Get Your Answers Now! 5 Explanations for the Typically Unexplained Back Pain

80 percent of Americans will experience back pain during their lives.

Back pain is a common problem with overarching consequences. Not only are back pain sufferers in pain, but their work, relationships, and physical activity routines may also suffer.

Even more frustrating, is when the exact cause of the back pain can’t be pinpointed. This unexplainable back pain can then cause even more frustration as medical bills start to pile up.

So, what could be causing unexplained back pain?

Read on to find out five explanations for common forms of unexplained back pain.

1. Bodily Changes

As our bodies change, the facet joints in the back can begin to thin. This thinning is referred to as facet disease.

The facet joints in the back are made up of cartilage and line each vertebra. They act as points of contact between each vertebra, but if the facet joints thin, pain can result.

The thinning of the facet joints can be caused by weight gain, aging, or manual labor. Indicators of facet joint back pain are irregular reoccurring back pain, muscle soreness, and shooting pain in other areas of the body such as your upper legs or shoulders.

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2. Sitting

Modern society demands that a large percentage of our workforce sit at their desks for the majority of the day. Sitting for long periods of time, however, puts extra stress on your spine which can then lead to back pain. Poor posture while sitting is also one of the leading causes of back pain.

3. Herniated Disc

Herniated discs occur most commonly in people ages 35 to 55. An intervertebral disc that rests in between each vertebra can become herniated when their soft interior breaks through its outer hard layer and makes contact with surrounding nerves.

A herniated disc causes sharp back pain and other sharp pains in the body. It can also cause numbness and muscle weakness.

4. Accessories

Carrying too much around with you on a daily basis may be causing unexplainable back pain. Accessories like book bags, purses, and Spanx can all cause back strains and sprains leading to pain and discomfort.

Walking in high heels could also be the source of your unexplainable back pain. High heels cause back pain because they require that we arch our lower backs more than usual.

5. Your Mattress

We all love a soft comfy mattress. The pillowtop and “sink-in” feeling is so comfortable at first, but after a while, back pain may start to occur. This is because soft mattresses aren’t as good at evenly distributing your weight as a medium to firm mattresses.

Dips in your mattress caused by regular use can also result in back pain.

Relief from Unexplained Back Pain

Getting relief from unexplained back pain can sometimes be a challenge, but the first step to truly solve this mystery should always be a visit to your doctor. Better yet, try to visit a doctor who specializes in back pain such as an orthopedic doctor.

Together, you and your doctor will hopefully be able to get you some relief. In the meantime, make note of these common back pain causes and try to make changes as needed.

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