Choosing Your Unit: How Do I Know What Size Storage Unit I Need?

Life accumulates. You’re certainly familiar with this stark truth if you’ve stayed in the same home for many years and watched the items and objects stack up as time goes by. At a certain point, it might feel like you’re living in a little museum of your own life.

If you get that feeling, it means it’s probably well past time to invest in a storage unit. Getting a storage unit can the perfect solution if you’re having space problems in your home and want a little more room to stretch out.

However, you might be wondering: how do I know what size storage unit I need? It’s a very good question, after all. Read on and we’ll walk you through how to work through to an answer and get your storage journey underway.

Look At What You Need To Move

Before you go browsing different storage unit sizes at various locations, you need to stop and take stock of your situation. That’s right, the work you really need to do to determine storage size space all starts in your own home.

People get worried that storage unit employees might be nosy when asking about what the person is looking to store. However, until you do an inventory of how many items, and of what sort, you hope to bring to your new unit, it will be impossible to land on proper size.

Get everything sorted and organized on your end. It’s sometimes best to pack everything up into boxes as if it’s ready to go before you even start looking at storage units. This will allow you to have an accurate vision of what your total load will be like and what kind of space you might require.

Count the number of boxes, totes, and bags. Measure them with measuring tape if need be, or at least know the dimensions of the average box size that you’re using. Something not to forget about: the irregular-shaped objects. Are you planning on moving a bike, a lamp, or a strange piece of furniture?

These objects require more room, not only because of their size but because they can’t be stacked or flipped around much. If you hope to move an object like one of these into a storage unit, you’ll need to provide ample room just for them.

How Much Walking Room Do You Need?

Another thing to keep in mind when thinking about renting a storage unit is how much space you’ll want to move around. This is a matter of personal preference and not something that anyone else can decide for you. You need to close your eyes and picture yourself visiting your future unit.

How much room do you have to navigate?

Some people stuff their storage units to the brim, making maximum use of the space. There might not be any spare room at all, with everything almost perfectly aligned to the ceiling. While this can help the owner to save a decent share of money each month, it also means pulling things out of storage can be a huge pain.

Packing everything this tightly means getting a certain object you need out can be a huge hassle. Imagine if those papers you need to get end up in the very bottom back box! It could take over an hour just to reach them.

For this very reason, some people decide to lay out their storage unit with a bit more operating room. You might want to leave room to walk and navigate. This will make it easier to load things in and out of the space, or even bring in a ladder if the space in question is very tall.

Consider Your Reasons for Moving

If you’re not sure which you prefer, it can be helpful to think about why you’re getting the space, to begin with. If you need temporary storage while you’re between houses, you might not need much walking room. You’ll probably close the storage door and only open it again when you’re ready to move everything out.

However, if you’re using the space as a spot for more permanent storage, you might want to provide a little more working room for yourself. You’ll likely be visiting the space a lot and pulling items in and out. It can get annoying to have no space if you’ll be visiting quite a bit.

If you really can’t decide how much space you need for your storage unit, it’s probably best to overestimate instead of under. Far too often, storage renters seek to limit the space they rent and end up making the process much, much harder on themselves.

Often, it’s only a few bucks more to get the extra space. That extra space can save you a lot of trouble, time, and backaches. You’ll want to go see the space yourself and make a call, but it’s a good idea to always go with more room rather than less.

How Do I Know What Size Storage Unit I Need?

Now you can stop asking yourself “how do I know what size storage unit I need?” Because you know the answer!

It’s a common question that almost all storage renters have to face as they pack up their various items and goods. You’ll need to do a real inventory of your situation and desires to determine what size is right for you. Everything you learned earlier can help you land on the right size.

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