Event Entertainment Done Right: 7 Ingenious Ideas for a Fun Corporate Event

Do you want to hose successful, fun, and memorable events?

These days, corporate events present big opportunities for attendees and organizers. About 75% of attendees of corporate events said their priorities were making connections.

However, if a corporate event is lifeless, it can lead to disaster. Get entertainment for corporate events to keep the conversations started or going.

In this guide, we have 7 creative ideas to keep your corporate events interesting.

1. Add in AR or VR Tech

There’s more to augmented reality than Pokemon Go. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are still somewhat new to many people. Using the tech in your corporate event is a great way to familiarize attendees with them.

Are you hosting a corporate training session for the teams in your company? Use VR for a more hands-on experience. If you’re at a corporate outing with employees, use AR to make scavenger hunt games more interesting.

It’s a great way to bring attendees to places they’ve never seen yet. For example, see how well they fare on the Burj Khalifa in VR. Get a huge fan and cables set up and go indoor skydiving with virtual reality.

2. Solve Your Way out of an Escape Room

If you want to bring in quality entertainment for corporate events, try putting groups of guests in escape rooms. Escape rooms are real-life puzzle games where a team needs to solve puzzles to get out. It gets the gears in your heads whirring and encourages everyone to work together to get out.

Often, you follow a narrative story or theme per room. You and the team play as the protagonists in the story. Various stories range in genres like horror, mystery, and crime investigation.

3. Go on Exciting Races

Are you planning to host a company retreat, corporate party, or team-building programs? Do you want to include an activity that gets the adrenaline pumping? Try hosting these corporate events at SPEEDVEGAS.

It’s a motorsports complex a short drive from Las Vegas design for corporate events. Get access to a racetrack, exotic cars, and more. If you want to try your luck at casinos in the heart of the city, they’re only a few minutes away.

SPEEDVEGAS also has rooms and spaces where you can hold private meetings. It also offers catering. This way, you can dine and chat with colleagues while watching the racing activities from the viewing terraces.

4. Amuse Attendees With Performers

Live performances are a great way to keep the conversation going. Look for interesting shows like cirques, magicians, and fire performers.

Celebrity impersonators are great for adding drama to the entertainment of the event. Look for impersonators of beloved celebrities like Oprah and Elvis. Or hire comedians who can make silly impersonations of Donald Trump or Michael Jackson.

Speaking of comedians, hire a corporate comedian to give life to the event. Corporate comedians focus on business-related topics and use a clean language. It’ll be great to get attendees to laugh at their daily

If you want to go all out on comedic skill, get people who can put up a comedy improv show. It’s more entertaining if the audience gets a role in the fun. Plus, improvised shows can make everyday people and places seem hilarious and ridiculous.

5. Get People to Play a Game

Social games make a great ice breaker. It’s perfect for attendees to get to know their colleagues better. It’s also more fun because it’s interactive.

Set up game shows like The Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune. These kinds of games are fun for both the audience and the players. Party games are also a great and casual way to bring out some competitiveness from the teams.

Do you want to see how well your employees can keep a poker face? If you want something where guests can show their skills, set up casino game tables. If you’re going with the casino idea, make sure no real money gets used unless the city or state allows gambling.

If you know that your employees are active, get them to play sports. Try setting up a simple game of basketball or volleyball. Older colleagues might enjoy tennis or table tennis.

6. Create Art Together

Corporate get-togethers are the perfect events for everyone to show their skills. If you know that a lot of your guests are the creative type, set up a collective art masterpiece. The medium can be anything from photos to traditional art, to a digital collage.

Don’t want to leave the less artsy types out of the fun? Go to an art workshop and have everyone work on a collaborative art project. This way, everyone can pick up a new skill and they get to apply it right away.

Plus, when you’re done, the masterpiece can become a new office display.

7. Find Musical Entertainment for Corporate Events

Everyone loves music, so don’t miss out on a ton of fun opportunities. From live bands to having a DJ onsite, you have a lot of choices to host an awesome event. Hire a DJ and a virtual jockey (VJ) if you’re hosting an event where everybody can let loose a little.

If the event lasts only a day or less, get a cover band to take requests and sing covers of guests’ favorite songs. Make things a little more interesting yet classy by hiring a dueling piano show. It’s high-energy and entertaining to see two pianists take requests and out-flair each other.

Karaoke is a popular hobby among friends. However, it can be a little challenging to bring it to the workplace. If people won’t mind it, it’s good to see attendees sing and have fun, especially after a few drinks.

Make Company Events More Memorable

Getting the right entertainment for corporate events can be a challenge. It can be difficult if you don’t know your colleagues and employees well yet. In this case, it’d be good to stick to activities in which everyone can take part and have fun.

Even if you already know what the attendees like or hate, it’d be great to keep challenging them. Team-bonding activities are great for getting people to open up and trust one another. These kinds of bonds are valuable in companies where cooperation is vital.

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