Best Math Puzzle Websites to Discover

We could say that Math is present in everything, and learning is usually an arduous task on many occasions, although not impossible, with the best math puzzle websites.

Math is Fun

Official Site

Math is Fun is a website through which we can learn about math puzzles and other topics, thanks to the fact that it presents many sections, such as:

  • Riddles
  • Puzzle
  • Simple examples
  • Geometry
  • Learning guides
  • Physics

And these are just a few categories we can find. It has a strong point: the diversity in topics presented, from how to add to complicated topics like quantum physics. All are explained through short, simple, and exemplified explanations of each topic.

Another great point is that it is available in almost any language, and although it has a little archaic and old-fashioned design, it allows it to be light, which benefits the speed of loading on your website.


  • Wide range of content.
  • Great variety of examples.
  • Simple interface.
  • Available in almost any language.


  • Archaic interface.
  • Very bright colors.
  • Not very attractive, visually.

Math is Fun is a website with a lot to offer in terms of content, with lots of explanations and fun activities even if it gets a little tedious because of its appearance.


Official Site

Transum Go maths is an online mathematical resource website of multiple interests with more than 30 mathematical topics for students and teachers. It was founded in 1997 and is now updated and optimized as best as possible. It currently consists of a large collection of topics, which are addressed in a simple, direct, and fun way through

  • Games
  • Riddles
  • Puzzle
  • Statements
  • Explanations

Although it has more than 30 activities to address the selected theme, its interface is straightforward, with colors that are a little strong and loud but efficient. Its content is solid, with examples that are easy to understand. In addition, they have a section of slightly more complicated prepositions entitled “Examination Questions” so that you can use them to prepare yourself more fully in your learning and achieve the success you so desire.


  • Great mathematical content.
  • Great section of activities.
  • It has a section for students and another for teachers.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.


  • Old-fashioned and a little bit obsolete interface.

It is an outstanding web to expand your mathematics knowledge and entertain yourself for a while. Even if it is visually a little boring, it has a lot to offer.

Math Puzzle

Official Site

Math Puzzle is a web of mathematical puzzles, problems, and riddles founded in 1998. It has been more than 20 years of existence. It has been accumulating hundreds of exercises related to branches of mathematics, from learning to add to interpret problems to study particles’ states.

They present most of the recently loaded problems and a section ordered on the right side of the web, where you can find the loads by date, the puzzles by category, and finally, more puzzles of common interest.

Although it presents great diversity in exercises, these do not have a detailed explanation of it, but a short one that for non-experts could be assumed mistakenly. The attached links invite you to read more about the topic related to the exercise in the exercises.


  • Wide range of exercises to inspect.
  • Extensive math-related topics.


  • No clear or simple order to assume by the reader.
  • Archaic design.
  • Poor explanation in the proposed exercises.

Math puzzle is a web with a lot of content, but that does not mean it does not have imperfections. For example, although it is wide, it should improve a little visual order and fill the empty spaces in the explanations.

Math Challenge

Official Site

Math Challenge is a website that presents a wide range of mathematical problems; most of them are focused on trigonometry, although it is worth mentioning that it covers other points of mathematics such as polynomials, root calculus, etc.

Its interface is presented in a simple and orderly way, with sections for a personalized search to see what’s new, a section of frequently asked questions, and even a section of links that allows you to expand your knowledge with more exercises, history of the numbers, explanations of more topics and analysis tools to improve your knowledge.


  • Simple and tidy interface
  • Updated website


  • Deficiency in a variety of topics.

It is a complete site for you to focus on learning trigonometry and solving trigonometry-related exercises. Although it presents other related topics, trigonometry is its strong point.

HomeSchool Math

Official Site

HomeSchool Math is a website dedicated to non-advanced mathematical learning, which every person should know in high school. HomeSchool Math was founded 17 years ago in 2003.

It has various very complete and methodically ordered topics and the study of triangles and basic algebra. It also has many games, lessons related to mathematics, and how it should be carried out.

This website is updated and frequently checked by math teachers, making it more optimal and simple for young people, who can also watch explanatory videos on interesting topics.


  • Wide range of topics up to high school.
  • Straightforward explanations.
  • Video explanations in detail.
  • Simple and tidy interface.


Its content only covers high school topics.

This is a complete web in learning essential for higher studies, with great explanations for you, although it only covers high school math.

MashUp Math

Official Site

MashUp Math is a web of mathematical learning from the youngest to the teenagers since it consists of content from 1st grade to 9th grade, which makes it a complete web concerning mathematics.

It has a very interactive interface, with pleasant and subtle colors to the vision, presents a very efficient and nice content order. Although you must register to access the content, it is mostly free, and you are informed of new content every week.

The topics’ explanations are ingenious and simple for any child to understand, with very interactive and fun videos with real-life examples. The site has resolution exercises, but it is necessary to buy e-books or pdfs.


  • Complete, interactive, and simple interface.
  • Colors of great pleasure.
  • Excellent videos with explanations.
  • A great amount of content.


  • Registration required.
  • All explanations are through videos.
  • Workbooks are paid.

This web is excellent for learning math from 1st to 9th grade, simple, and super-efficient to use, although it requires registration to take full advantage of its potential.


Official Site

Brilliant is a paid math learning website, which is excellent. It has a wide variety of math studies, from basic to much more complicated topics like:

  • Machinery.
  • Circuits.
  • Logic.
  • Fundamentals of Computing.
  • Programming.
  • Fundamentals of statistics.

It is complete. This web has more than 50 courses from which you can learn a lot. Moreover, it has complete explanations accompanied by great examples and detailed explanatory videos, facilitating your learning.

Although its access is premium, you can access the mathematics platform for free for 7 days. You must register. The platform will offer you to choose the week of limited free access. You will have selective access to many topics, but not everything.

It is worth noting that to start your free trial, you must associate your credit card, debit card, or PayPal, and 2 days before the end of your trial, you must choose a plan with which you want to start, among the plans offered by the platform you can select:

  • Monthly, which costs around $30
  • Annual, which costs about $150
  • Annual for more than 3 people, which costs about $250


  • It has an extensive catalog of very well-designed courses for user learning.
  • An excellent interface, very intuitive, pleasant, subtle, and complete.
  • Very complete and detailed explanatory videos.
  • Free test to know the platform in advance.


  • You must associate a card with starting your free trial.
  • It is a bit expensive.

Brilliant is an excellent website to learn everything related to mathematics and its applications in various work or study fields. It is complete, with excellent content and a flawless interface, although it presents premium plans a little expensive for some countries and its pre-test card association that some may not find very good.