Best Online Antique Stores to Discover

We all admire and enjoy collectibles and antiques. We love them because they often tell a story of what life was like before technology gave us so many facilities and even before we ourselves were born. –Nor can we deny that they give a more pleasant and warm look to any space in their house. Even if you want to buy antiques to sell and not just enjoy them, you need to know the best online antique stores to buy online.

In TV programs, we see how their protagonists travel around the country searching for exclusive antiques and making huge profits, but not all of us have the time and resources for such trips.

Best Online Antique Stores

Precisely because we understand that you want to enjoy those beautiful memories but have circumstances that prevent you from going “hunting,” we have prepared a list of the Best Online Antique Stores that you can discover. You may have already met some, while others will be a novelty.



Official Site

Possibly one of the best-known online stores after Amazon and eBay.

Bonanza was founded in 2007 by Bill Harding. This website aims to eliminate the technical expertise needed to build a profitable online business by making the joy of entrepreneurship accessible to all its users.

They have managed to position themselves where they are because their policy is constantly listening to their users’ comments to improve the sales platform.

Because of this, they have developed several tools over the years to facilitate online sales. From their point of view, the goal is to make successful salespeople who bring them benefits.

Undoubtedly, the site’s main feature is that we do not earn money until you do. Therefore, there are no listing fees, monthly store fees, or other extravagant fees.

They prefer one-click publications to all major buyer channels, paying all advertising costs on your behalf until you make a sale.

The design is based on traditional online stores, where you place a product photo along with its description.

They also have automatic import/synchronization of eBay, Amazon, and Shopify, editing capabilities of multiple elements, and customized marketing campaigns.

Antique & Chatchkes

Antique & Chatchkes

Official Site

We have to start by mentioning that more than an online store where you buy and sell real estate and jewelry. Under this concept, Antique & Chatchkes is an excellent option to sell your valuable position at home. It has great economic value, and its great development gives it added value.

This website started as a physical store in 2002 until today. It has become a respected site where you can acquire pieces of great value. Besides, they offer the service of appraisal or evaluation of antiques to ensure what you own and its current value in the market.

They themselves are also willing to buy jewelry or antiques of good value and then sell them on the website.

They say they are available all year round at any time of the day, giving them great value as an option to choose from when you are urged to sell a valuable collector’s item.

The website has a simple design, making help easily accessible via live chat.

In the end, you will see all the contact information you might need. In addition, you can subscribe to be up to date on the sale of goods.

Go Antiques


Official Site

Go Antiques is the ideal place to practice Antiquing, as it is an antique market for antique and collectible objects, with many antique sellers (mainly physical shops), period objects, collectibles, art, and decoration, all with individual shop windows.

It should be clarified that this is not an auction site, antique buyer, or free evaluation.

However, you can use it to meet sellers because if you have something rare and wonderful for sale or want to buy a specific antique, they can help you.

To do so, go to the seller’s section and look for the “Contact sellers” option.

As in the case of Bonanza, GoAntiques does not charge any fees or commissions. Because of this, both sellers and buyers can engage in personalized pricing and the interaction that brick-and-mortar transactions allow while enjoying the ease of online shopping.

When you enter the home page, you may see two tabs.

  • One helps you filter your search by categories, such as coin, jewelry, sports, Asian, and more.
  • The other tab filters according to four options: antiques, collectibles, vendors, and reproductions. You can use the site’s search engine if this is not enough.

Ruby Lane


Official Site

Another excellent website to search for antiques of all tastes.

But in this case, unlike the previous one, Ruby Lane is an online store, so you won’t need to contact any independent vendor to get what you’re looking for.

This has the advantage of facilitating the purchase process. Still, it leaves you without experience in shopping, haggling, and everything it usually means to make this purchase.

We must mention that this is not a direct seller but rather an online community.

That means you deal with another user every time you purchase or sell an item. To improve the experience, you must be honest and ask all the appropriate questions before confirming a purchase. It is similar to any online store like Amazon or eBay but specializes in antiques.

The advantages of using its services are that the items are very well organized, so it is easy to look for what you have in mind. Especially useful is the “new today” and “new this week” filter. Using them, you can bid first for items that rarely appear for sale.

The rest of the categories allow a pretty nice interface. Plus, they have a newsletter to keep you updated –Although the ones who check the site constantly will always have the first look.

Antique Malls


Official Site

As its name implies, Antique Malls is a website that shows its users the different old shopping malls in the United States and, more specifically, near you.

These are the best places to get some completely new old items.

When you enter the website, you can see a large map of the United States, where you can explore the different shopping malls of this type in your state.

After registering a user, you can share the one in your locality if it does not appear on the site.

Particularly, in the site’s section dedicated to antiques, you will see articles of different types. They are not classified, so you should review the articles’ catalog. However, it is not very extensive, although it does not cease to be interesting.

If you are interested in going for a walk to explore the shopping malls on the list and having the opportunity to buy some antiques, then the “plan a trip” section will make this task easier for you.

On the other hand, you must enter your starting point and destination to use it so that the website will tell you the malls within the route.

Tara Shaw


Official Site

Founded by her homonym, Tara Shaw brought her passion for ancient European design to the internet.

In this respect, she has developed a special ability to identify European furniture and antiques. However, due to this type of furniture scarcity, there are no original pieces for sale on the site.

This does not mean you should be left empty-handed when visiting the website, although you must understand that this is a luxury online store.

Tara has created her own line of antique replicas with the help of craftsmen’s, always imitating the European style. In this regard, the online store site allows you to give a distinctive touch to your spaces with unique designs that are no longer available everywhere.

Besides, this website offers his team’s advice, either in person or remotely (depending on your disposition and economic scope), to help you better design the spaces of your home so that you enjoy a unique touch.

They also have a blog where they share their experience as designers, give advice, and show the lives of people who love European antiques without losing the ability to combine this with modernity, creating timeless spaces.

At the End

After reading our list, you will see that it is possible to get excellent online shops dedicated to antiques.

Some sell directly, like Antique & Chatchkes, others communities of sellers, like Ruby Lane or Bonanza, and even professional replicators like Tara Shaw.

Just decide where to start your search and enjoy the ride!

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