5 Ways to Get Through an Electrical Outage in Your Home

An electrical outage is a worry for many of us. Without refrigeration, lighting, and television, you might feel as though you’re caught up in the end of the world.  Though most outages only last a few hours, an outage can occur at any moment, uprooting your afternoon or evening.

But you do not have to panic. By having the right precautions and developing the right mindset, you can get through an electrical outage. Here are five easy ways to do so.

1. Get Prepared

The easiest electrical outage to get through is one that never happens. Be proactive while you have power and prepare against an outage.

Call an electrician to check your electrical panels, wiring, and connections to the grid. Look into a generator installation, so you can connect to power if you lose power from the grid. Talk to neighbors about calling the electrical company if any one of you loses power.

Buy lanterns, candles, and flashlights as backups. Watch the news for any upcoming storms or severe weather, and stockpile on water, canned food, snacks, medication, and warm clothing, especially during winter. Keep your car maintained and fueled, so you can leave if you have to.

2. Practice Mindfulness

When you lose power, it is easy to become anxious. Thankfully it is easy to regain composure and be calm.

Controlled breathing exercises can help you relax. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position, place your hands over your ribs and chest, and breathe in through your nose and out through pursed lips. Repeat several times, and you may find yourself calmer.

Losing power means you have no social media and no work to do. Take advantage of the opportunity and be with yourself for a moment.

3. Go for a Walk

Once you are calm, you want to check in with your neighbors and friends. Put on a pair of walking shoes and go out.

Visit your elderly neighbors and friends and make sure they are doing okay. Walk around your neighborhood and see how many homes have lost power, and if there are any downed electrical lines. Call your electrical company and inform them what the situation is.

If your environment is safe, stay outside. Go to a local nature preserve or park if there’s one near you, and enjoy being out and about.

4. Read a Book

Without the distractions of television and the Internet, you can catch up on your reading materials. Turn on a lantern, throw a blanket over your legs, and read.

If purchasing a book is too much of an expense, find a site that provides free books and print them out in advance. If you prefer audiobooks or podcasts, have a friend read a book to you, or read the book out loud to yourself.

5. Sleep Through an Electrical Outage

Without the glaring blue lights from your phone, you may be able to fall asleep faster. When it approaches the time that you would normally go to sleep, put on warm clothes, practice deep breathing, and let yourself drift away.

If you are concerned about the outage and you can’t fall asleep, ask a friend or neighbor to sleep at their place. They can wake you if necessary.

Remain Informed

An electrical outage is not the end of the world, even when it may feel like it. With enough precautions, you get through one with no worries. The key is to remain informed.

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