Best Urban Legends Websites to Bookmark

During the last decade, the internet has become a door that allows anyone access to relevant information about current affairs and world news.

This has been excellent because it allows us to be informed in seconds.

Best Urban Legends Websites

However, on the negative side, this same opening has generated that the information can be written by anyone, which leads to the creation of false stories and news that often lead us to believe in things that are not true.

Several websites have been created to prevent you from falling into this and denying all false news to corroborate the veracity of everything that appears on the Internet.

Today we will talk to you about the main urban legends websites in charge of this task. When you visit them, you will be able to verify what is real and what is not:

Truth or Fiction

Urban Legends

Official Site

Truth or Fiction is a website full of relevant information about the latest developments that have become viral on the Internet.

We can find interesting and in-depth analyses of each news’s veracity on this site and explain this based on real data.

We can find various facts about viral content, entertainment, and politics.

Thanks to this, we can make sure in minutes if a piece of news is true or not.

We can also find a section of reports showing the false news that has impacted recent years.

Here we can find a historical archive composed of much-unfounded news created in recent years.

There will also be an identifier of false news in the same section of reports explaining the origin of certain false news series and how you can avoid falling into them again.

The portal also has a section that tells us about its objectives and its task on the Internet to prevent false news from proliferating on the web.

We can find the privacy policy under which it is governed.

Finally, if you want to be updated on the latest false news detected, we invite you to subscribe to the site’s newsletter. If you do, you will receive your email with the latest events verified by Truth or Fiction.

As you can see, Truth of Fiction is a significant portal that allows us to differentiate between realities and lies; each time you find a news item that causes you to doubt, visit the web and discover if they are true or false.



Official Site

Snopes is a specialized portal dedicated to differentiating the reality of lies by deeply analyzing the main news that becomes viral on the web.

It also allows us to send our news to be verified by the site experts.

If you find something suspicious on the internet, you can go to Snopes, and in a few hours, they will tell you if the news is true or false.

In the portal, we can find a section of verifications of facts and one of the hot 50.

In both sections are exhibited the false and true news. There is only one difference.

For the first one, there is a historical archive of all the news that has come to light during the last years, while in the second one (hot 50), it is spoken of the news that recently has been analyzed, and that is the trend at a national level.

If you are interested in Snopes’ work, you can support the page by donating or buying one of their t-shirts, which you can find on their official webshop in one of the site’s sections.

Without a doubt, Snopes is one of the best websites to verify if the news is true or false, mainly because it allows you to send articles and give you personalized attention.

Now you know! If you suspect a writing’s authenticity, contact Snopes, and they will analyze it for you.


Urban Legends

Official Site

The giant of news recounts and tests also has an article dedicated to discussing urban legends and discovering how true these stories are.

The stories address legends that will give you chicken skin and make you think about whether or not there is a life after death.

Although none are presumed to be true, and all the legends we will find on this page are popular sayings, people have counted for decades to justify phenomena they could not understand.

Reading each of these stories is a lot of fun. So let the fear take hold of you and discover all those incredible stories and facts people tell.

Are you interested in horror stories? Then, go to the BuzzFeed page and discover 19 internet horror stories that won’t let you sleep.

The LineUp

The LineUp

Official Site

Do you like scary stories? Do you want to read stories that leave you feeling paranoid all night? Then, the Line Up is the place to visit.

There you’ll find a lot of scary articles. From serial killer stories to horror movie stories, you can’t miss them.

Plus, you can read strange curiosities from the world of terror, stories of the greatest mysteries surrounding the most ruthless criminals, and some curious facts that will take your breath away.

You can find a section of books with the most terrifying and recommended stories within this world on the same page.

As if that weren’t enough, you can also find chilling and mysterious products you can buy at a meager price.

This page also manages the “creepy box,” a gift given to subscribers every two months, containing items from the store and a terrifying random book. All this for only $40/month.

Go to The Line-Up and Discover all the most disturbing mysteries and unexplained events in the last 100 years. However, before entering, we warn you that it is better not to know…


Urban Legends

Official Site

This page is dedicated to finding the truth behind all the news happening in the world through research, fieldwork, and analysis.

This website has a page dedicated to finding the truth behind the most popular urban sayings in the United States and worldwide.

Thanks to their research, this site has disproved some of these urban legends.

In contrast, they also managed to give veracity to some alarming facts, even for terror lovers.

Also, he has articles focused on publicizing local events in cities.

Likewise, Vice asks his readers to send them the urban legends of their locality.

Therefore, if you want to spread the mystery that hasn’t been solved, you can do it through this website.

To Sum Up

Now you know! If you want to read real horror stories or check the story’s veracity, visit Vice or The Line-Up. The most disturbing data are waiting for you!

Nevertheless, the websites mentioned above will help you verify the news you see on the internet, and in this way, you will be able to differentiate between false and real news.

Besides, each site contains an endless number of false, true, and disturbing stories that will not let you sleep at night. Do you dare to read them?

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