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best ufo websites

Best UFO Websites

Aliens and UFOs have baffled us for ages. Are they real? Are they fake? What’s going on in the sky? Luckily, there are a lot of people in the world who want to know the truth. It is not always easy to filter serious websites among all the fake pieces of information on the internet. So, we decided to do some research, and we came out with some of the best ufo websites available today. We also invite our readers to tell us if there are other great websites that we could miss during our research.

The world’s most inquisitive minds are joining to ask the age-old question: “Are we alone in the universe?” These UFO websites will try to answer your questions and give you insight into the unknown.

Read up on the most recent alien sightings worldwide and find out more about the truth of the matter.

Hundreds of pictures are taken every year of sightings in the sky. Are they proof or a hidden conspiracy? Numerous pictures have been declared fakes, but what about those that cannot be explained?

Researchers, scientists, and curious people have sought the answers for years. So if you’re on this page, it probably means that the UFO curiosity bug has hit you too.

The sites below are the best UFO sites for information and inside news on all things extraterrestrial. Start browsing the sites to decide what’s real and what’s not.

UFO Sightings Daily

Official Site

UFO Sightings Daily is a great site for recent alien news. Sadly, the author made his last post on May 12, 2017, but that doesn’t mean the site is shut down. He will leave it open for you to read all the past articles and sightings.

UFO Sightings Daily is one of the best UFO sites for enlightening educational news regarding what’s going on up high in the sky.

Browse pictures of alien faces, crashes, sightings, and Government files and decide for yourself what you believe is real or not on UFO Sightings Daily.

Aerial Phenomena

Official Site

Look at Aerial Phenomena’s website for a large collection of noteworthy concerns in the sky. This is one of the top UFO sites for UFO reports, investigations, research, and analysis of everything unexplained in the sky.

This site caters to people worldwide and wants to collaborate with like-minded people to discover the truth. It’s not about confirmation or denial. It’s about presenting the evidence and making a calculated decision.

Aerial Phenomena has a lot of categories for you to explore. You can read about debunked hoaxes, conspiracy theorists, and unexplained events. This site is also a place to share experiences. So join the curious community now at Aerial Phenomena to join in on the discovery.

The Anomalist

Official Site

The Anomalist is an alien sightings news website covering stories worldwide, from Chicago to Iran to Australia.

The Anomalist must be included on our list of best UFO sites. It’s updated daily and immediately when something inexplicable pops up on the internet or in a newspaper or magazine.

The Anomalist reviews and analyzes maverick science, unorthodox theories, unexplained mysteries, unexpected discoveries, and strange talents. Every article on this site will blow your mind and make your brain itch.

You’ll wonder what’s real and what’s not. But, as the expression goes, “the proof is in the pudding,” and The Anomalist has a lot of “pudding” on their site. It’s hard to be skeptical when there are many sightings and personal experiences with the unknown and the paranormal.

Mysterious Universe

Official Site

Check out the Mysterious Universe website to learn more about the weird, wonderful, and unexplained. Through podcasts, articles, and pictures, you’ll slowly discover that there’s more in the world and the sky than you knew.

Mysterious Universe is a biased website. This means they try to keep a healthy balance of skepticism and belief in their stories. They want to tell you about anomalies in the world without making a brash opinion.

You’ll also find a healthy dose of humor in all the articles and podcasts. Who said science and research had to be bland?

UFO Casebook

Official Site

We cannot forget to add UFO Casebook to our list. This site has a ton of content on a lot of subjects. You’ll immerse yourself in the information that will boggle your mind on UFO Casebook.

Read about Area 51, Project Blue Book, NASA, The Triangles, abductions, UFO Crashes, and physical traces. There’s also a large collection of documents, photographs, videos, archives, and third-party links for you to view and decide for yourself what you believe is real.

UFO Casebook covers breaking news from well-known public figures and home videos from people worldwide. If you love learning more about aliens, conspiracies, and the unknown, you’ll love everything you find in UFO Casebook.

Cosmic Conspiracies

Official Site

Cosmic Conspiracies is one of the best UFO websites dedicated to abductions caught on camera, UFO studies, the paranormal, and other related subjects.

You will be given access to video footage, audio files, pictures, reports, and topical analysis related to conspiracies and unknown mysteries.

You can even delve a little deeper and learn about government conspiracies, moon anomalies, The Apollo hoax, and extra-terrestrial visitation cover-ups. There’s some sensitive and secret stuff on this site, so much that the Government is keeping an eye on Cosmic Conspiracies.

If you want to know more about the hidden truths of our world, hurry up and take a look at Cosmic Conspiracies before it gets shut down for telling the world the truth.

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