11 Thriller Movies to Watch Online

It’s that time of year again when the days get shorter, and the weather gets colder. That can only mean one thing – it’s time to curl up on the couch with a good thriller movie! If you’re looking for some new ideas or just want to see some old favorites again, check out this list of 11 thriller movies to watch online. From classic horror movies to edge-of-your-seat thrillers, there’s something here for everyone.

 So go ahead and curl up in front of your computer screen – these movies are sure to keep you entertained all night long!

1. Last Night In Soho (2021)

The thrilling new movie from the director of “Contagion” and “G.I. Joe: Retaliation.” Set in present-day London, this non-stop action flick follows two assassins as they race to recover a priceless stolen painting by Edvard Munch. They must stop at nothing until they get what they came for – even if it means killing everyone who gets in their way!

Starring A-list actors like Sean Penn and Charlotte Gainsbourg, this crime thriller has suspense and drama around every corner. And with top-notch special effects and an all-star cast, this movie is sure to be a thrill ride you won’t soon forget.

2. The Place Beyond The Pines

 If you’re looking for a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, “The Place Beyond the Pines” is a must-watch. This intense thriller tells the story of a motorcycle stunt rider (Ryan Gosling) who turns to crime in order to provide for his newborn son. But when he crosses paths with a rookie police officer (Bradley Cooper), their fateful meeting will change both of their lives forever.

With powerful performances by both Gosling and Cooper, this movie is sure to keep you glued to the screen from beginning to end.

3. Psycho

 One of the most classic thrillers of all time, “Psycho” is a must-watch for any fan of the genre. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, this movie tells the story of Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins), a man with a dark and twisted past. When Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) takes refuge at his motel, she has no idea what horror awaits her.

With its iconic shower scene and spine-tingling plot, “Psycho” is sure to send chills down your spine. If you’re looking for a classic thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, look no further!

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4. Se7en

 This 1995 film stars Brad Pitt as an upstanding detective who partners with Morgan Freeman’s character to hunt down a murderer who is targeting people who have committed the seven deadly sins. Although most thrillers are dark in tone, “Seven” stands out for being one of Hollywood’s darkest movies ever released. Its extremely graphic visuals make this movie one that you will want to watch with the lights on, but its unpredictable plot and action-packed scenes make it well worth your time.

5. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

If you’re looking for a thriller that’s both chilling and heart-wrenching, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is a must-watch. Based on the best-selling novel by Stieg Larsson, this movie tells the story of Lisbeth Salander, a troubled young woman who becomes embroiled in a missing person’s conspiracy. With its dynamic twists and turns, this is one thriller that you won’t want to miss!

 6. House On Haunted Hill

Take a look at the “House on Haunted Hill” if you’re looking for a thrill ride guaranteed to keep your heart racing. As people gather in an abandoned asylum for a mysterious party thrown by eccentric millionaire Vincent Price, they soon learn that there’s more going on than meets the eye! Will anyone make it out alive?

7. L.A. Confidential

This 1997 neo-noir crime film is set in 1950s Los Angeles and tells the story of three LAPD officers who are caught up in a web of corruption. Based on the novel by James Ellroy, this movie is a suspenseful ride from beginning to end.

8. Eyes Wide Shut

 Stanley Kubrick’s last movie is one of his best. This erotic thriller follows a man whose wife reveals to him that she almost cheated on him, and the two set out on a night-long journey through New York City in order to rekindle their marriage. With its breathtaking visuals, this movie has enough suspense, mystery, and emotion to keep you enthralled until the very end.

9. Cube

This 1997 film centers on a group of strangers who wake up in a maze of interconnected cubic rooms with no way out. The only clues they have are the numbered doors and the deadly traps that guard them, which lead them all to believe that their lives depend on solving the maze’s intricate puzzles and riddles before time runs out. “Cube” is notable for its ambiguous interpretation of reality – can we trust what we see? Is this all just an elaborate game? It also spawned two sequels, but neither were as good as the original.

 10. Cube 2: Hypercube

The 2002 sequel to “Cube,” “Hypercube” is equally unenlightening and confusing. It opens with a set of new characters waking up in another cubic maze, which is somehow different than the one we saw in the first movie. Not only that, but there’s also an evil corporation after them, and there’s some kind of time travel thing going on too. If you’re not confused enough by this point, just wait until you get to the end – it’ll leave you scratching your head for weeks!

11. Cube Zero

As if fans weren’t frustrated enough by the open-endedness of “Cube,” director Andrzej Sekula decided to make a prequel, “Cube Zero.” This movie takes place in the same world as the first two films, but it’s set in the future and tells the story of how the cube was created. It’s full of plot holes and nonsensical explanations and is generally regarded as being one of the worst horror movies ever made.


So there you have it – 11 thriller movies to watch online. Whether you’re a fan of classic horror movies or edge-of-your-seat thrillers, there’s something here for everyone. So curl up on the couch and get ready for a night of entertainment!