Best Mortgage Loan Companies Like AmeriSave

Mortgage loans are useful tools that can help you acquire that house you have been waiting for so long to buy.

But like everything else, it has advantages and consequences that you should consider.

Most people will need at some point in their life turn to Mortgage loans to buy their house, and although you can get the money for the purchase of the property from a financial institution like a bank, this process usually takes a long time – In most cases, more than one month.

Get Quick Loans

For this reason, there are many companies dedicated to helping you get quick loans, and if we do an AmeriSave Mortgage Review, you will be able to see why so many people decide to use their services.

Amerisave is an important online company specialized in the mortgage sector, offering its clients one of the best services available since 2002.

What makes this online company attractive is that its system is straightforward to understand. It only takes a minute to complete the form with personal information and request your home.

Besides, once you receive and accept an offer, your lender will set up a meeting with you to finalize all the loan details for the house you intend to acquire.

Thanks to its efficient 25-day system, Amerisave has financed the mortgages of more than 200,000 homes.

Mortgage Loan Companies

However, for some people, the digital process can be complicated to understand. The so-called center of knowledge of their website is not exactly a place to answer frequently asked questions, leaving some details only to be known when you have already started the process.

Since not everyone feels the same confidence, we will show you a list of Mortgage loan companies so you have a range of options and alternatives to AmeriSave services.

Visit AmeriSave 


Visit LendingTree

This company has been dedicated for some time to guide their clients in the How to get a mortgage loan process, for this, they have a wide network of lenders willing to analyze your request as soon as possible.

In a matter of minutes, they can contact you to offer you an offer that matches the information you have provided. Make sure to choose the one you are in a condition to cancel because your credit rating is at stake.


  • Fast service
  • Deadlines that adjust to the amounts requested


  • They can be stalkers with calls, SMS, or e-mails
  • Sometimes your website may have failures

It is a company oriented for many years to meet its borrowers’ mortgage needs, but its eagerness to provide good service can be annoying with constant communication.

To know more about LendingTree: LendingTree Review

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The Loan Exchange

Visit The Loan Exchange

Through its network of lenders, it is possible to offer borrowers as many sets as possible, allowing you to analyze them in detail so that you can determine which one suits your financial reality.

About this, you have the duty to read each of them in detail and reject those you disagree with.

Your network of lenders will allow you to be short of Bad credit mortgage loans by offering low-interest rates, although this is always subject to your credit score.


  • The maximum amount of $ 100,000
  • They have a loan product for the acquisition of housing
  • If you are acquiring housing for the first time, the payments are lower
  • The amount of money needed to complete the purchase of the property can be received the next business day


  • Re-directs you to a network of lenders
  • The website is not responsible for the agreement you close with the lender

In the end, this turns out a great option since they understand the growing need of the population to obtain sufficient funds to satisfy the acquisition of a home. This site has designed Path to Homeownership Loan to help qualified borrowers.

To know more about The Loan Exchange: The Loan Exchange Review

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Visit LendingPoint

Using this website is very simple, you just have to complete the online form and establish the amount you need between $ 2000 and $ 25,000.

They are not specialized in the real estate sector, but you can place them as a justification for your request to repair your home.

You can trust that your personal data is safe, thanks to encryption protocols that keep it safeguarded. Unlike common lending sites, LendingPoint is the lender and responsible for informing you of every detail related to your home mortgage loans.


  • Payments are deducted automatically from the bank account you provide
  • You can amortize the debt
  • No advance payment penalties
  • To obtain your qualification, perform a “soft” consultation. When you accept an offer at that moment, they make the query “hard.”


  • In addition to Washington DC, they only operate in 34 states
  • If you have applied for bankruptcy, you must wait at least one year to use this service
  • They do not specialize in mortgage loans

This company is dedicated to making loans for large sums of money, carefully analyzing the borrower, and allowing various reasons to make the request, including your home’s remodeling.

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Quicken Loans

Visit Quicken Loans

Considered one of the largest companies in the mortgage sector, Quicken Loans is one of the best options to opt for Mortgage loan rates.

Their methodology is to close the loans as soon as possible, which has allowed them to participate in a large number of operations, making them the largest retail lender in the United States and the largest online retail mortgage lender.

On the downside, the agent will not necessarily approve your application or bear the costs of this process: title rights, an inspection of the house, and other common actions in these cases.


  • Operates in all 50 states
  • Quicken manage to retain 94% of their clients
  • They have a large capital flow thanks to the number of clients they have
  • This company have been in the market since 2000
  • They are also a good option for refinancing


  • Despite the effort, they cannot provide a personalized service
  • They prefer you to use their mortgage insurance

To sum up, Quicken Loans is an important mortgage agent, firmly positioned in the market and solid enough to place total confidence in its capacity.

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Mortgage Refinance

Visit Mortgage Refinance

As with other sites of this type, you need to meet some minimum requirements: be of legal age, have a regular income, have a bank account, e-mail and telephone numbers, among others.

Once you have completed the digital form from your home, your application is sent to a group of lenders who analyze it and then execute your offer.

Thanks to this service, you can quickly obtain funds to carry out remodeling work in your home, also qualified as Mortgage loans.


  • Fast answer
  • Comfortable service


  • Little credit coverage
  • Application of “E-consent,” a digital compromise that can be invasive

The purpose of this website could be mainly to obtain funds for minor repairs at home. It could also serve to consolidate debts and improve history to execute a higher loan application.

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Reali Loans

Visit Reali Loans

Reali Loans is a lender specializing in Mortgage loans, on their official website they have specialized content in two cases: main home acquisition and loan refinancing.

They also count with a section of frequently asked questions where 42 possible doubts about their services are clarified.

To offer your services as a direct lender, they have developed and applied software for “loan officer tasks,” which, together with a loan consultant, will give you the necessary assistance throughout the application.

Also, they seriously keep you close to the process, maintaining you informed of every aspect of your application.


  • It is a direct lender
  • It is not necessary to provide copies. The whole process is digital
  • Offer loans and also refinancing


  • Only operates in 12 states
  • It may take up to 30 days to wait for approval

This web specialized in the mortgage loan service, carrying out the analysis and approval process as close as possible to the borrower to give him the personal attention that we always demand.

Take the best path based on your needs!

While it is true that Amerisave is one of the most respected providers of mortgage loans, impacting a large number of American households, there are other equally effective options and, in some cases, with more tools to offer you competitive services.

In that order of ideas, we can mention the mortgage giant Quicken Loans, which has become the largest online lender in the United States, whose mere mention inspires confidence in any acknowledgeable borrower.

Another equally reliable option is The Loan Exchange, a mortgage lender dedicated almost entirely to servicing mortgage loans. With a similar rating, Reali, with its products exclusively intended to provide mortgage solutions.

Keep in mind that a mortgage loan is a debt.

It can take you a little more than 5 years to cancel it in the best of cases.

So, before proceeding with an application, ask yourself the right questions, evaluate every offer, and get the best opportunity with no rush!

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