Reasons You Should Be Eating Yellow Bell Peppers

Most people usually just pick up green bell peppers whenever shopping in the produce aisle for salad fixings or recipe ingredients, but your overall health will thank you if you switch that green one for yellow. Not only do they have a sweeter, juicier taste, but they are also better for you all around.

In fact, eating just one yellow pepper provides your body with five times the daily recommendation of potassium, almost six times the recommended intake of vitamin C, fifteen percent of vitamin B6, and seven percent of vitamin A.

Health Benefits

In addition, eating yellow peppers has many health benefits you probably didn’t even know about. Here are six reasons you should be eating yellow bell peppers.

Yellow peppers benefit ocular health. As a matter of fact, yellow bell peppers contain a large variety of carotenoids, such as beta-carotene, lutein, alpha-carotene, along with about thirty more.

These carotenoids, which are responsible for the coloring found in yellow, orange, and red vegetables and fruits, helps to not only ward off eye diseases but also helps to heal eye damage as well by allowing eyes to better adjust to the light and absorbing damaging blue light before as it enters the eye.

Eating yellow peppers can help provide you with clear, healthy, moist eyes.

Another benefit of carotenoids found in yellow bell peppers is the powerful antioxidant effects they can have on preventing certain types of cancer.

These carotenoids turn off cell-damaging oxygen atoms, called free radicals, which react with your body’s molecules. Cell damage is one of the most direct causes of not just cancer, but also a variety of other diseases as well as aging. Eating yellow bell peppers can help prevent cancer while slowing the aging process.

If you’re prone to catching colds easily, add yellow bell peppers to your daily diet. These juicy, delicious veggies are chocked full of vitamin C. One whole pepper gives you 500% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C, so chopping up a quarter for your salad will definitely give you more than enough of your daily recommendation.

Additionally, vitamin C is water-soluble, so what your body doesn’t need will be flushed out.

Are you having trouble falling asleep at night? Eat some yellow bell peppers! Vitamin B6 is also naturally found in these healthy vegetables which aid in melatonin production. In turn, the melatonin helps to regulate your internal clock.

Another benefit of taking in Vitamin B6 is stabilizing your mood since it also helps your body produce both norepinephrine and serotonin, both of which are mood-affecting chemicals. So, if you’re feeling down and out, eat a yellow bell pepper!

Can Yellow Bell Peppers Help to Lower Your Cholesterol?

Not only can yellow bell peppers help to lower your cholesterol, but they can also lower inflammation in your arteries. These peppers contain capsaicin which is a nutrient that helps to lower bad cholesterol levels. Furthermore, their anti-inflammatory properties not only help prevent heart disease but also diabetes as well.

Since they are anti-inflammatory, they can also help reduce chronic pain. These tasty rays of sunshine contain both vitamin C and K, both of which have anti-inflammatory properties, reducing swelling and protecting against osteoporosis. In addition, capsaicin also aids in relieving pain.

There are even more health benefits to eating yellow bell peppers, such asĀ helping with weight loss, helping to keep your skin looking younger, and keeping your hair stronger and more vibrant. With all these benefits, you just can’t go wrong eating a yellow bell pepper every single day! Start by eating one today; your body will thank you!

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