Best Paranormal Websites That Will Keep You Awake

There is something in the darkness that simply catches our attention, but, as war stories can attract your attention but you have not the slightest intention of participating in any, there is the possibility to learn about the Paranormal and enjoy the best stories without having to suffer them.

Paranormal Stories

That’s why we made it ready for you, where you’ll find the best web sites with paranormal stories that will keep you awake at night.

What you will find in the sites of our list is:

  • Paranormal stories
  • Paranormal researches
  • Bizarre adventures
  • News and updates of the world of the strange
  • Ghosts and sci-fi tourist guides

And much more that will make your imagination fly and probably get to scare you to your bones.


Official Site

Founded through the Middletown Thrall Library in 1999, and lacking any kind of update regarding its design, this website is complete and totally free and offers you an endless number of stories that you could also find physically in a good number of bookstores in the United States.

As I commented in the previous paragraph, the design is quite old-fashioned, so instead of a menu that opens, when you start the page you will find a list of categories, each with a brief description of what it contains.

If you are looking for a specific topic you can also browse through the menu on the right-hand side, choosing instead of the highlighted topics a paranormal niche to start looking for information.

The types of content you’ll find here range from religion and mythology to occultism, parapsychology, vampires, and encounters with alien entities.

You can also filter the information based on the libraries nearby, so you can also get a physical version of the story you’re about to read.

The only negative thing about this website is that it is slightly difficult to find something specific, however, it is ideal for you to spend some time looking for Nightmare stories.

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Official Site

Strange Magazine Online is a web magazine that touches on the Paranormal and explores the phenomenon of the strange.

What makes this magazine interesting is that the information is mostly based on scientific studies, as well as well-founded bibliographies.

You can access some posts for free through the website, but you have to subscribe if you want to have access to the journal.

Rates and fees

  • Regarding payments, you can have unlimited access to a magazine issue for only $5, and you can pay with your credit card or by using Online access to pay with PayPal.
  • Once subscribed this payment will be repeated for each time an issue is published.

If you are a fan of the occult, this website is ideal for you to be well informed with really substantiated data.

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Unexplained Mysteries

Official Site

In the world of the supernatural, the news is not left behind.

Unexplained mysteries is a web site dedicated to the news of the strange, in this web site you will be able to keep up to date With respect to the supernatural events that occur in the country in a complete way and totally free.

In addition, all the news are well documented counting with even videos and data that help you to understand If what you are seeing is a Paranormal event or simply a scientific coincidence.

If it is of your interest, you can also participate in the forums with varied topics ranging from environmental disasters to history and paleontology.

This website is ideal for you if you want to participate in an open community while staying informed of current events.

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Your Ghost Stories

Official Site

Leaving everything else aside, this website is dedicated exclusively to ghost stories and here you can find real information resources on Possession cases, haunting, and paranormal encounters.

However, the main goal of this website is to share and read experiences of ghosts of real people like you or me who have had the opportunity to spend the scare of their lives.

Among other things you have the possibility to read scientific articles or blogs about ghost cases and what to do when one is presented, also has a library of famous cases with the full story and scientific data on how the events were.

In this section, you can find interesting cases such as the Winchester Mystery House, Amityville, London Tower and the apparitions in Alcatraz.

If you are looking for a great story to tell at night, this site is probably the best place to get started. After all, everything here really happened.

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The weird US

Official Site

Put your hat on! It is no secret that there are many paranormal fanatics, and like all human beings, these people also have vacations.

That’s exactly what the Weird US is for, which basically works as a paranormal tourist guide offering stories by state or by category and you can contact the guides for a more personalized experience and decide where you can go.

However, Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman aren’t touring guides for real; so they simply give you recommendations on where to go and what precautions to take before accessing the sites.

On the other hand, it is recommended that you contact them if you want to more easily manage access to haunted sites. Keep in Mind that trespassing is a crime.

You can also visit Weird US’s Amazon profile if you want to purchase some of their products or books with more specific guides to the most chilling places in America.

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Official Site

Like the first website we recommend, Anomalies generates a database on the paranormal under indexes of anomalies, curiosities, mysteries, and legends –Which turns out to be a little ambiguous.

Besides offering a long list of topics that could attract your attention from the home page and sell eBooks related to paranormal topics on Amazon at a price of $0.99 per unit.

The problem with this page is that most of the content is not really verified or has any scientific support, so try not to believe everything you see here. Besides, due to the ambiguity of their index, it can be really hard to find a specific type of story.

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Paranormal Hotspots

Official Site

Returning to the subject of paranormal vacations, there is the possibility of finding a direct contact with the owners of the sites that suffered the encounters and thus avoid legal problems.

That’s exactly what paranormal hotspots are all about, where you’ll find a list by the state to search for the places you’ll visit on your vacation throughout the United States.

The positive side is that most of these sites have a web page contact number so that you will be greeted by a specialized guide and have a fascinating and safe experience.  Of course, this also means that your trip will have an additional cost, even when the use of this website is completely free.

In addition, the design of this site is really fascinating and allows you to add locations if you want to take extra money from your haunted house as well as review other paranormal places you have visited.

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Official Site

Livescifi is a new and quite fresh website where you can watch live videos and receive news of paranormal events occurring in the United States.

The design of the page is quite simple and allows to obtain more information about the events with enough facility, besides that the noodles work as if it were a television program allowing you to see live videos as well as recordings of the paranormal events that they investigate.

On the other hand, it is important to note that the research done by the members of the site is quite pertinent and shows scientific and daily factors of how each of the events is related.

You can subscribe for free via the web and start keeping up to date regarding ghost sightings and possessions and other paranormal events in your inbox.

In addition, you can leave your mailbox clean by opting to join the more than 470000 YouTube channel subscribers.

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The Line-Up

Official Site

With a team of professionals behind the curtain, The Line Up offers you news and information on everything from a criminal case that hasn’t been solved in 50 years, to a shocking collection of horror stories or reviews of horror and mystery books.

On this page you’ll find all kinds of media about everything that can be strange and fascinating, such as acquiring digital books, reading reviews, podcasts, or articles of interest about the bizarre.

In the link of the online store, you can buy all kinds of strange products from printed flannels to travel sets for the bizarre.

As a Conclusion

This list of websites is designed to fan the flame of fascination with the strangeness that already lives in you and help you enjoy this affinity more easily.

Whether you’re going on a trip and want to experience another world, or just want to keep up with the paranormal events in your region, we hope these sites have been of great use in satisfying your hunger for the occult.

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