Best Websites to Help Quit Smoking

Websites to Help Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is not easy. It will always be a complicated decision to change a habit that may have been with you for many years, but internally we know you can do it, and that’s what this list is all about. So here we list for you the Best Websites to Help Quit Smoking.

The Recovery Village

Official Site

The Recovery Village delivers comprehensive addiction treatment services for adults struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. The facility offers a full continuum of care, including medical detox, residential services, and outpatient programs, dedicated to meeting our community’s need for high-quality, effective treatment.


– A free online platform that provides information about addiction, eating disorders, and mental health issues.
– Friendly & comprehensive information with a search bar.
– Great statistics and valuable information for each stage of the process.
– Brings also a video with all the information required.


 -Very extensive articles sometimes, not recommended if you want a quick look.


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Smokefree is a nice platform website with many tools that allow you to schedule your smoking cessation gradually. Besides, it has a large information system with an exact segmentation system.

But to speak of this portal without mentioning its nourished panel of information is impossible. You have as main portal, then Smokefreevet | Smokefreewomen | Smokefreeteen | Smokefreeespañol | Smokefree60.

In this way, it has the information in blocks of interest, which does not stop being overwhelming, but it is a little more centralized and shows us the enormous amount of information we will enjoy.

The main objective of Smokefree is to provide as many tools as possible, besides offering a community system that allows you to take a safe step in this new change in your life. And best of all, it’s free.

The advantages of quitting smoking are innumerable, and Smokefree helps you to achieve this.



The recommendation of this site is broad and can be extended to friends, family, and perhaps someone less close but in need of that initial push. A well-achieved information scheme with interesting data dedicated entirely to the same topic, quitting smoking altogether.


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As its name indicates, HelpGuide is a health website that guides and trains visitors in health improvement and the loss of bad habits. Still, above all, its focus is the health and mental well-being of the collective.

Conceived as a home site intended to guide grieving relatives, it was established as a reference site and has the support of Harvard University.

The initiative was born after the suicide of the talented writer Morgan Leslie Segal, who died by suicide in 1996 at the age of 29. Her parents were looking to escape the spiral of pain and misunderstanding of many and realized there was nowhere to go, so HelpGuide was established.

One of the most visited sections is the one on addictions, especially tobacco addiction and quitting. In addition, the website has a large section of medical articles, many with Harvard certification. This will turn the site into a reference in intelligent guides to change habits such as tobacco consumption.

They have a system of habit substitution that proposes to help with physical and mental changes. The START program provides the initial guidance and course of action to start quitting.

Remember that you can always contribute to projects like HelpGuide. The site has a donation system from $5. A minimum contribution can make a difference.



A wealthy website full of examples and guides can complement any medical and emotional support. Whenever you need a helping hand, you can contact them by mail.

CBQ Method

Official Site

In front of us, we have one of the best, most complete, novel, and ingenious methods on the market. In addition, the CBQ method has the public backing of major networks such as TED and NBC NEWS.

The CBQ method handles everything in 3 fundamental stages addiction to tobacco and how to quit. The first one is the “mental dependence on tobacco,” the next emphasizes “eliminating the desire to smoke before quitting,” and the third stage is that it works for all smokers. The method adapts to all the profiles.

The method per se is one, but the website offers various complimentary products that help nurture your experience using the method. They range from a recipe booklet to eliminate nicotine withdrawal to a nutrition plan and end up craving shredder.

The CBQ is a complex and compact method. The cost of the CBQ method is $597. It is ten days and follows the four stages of the method. The four stages have been presented in TEDx, The Huffington Post, NBC News, and CBC so you can quit smoking once and for all without drugs, substitutes, or willpower

Besides all this, it has a great network and website community. It also has its membership area, all betting on the welfare of its benefactors who keep this great project active, supporting and disseminating the proven results of the CBQ method.

Investments in health are always the most intelligent, and being part of a movement like this can often be a great honor that we can not let go of.



The website is quite full of important information. Thanks to its invaluable information, it is helpful for anyone who wants to quit smoking and helps you during the process.


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This site, which the U.S. government and Smokefree promote, is focused on supporting people to quit smoking from a different angle.

BeTobaccoFree is a portal that shows a section of handy tools to take that big step, smartphone applications, spaces for direct attention, and messaging services with experts by chat or call.

This segment, in particular, seeks to guide and prepare you for the big change you will face, such as assuming the change and always being a reliable ally. Another important element is the messaging service they offer.

Being a bit different, the service seeks to help you with keywords, receiving certain guidelines sent to your mobile; all this forms a free system and free participation. So seeing it as an element can be an additional method.

Finally, there is a section for the recommended medicines to stop smoking. BeTobaccoFree does not invite any of these substances. It only mentions how they could assist in choosing a reliable and effective method.

We neither recommend the consumption of these substances without consulting a specialist. You can find it in the service “consult with an expert.”

Another aspect that gives a total turn is the section on campaigns. There are several campaigns supported by BeToBaccoFree, which being focused from different points of view allow to open much more of the spectrum of action of this initiative.



These companies have their websites, themes, implementation, support, and everything designed to be part of a single campaign to reduce the consumption of snuff among citizens.


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It is quite an elegant Australian website, full of varied information and a detailed symptom tester, which always helps to guide any symptomatology. It is useful when discarding simple conditions like the flu to take into account before attending the specialist.

With an alphabetical menu, you will find precise information. For example, in the section on tobacco consumption, we find an interesting publication with the main objections when refusing to change this habit of our lives.

There is a lot of information that is very true since they support various organizations in Australia, both public and private, leaving this space open to run useful information and be certified by a panel of professionals.

They have an app in PlayStore and AppStore at the general level, where you can use the symptom tester, receive notifications of their publications, and follow any interesting news.

Interestingly, you find links to various sites with complementary information or closely related to the subject at the end of each publication. So are websites like Healthdirect true and safe?



This is a viable option for documenting some symptomatology or information of interest to keep our organism healthy. A curiosity is that they publish shorter information in their networks often, but it is not on their main website.

Stop Smoking – Why is it so hard? – Mayo Clinic.

Go on!

You are already looking up to this, so you are taking the first step to quitting smoking. Check out some of these websites to help you quit smoking and find some genius methods to help you.

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