such as garden design, garden meditations, garden photography, and succulents.

You can also receive a news alert in your email, although it is not exactly a news bulletin. Besides, the garden photography section can provide you with good ideas for your home.


Official Site

The purpose of GrowVeg is to help its users establish their gardens with their own hands, greens that work for the home by planting and caring for plants.

A highlight of this site is the garden planner, which helps you in many ways. For example, it indicates the best time to plant, pl, ant, and harvest depending on the time of year in your location. This is one of the positive aspects of this tool.

You can also access information that few sites offer and have a section dedicated to helping you fight the plague in your garden. Virtually all types of pests, diseases, or insects are treated in this section. You can also know the most common pests according to the type of plant you manage.

At the End

After reading this list, you can spend time analyzing which one of these gardening sites is most convenient for you.

Each has different approaches; if you love birds, Birds & Blooms is for you. On the other hand, if you’re interested in doing your garden in a small space, you might like You Grow Girl better.

These are just a few examples of what you can achieve in these reviews. So, carefully analyze which one comes closest to what you hope to get from your garden. Most of them offer newsletters, and they’re all on social networks. So, it would be best if you spent time educating yourself about how best to care for your garden.

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