5 Tips on Planning Golf Vacations for New Players

So, you have recently taken up golf. The more you play, the more you fall in love with the game. You find yourself thinking about the links all hours of the day.

If this is the case, it may be time to take a golf vacation. There is nothing better than hitting the road in search of some new courses.

However, before you tee off, read this guide for the 5 top tips for planning golf vacations.

1) Travel with Friends

This is an imperative part of planning a golf vacation. Planning a trip with your golf buddies makes it a special occasion. If you visit new courses and play solo, you won’t be able to share the fun with anyone.

Choose your crew from the friends who are equally serious about golf as you. This will ensure everyone will have the same intentions for the trip. Maybe you are a lax casual player. Maybe you are deeply competitive. Plan accordingly to optimize the vacation.

Who knows? This trip could become an annual competition. Each year the winner could take home the ceremonial golf bag trophy.

2) Choose the Right Season

Save the driving ranges and the local links for those sweltering days of summer. Plan your golf getaway for the fall. The fall months are the best time of year for golf. The temperature drops and the cool crisp mornings are ideal for visiting golf courses.

What’s more, the courses are usually in pristine shape this time of year. Why not plan your trip when the fairways are looking their best?

3) Pick a Destination Course

Since this is a special occasion, why not target a destination course. Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, and Bandon Dunes are all regarded as bucket list places to play. Consider what type of region you want to play and narrow it down.

Want to do it even bigger? A golf vacation can also be a European vacation. Scotland, Ireland, and England are growing in popularity for golfers.

It’s your trip. Pick your dream spot.

4) Bring Your Own Clubs

No matter where you decide to go, it is worth bringing your own set of clubs. Particularly, if you are starting out, getting a feel for your own irons makes sense. Different golf clubs can throw your game off.

As such, plan to take them. This is becoming more and more workable. The easiest way is to check them on the plane with you. However, depending on the airline this can be expensive or damaging.

Alternatively, there are companies that will drop ship your clubs to the place of your choice. They often work in correlation with the golf resorts to make sure they show up on time.

No matter the method, bringing clubs beats renting them.

5) Look for Onsite Lodging

If the vacation calls for multiple days of golfing, it’s nice to not have to tote your clubs and coolers back and forth between course and hotel.

Therefore, it’s smart to think about where you will be staying in relation to the golf course. Look for resorts that have hotel accommodations onsite.

This will cut down on logistics and provide more time to play golf.

Planning Golf Vacations Never Looked Better

These are a few of the key tips for planning golf vacations. Keep this guide in mind to ensure that your trip is memorable and fun.

Remember, golf is a lifelong hobby. If your first trip is successful, there may be many more to come. If you enjoyed this article, stick around the blog for more travel and lifestyle tips.

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