Best Rock-Climbing Websites to Discover

Climbing isn’t a hobby you can take with you the whole time. But it can be! So here is our list of the Best Rock-Climbing Websites to Discover.


Official Site

It is a magazine published in 1970 dedicated to providing information about climbing. They also have a website with great information about this sport and digital editions of the magazine.

In addition to giving you the latest news about the world of climbing, it presents other interesting topics such as:

  • Reviews of new items on the market.
  • Advice on the necessary skills.
  • Climbing sites.
  • Online education about health and climbing.

You can get a free subscription to the newsletter. But if you want more information about the magazine, opt for annual subscriptions. A one-year subscription costs $14.95, and a two-year subscription costs $24.95 (+ $3 shipping and handling). You can also get a subscription to Backpacker magazine for an extra $10.

With five decades of experience, the editors of this site know what they are saying about climbing. As a result, their reviews are usually objective, and the news is carefully written to fit the truth.


  • 50 years of experience.
  • Review climbing items to help you get to know them before you buy them.


  • You could suffer spam by being part of a digital advertising and distribution platform.
  • To unsubscribe, you have to contact customer support.

Climbing is a digital platform with good-quality content on the topic. Besides, it is a good place to learn about the latest trends, destinations, and relevant news.


Official Site

It is a climbing gym located in the city of Montreal, Canada. They have an interesting website if you want to introduce your children to this sport.

It works as a gym platform where you can schedule your climbs. You can also plan to get a certificate of different levels with them. Then, if you prefer, you can go as a family and enjoy a “walk” supervised climbing.

You can go one day and pay $20 (or $16 if it’s at night) for a climb. You must rent climbing shoes ($6.25) and other elements, such as a harness. Membership is as follows:

  • EFT Monthly membership: $69 and students at $59.
  • Annual membership: $799 and students at $679.
  • Six-month membership: $429 and students at $379
  • Three-month membership: $259 and students at $249

Their rating on TripAdvisor is excellent, and those who have already gone speak well. The place seems to be clean and well-organized. And it’s easy to get the guidance you need according to your experience level.


  • Great place for family climbing.
  • The facilities are well cared for and organized.


  • If you are an expert climber, you will still take a course before climbing with them.

They have a useful website if you plan to travel to Canada and consider climbing during your stay. They have walls for all climbing levels and take the safety issue seriously. So, AllezUp is widely recommended if you are new to this activity.

Mountain Project


Official Site

Mountain Project is a free guide for climbing routes around the world. From this online site, you will have access to more than 200,000 different routes. There are also links to sister websites that might interest you.

Founded in the 2000s, this platform gathers information from all its users. Administrators then classify their photos, comments, and locations. This work is done voluntarily by sending them an envelope where they send back stickers for free.

Using this guide does not cost anything. That explains the fact that the site administrators, as well as the regional administrators, are volunteers. What is not clear is how they pay for the stickers.

The 224651 routes worldwide are made possible by the collaboration of other users. This community bases its trust on the collaboration of people who love to climb. So you will find all kinds of routes:

  • Rock
  • Ice
  • Alpine


  • Access to climbing routes around the world.
  • Free guides to over 53,000 locations.


  • The site depends on volunteer work.
  • Information on some routes is inferior.

Ti works as a digital community for climbers where to get and share climbing routes. Perfect if you plan to travel and want to know the climbing places or gyms at your destination. Although, In some cases, you will find poor information.

Mountain Skills


Official Site

Mountain Skills is digital access to the rock climbing guide service of the same name. The service also includes ice climbing when weather conditions so decide.

You can plan group or private outings through this online site. Although you will get some useful information, the purpose of this page is to get you closer to their instructors. AMGA accredits these instructors. You can select mainly the routes:

  • Gunk’s.
  • Delaware Water Gap.
  • Catskill’s.

The prices of the climbs are classified as follows:

  • Rock or ice climbing: 1-9 adult climbers $195 to $1,170.
  • Rock or ice climbing: 10-20 adult climbers $1100 to $2000.
  • Climbing: adults and children: $225 to $500
  • 2 hours of rappelling at sunset: $100 to $225

Comments from previous climbers show that this agency can be trusted. We found a complaint about an accident that seemed avoidable, but it was the only one. The rest of the people were satisfied with all types of services.


  • You can coordinate an individual group climb from anywhere.
  • If you are a member, you get a discount on some climbs.


  • The website would be more complete if it had an educational section.
  • The online form can be complicated for some people to fill out.

They offer a climbing service agency with a solid reputation. They can also design adaptive climbing for people with physical or emotional disabilities. Plus, they have over 30 years of experience, and if you live in New York, they are the ideal choice.



Official Site

ZenClimb is another agency that provides climbing services and can also give you certificates. It is located in Canada, and its instructors are certified by AMGA and ACMG.

They offer climbing courses in Milton (near Toronto) and cliffs along Niagara (Ontario). Also, in Smoke Bluffs Park in Squamish (near Vancouver) and the Canadian Rockies (British Columbia and Alberta).

They are reserved in announcing prices on their website. So you will need to request a quote at a convenient date. You can also take advantage of their calendar program. That way, you get a lower price.

All the references we found online speak well of this climbing service agency. The instructors are very efficient in teaching, ensuring you are always safe during the trip.


  • You can buy gift cards for courses for your friends or family.
  • AMGA and ACMG accredited instructors.


  • Climbing with a lot of people could be very impersonal.
  • If you don’t live near Canada and the trip becomes distant, you need another option.

If you plan to visit the north of the country or neighboring Canada, ZenClimb is a good climbing option. The fact that their instructors are certified by two associations gives them a lot of confidence. But you will have to go to the agency or ask for a quote to know the prices.

Outdoor Skills and Thrills


Official Site

Aric Fisman is the founder of Outdoor Skills and Thrills. He is an experienced climber dedicated to exploring Northwestern Ontario, Canada. He is also authorizing a book showing Thunder Bay’s best climbing routes.

You can coordinate climbing sessions with Aric and his team through this website. They have chosen this area of Canada for the world-class quality of their ascents. But also because of the wonderful views you get during the climbing and the summits.

We can say that the prices for the services provided by this agency are reasonable:

  • First aid and other courses can cost between $299 and $530.
  • Consultancy costs between $75 and $480.
  • Guided tours are between $79 and $184.
  • Climbing starts at $109 for beginners and can go up to $498.

When an agency puts your contact information on the website, it’s usually a good sign of trust. Besides, their rating on TripAdvisor is 5 stars out of 5 (although there are only 19 reviews). So there’s nothing more to worry about if you hire them.


  • Climbing routes are selected for their degree of difficulty and beautiful views.
  • Prices are within reach of many people.


  • They do not indicate whether any other team members are certified by an association.

This agency strives to provide a complete climbing experience and natural connection. They have a good reputation among their previous clients. An excellent choice whether you are a novice or an experienced climber. They also have ice climbs.