Betting on Basketball: Top Tips and Tricks

When the Cleveland Cavaliers were down 3-1 to the Golden State Warriors in the 2016 NBA finals, the Cavaliers only had a 40-1 chance of winning the whole thing.

The odds were definitely against them. But those who bet on the Cavaliers to win the whole thing during the NBA finals came out on top. They won thousands.

Betting on basketball can be a lot of fun. But, it can also be not so much fun if you’re losing your money on a lot. This is why you should learn the best basketball tips. You should learn how to bet on basketball and win.

Here’s a guide on the best tips when it comes to basketball sure bets.

Don’t Let Home Court Value Cloud Your Judgement

Although teams who play on their home court are typically valued more, it doesn’t mean you should place your bet on them. It means you should consider the overpriced numbers.

You want to look at the added value of road teams and if they can win against a home team. With the pandemic and no fans, you’ll see how the home court has little advantage because there are no fans cheering on the home team.

Look at Line Movement

If you see line movements that make no sense, then you should be cautious of placing a bet on that specific team or game. You should consider altering your bet.

You should also be aware of any activity that occurs during the final 30 minutes before the NBA game starts. You might notice that limits are highest during that time.

Get Insight From Twitter

Twitter can be particularly insightful if you don’t know what is going to happen to an NBA player.

With a lot of sports analysts and reporters on Twitter, it gives you an advantage in your betting. You can find journalists for specific teams that provide updates on how many minutes a star player will be playing or if an injured player is coming back on a minute restriction.

The more information you can find on Twitter, the more insight you’ll have on your betting. You’ll be able to make better betting decisions because you’ll know more about the game.

You might also find information on Twitter about players being tired after a back to back. Or some players resting or maybe there’s a minor injury that was underreported.

When you have this information, it gives you insight into the best NBA picks and score predictions.

Now You Know the Best Tips on Betting on Basketball

When it comes to betting on basketball, there’s a lot that you can learn. There’s a lot of insight and tips you can gather before you throw your money into a specific game.

The tips in this article provide the best insight into betting on NBA basketball and how you can win the most with the best odds.

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