Fix Anything! 6 Miracle Supplies to Have On Hand That’ll Fix (Almost) Anything

How many projects are you putting off? The average American has nine projects they currently need to do. Did you know that with a few tools, you could get many of those repair projects done yourself?

Every homeowner should have a toolkit that covers a wide range of tasks that enables them to fix anything. Make sure your toolbox has these tools so that you can fix broken things around your home.

1. Hammer

A hammer is a perfect tool for when you need to give something a good whack. This could be a nail, the lid to a paint can, getting a piece of lumber into place, or breaking something up.

There are several sizes and types of hammers out there. The most versatile is a 16 ounce with a smooth head and a curved claw on the back.

2. Screwdrivers

One of the most needed tools to fix things is a set of screwdrivers. There are screws throughout your home from the furniture to cabinets, and outlet covers.

You should buy two sets of screwdrivers. One should be flat head and the other Philips. Each set should come in a range of sizes so that you can tackle any screw you may come across.

3. Pliers

How many times have you tried to grab something small, only to then fumble around with it? You feel as though you’re all thumbs as you struggle. Or you finally get a grasp, but now you can’t apply the force you need.

Pliers save the day with their gripping teeth and long handles. They come in a variety of shapes, so it’s best to buy a few types for different jobs. You should definitely have a locking and a needle-nose pair.

4. Wrenches

If the fastener isn’t a nail or screw, then it’s likely a bolt. You’ll need a wrench to loosen or tighten bolts.

You could buy a set of wrenches in different sizes, but a smart option is to buy an adjustable wrench. You can then adjust it to accommodate bolts of different sizes. It’s best to have adjustable two wrenches, one six-inch and a larger ten inch one.

5. Utility Knife

A sharp utility knife will save the day when you need to cut something. Having a utility knife will enable you to cut up boxes, cut cord, wallpaper, tape, or anything else. Using a utility knife is safer than grabbing a knife from the kitchen.

Look for a knife with a comfortable and secure handle. It should also come with a replaceable blade. That way, you don’t have to struggle with a dull blade.

6. Tape and Glue

Sometimes you need to fix something, and a little glue or tape does the trick. Your toolbox should have a strong general use glue that can adhere to a variety of surfaces. You should also have a strong tape like one from for quick fixes.

You Can Now Fix Anything

Once you outfit your toolbox with these tools, you’ll be ready to fix anything. Then you don’t have to call in a professional and wait for them to come over. You’ll save money and feel empowered as you check tasks off of that to-do list you’ve been avoiding for too long.

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