Find the Best MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Sites on the Web

Among the various combat sports that exist, there is no doubt that Mixed Martial Arts MMA is the greatest to follow! For this reason, we bring you seven of the best Mixed Martial Arts sites you can find online.

In the field of contact sports MMA had a unique growth among the audience in the past ten years, entering into many people’s lives through their screens and allowing those who love the sport to visualize their favorite fights through sports channels and other media broadcasts these events.

Mixed Martial Arts combines various techniques compiled from other types of martial arts and combat sports, which has been extremely appealing since these combats can take you to any movie-style feeling when watching or practicing.

So, look at our list and find the best MMA websites we could find!



Official Site

The Sherdog website is a site that shows everything related to Mixed Martial Arts.

There are sections where you can find out more about the latest news and developments related to this sport on this page. In addition, the website of has a search bar on its main page, where you can start your search concerning upcoming fights, news, and fighters, among other endless topics.

Between the sections that can be appreciated on the main page, they are shown:

  • News, where you can keep up to date on the latest MMA
  • Features, where you can read articles written by five connoisseurs in the field of this sport.
  • Rankings, you will see the tops and rankings of the players.

In addition to everything we’ve mentioned, you’ll also have access to sections where you can see photos and another where you can access the site’s forum, including an All-Access section, where you can enter this website’s exclusive content.

MMA Fighting

MMA Fighting

Official Site

Another fantastic website we can present for those who wish to access news and other topics related to the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

On this website, you will have access to different articles or entries made by the editors of the page specializing in Mixed Martial Arts, which are responsible for writing for the enjoyment of all visitors to the most relevant news page, the latest fights, and everything related to the world of this sport.

In addition to all this, you can also access other content, such as videos of the latest updates and mixed martial arts fights, so visitors can learn more about this exciting art.

The website also has active social networks, which you can access anytime if you want to join the community and keep updated with the page’s content.

On the other hand, visit their YouTube channel if you go more for the visuals.



Official Site

Tapology is a website you should visit if you’re a lover of the exciting world of Mixed Martial Arts and combat sports in general.

On this page, you will find a lot of content that will keep you updated on the world of these contact sports.

In the main section of Tapology, you will see that they have a search bar where you can segment either by fighters, events, or related, which will provide you with a more specific outcome for the content you want to find.

On the other hand, you can also find the latest social network Twitter updates on this page, predictions related to future mixed martial arts fights that will occur, player rankings, and even a forum in which you can find content shared by the community. You can share your comments with the rest of the subscribers.

In addition, you can access the main page to a section where you can view the fights that will take place soon and choose your favorite fighter to win them.

All the Best Fights

Mixed Martial Arts

Official Site

One more site we need to introduce you to if you’re passionate about the hectic world of Mixed Martial Arts is All the Best Fights, which gives you a lot of content related to this sport, access to a lot of information and news.

On the All the Best Fights website, besides everything related to Mixed Martial Arts, you will also be able to access content and information about other contact sports such as Kickboxing, boxing, and more.

This website provides you with a section where you will find the best fights that have taken place in the ring, and there is even a specific section on the homepage that allows you to access the best fights segmented by year. However, it ranges from 2000 to 2018 (the content of 2019 is also available and updated regularly, the best fights are still not programmed).

Here you can vote for your favorite fights, comment, join the All the Best Fights social networks, and stay tuned to the website, which certainly provides a lot of information regarding the contact sports mentioned above.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

Official Site

The fifth page we bring to you, a lover of Mixed Martial Arts is “In the Ground.”

On this website, you will be able to find endless information related to this exciting sport. By visiting and walking around all the corners of this site, you will be able to find sections such as:

  • Trends, a section where you can access the most recent and relevant Mixed Martial Arts.
  • Forum, where you will be able to read and simultaneously share all that information that you consider of interest with the rest of the community that makes life on this Web site.
  • Events, in this section, you will visualize the events that are about to occur, the most expected fights, and more.
  • Fighters, here you can learn more about the different fighters, their characteristics, and their skills, among many other things.
  • Account, the section that allows you to access an account within the website to enter a more exclusive way to In the Underground and be part of the community.


Mixed Martial Arts

Official Site

Fightfast is a website where you can find a lot of information and posts that are true and surprisingly wide. Different authors make these posts.

On this website, you will have access, through the purchase of a membership, to exclusive content to learn the best techniques and secrets to improve your skills if you want to become an expert in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

You can also find testimonials from people who have acquired these memberships and attest that the services provided by Fightfast are effective.

So if you are a Mixed Martial Arts enthusiast, this is a good place to join and learn much more about this sport and the trending techniques you can use in combat.

KungFu Xinglin

Mixed Martial Arts

Official Site

The website of KungFu Xinglin is a space in which you will have access to the possibility of learning the ancestral and traditional Shaolin Kung Fu under the teaching of the warrior monks themselves in Buddhist temples.

This academy seeks to demonstrate how this discipline is more of a lifestyle than a sport. It’s about mentality and cultivation.

The Academy of KungFu Xinglin is dedicated mainly to the integral development of those skills that are a tradition in the world of Martial Arts.

On the other hand, the teachers who work for this academy will always motivate you to develop all your potential and find inner peace.

This academy is located in the prestigious Buddhist Temple called Er Zu Temple and has the right Buddhist environment to allow its students to feel the pure essence of Kung Fu and absorb chi.

Although you won’t find this site as cool if you look for a more aggressive approach, you can learn from various houses of Kung Fu and obtain a cleaner method.

In a Word

Well, here we present the best sites you can find on the web about Mixed Martial Arts.

No doubt there are many other places you can access, but we assure you that these sites we have presented for you are the main and most interesting.

These sites have high-quality information, updated and adjusted to what you may want to know about the world of MMAs, from news and events to actual specialized techniques.

In All the Best Fights, you will get the best summaries, while Kungfu Xinglin is the greatest choice if you want to start practicing and endure your discipline.

So, give them a shot, dive deep into this world and find out ways to feed the fan or the warrior that lays within you!

Yvan Lebrun
Yvan Lebrun

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