Top 10 Business English Apps for Students

If you are studying business-related studies and do not fully understand the terms because English is not your first language, it is not the end of the road. Some options could help you improve in this language, specifically in the business world.

Even if students that speak English as their first language need to improve their vocabulary and choice of words in business. To help you throughout the career you are starting, here are the 10 best Business English apps.


FluentU is one of the most successful methods of improving your business English by using various resources to teach you new phrases and how to use them. The app uses real-world videos and personalizes to an English course that suits you best, which in this case is learning business terms and how to use them.

Grammar and Practice for Business

Grammar and Practice for Business has more than 70 lessons based on the Collins COBUILD real-world vocabulary and sentence database. These lessons that are more than 70 have 800 different activities that will improve the business communication skills of students that use it. There are various challenges that enable you to test the knowledge entailed in the lessons available from this app. The tool is free to download but has in-app purchases that coast as little as $0.99.


Preply is a unique platform that lets you learn business English from real-life teachers that have experience in this field. You can preview the teacher’s capabilities before committing and lets students learn in a schedule convenient for them. Students can practice their Business English with teachers, enabling them to speak with more confidence.

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WhiteSmoke helps you structure your writing style to high-quality business English when drafting important documents or before sending an email. That makes a huge impact on the documents you create and makes students look like veteran businessmen who have intensive insight into this line of work.


Hemingway proofreads the written content you create and weeds out passive voice, other spelling errors, and other grammatical mistakes. You can also use it to find simpler terms that will be easily understood, making it easier to understand complex business phrases.


Consistency Checker

Consistency Checker can be used on multiple platforms as an extension to ensure that business documents remain consistent throughout. You can use this tool to improve the quality of your documents and make them convey a professional tone. Having two different voices in a document or email can discredit its context, making it important to use this tool to maintain consistency.

Business English Pod

Business English Pod has more than 500 lessons and helps students grasp the basic concepts of speaking this language in corporate environments. That includes speaking English in business meetings, presentations, negotiations, and even when you are socializing with other business-minded people.

Speak Business English

Speak Business English is developed by Language Success Press compatible with Android devices and helps students master the art of speaking this language in the corporate world. There are various lessons covered in this app including how to handle business meetings and negotiations. Your business English vocabulary will also be dramatically improved by using this app that is available for free at the Google Play Store.


Grammarly is an online tool with mobile app versions that helps you structure emails and documents to different writing styles. Those writing styles include professional business English that will make your written content suitable to send to fellow associates and customers.

Business English Power Verbs

Business English Power Verbs is a mobile app also developed by Language Success Press and is available on iOS devices. The tool will help boost your confidence when speaking English in business settings like meetings and other occasions.

Final thoughts

Nothing beats good practice and determination when learning or improving your understanding of a language and that is exactly what you should do. These apps can support you when learning business English and improve the confidence of students when speaking this language in corporate settings. The lessons found in these apps will prepare you for the real world that is full of meetings, presentations, negotiations, business reporting, and social networking events.

Author’s Bio:

Elizabeth Skinner is an online tutor and helps students crack competitive exams that include SAT, GMAT, GRE, and more. She also helps them with group discussion classes and writing academic assignments. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, learning Photoshop skills, and biking around the town.