3 Benefits of Preventive Maintenance for Construction Equipment

Unplanned downtime rates of 20-30% are common in construction.

That’s a huge amount of time wasted (and money along with it) and it’s almost completely avoidable. With preventive maintenance, you can cut the risk of machinery breaking down.

What is preventive maintenance? Well, it’s maintaining machines on a schedule to keep them in top condition.

You’re checking them and assessing them before problems arise. In turn, this ensures your projects keep on track and also helps keep the site safe.

But if you’re still not convinced, there’s more! Keep reading for these 3 benefits of preventive maintenance on your construction equipment.

1. Less Chance of Costly Breakdowns

A top benefit of preventive maintenance is the fact it lowers the chance of breakdowns. Waiting to maintain your construction equipment only when it’s broken is costly. Not only is it costly in lost productivity but also loss of reputation too.

Only around 10% of industrial equipment will actually wear out when used the right way. This means that 90% of the failures come from avoidable problems. Most of which would be preventable with proper maintenance schedules.

By following a preventive maintenance program you’ll be able to assess your current condition. You’ll also spot small issues before they become costly, larger ones that could shut down the site. Luckily, there is preventive maintenance software that can automate scheduling and reporting.

2. Promotes a Culture of Health and Safety

Construction sites are one of the most dangerous places to work, so proper health and safety are vital. Especially around heavy machinery which can maim and kill if something goes wrong. Accurate tracking and performance of maintenance can improve health and safety.

Again, this is where preventive maintenance software can help. A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) controls the whole site. At a centralized hub, with a few clicks, you’ll pull up data on every machine you have. It’ll show you repairs history, when the next inspection is due, current condition and so much more.

If you’re renting equipment for your construction site, make sure you ask them about their CMMS and maintenance. Companies like Equipment Share will maintain their equipment to a very high degree. You can find out more at equipmentshare.com.

3. Saves Money

One of the biggest benefits is the money you’ll save with preventive maintenance. Unplanned maintenance could see costs between 3 and 9 times higher than planned maintenance.

With emergency reactive maintenance you need to factor in rushing in the parts. You’ll also have to pay a premium for any specialist technicians you need, especially at odd hours.

Not to mention there is the lost revenue from schedules knocking timescales off track. If all that rushing and specialist care fails, you could even still face the cost of a full replacement. This soon adds up and the costs will soar.

The upfront cost of preventive maintenance could seem intimidating, especially for smaller budgets. But remember you’re setting everything up. This is an investment in the future of your construction firm and once set up, it’ll soon pay for itself.

Preventive Maintenance: An Investment in the Future

Investing in and caring for your machinery is vital for the future of any construction firm. It’s all well enough to have the manpower, but if your machines aren’t up to scratch you won’t get the job done. Set up a preventive maintenance schedule with a CMMS and see your business flourish.

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