5 Pro Packing Tips for Moving Out of State

Every year, around 40 million Americans move across the country in search of a new life.

Packing your belongings is a key part of moving out of state, so you must streamline the process. Perhaps the organizing part is stressing you out and you’re unsure where to start.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are our five packing tips.

1. Organize Your Belongings

One of the top tips for moving out of state is to organize your belongings. Four weeks before you leave, tackle the storage areas that you’re less likely to use such as collectibles, books, and hobby materials.

Two weeks prior, pack items you don’t need daily such as toys, electronics, and office supplies. All you need for moving day is bedding, basic toiletries, and non-perishable food for your new home. If you need extra guidance, look here for more information.

As a general rule, pack early and often so you’re not stressed on moving day.

Regardless of whether you’re hiring a moving service or doing it yourself, snap photos so you know the condition of every item. It will also help you re-assemble furniture or reconnect appliances in your new pad.

2. Pack a Survival Kit

Not sure how to move out of state?

In case your shipment doesn’t arrive, pack essentials so you can survive without most of your household belongings. Make sure you have clothes, your phone and charger, kids’ items, and basic kitchen utensils.

3. Label Everything

If you’re looking after tips for moving, know you must label your items so nothing goes amiss. Mark each box with its contents, your name, and destination room as it will save time when unpacking. It’s also useful to color-code items so it’s easier for you.

4. Use Plastic Moving Boxes

Homeowners unsure of how to move should use plastic moving boxes as they’re more durable than cardboard. Plus, they offer better protection to your belongings inside.

A major benefit is you can rent these boxes and have them delivered to your old property. Then, the service will pick them up from your new location once you’ve finished unpacking.

5. Pack Your Fragile Belongings Properly

Whether it’s your family heirloom or favorite plates, wrap each item securely with soft packing paper. You should also add a second layer of bubble wrap so they don’t bump against each other during the move.

If you’ve rented movers, declare any high-value belongings and get insurance to protect them.

Those Are Our Moving Out of State Trips

Hopefully, after reading our moving out of state tips, you’re now ready for the move.

Give yourself plenty of time to organize and pack your belongings. Make sure you securely wrap high-value items and use plastic moving boxes so they’re cost-effective and durable. And don’t forget to pack a survival kit so you’re prepared. Happy moving!

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