7 Bad Habits That Keep You From Abundance

Living in Abundance is not just about money, it is about appreciating everything that life has to give. And as most people don’t have the time or extra cash to take a class or assist a retirement, we decided to bring you 5 advice to live your life in wealth and abundance.

What is abundance?

Abundance is a rather old word. It has its roots within the Latin abudantia. The main meaning of this word refers mainly to the amount of something, but not in a small way but speaking in terms of a large amount

Currently, this term is used to denote what people see as wealth or well-being, whether within a place or with a person, it has no direct limitation that can limit its use

Today, phrases about well-being vary greatly, as they can refer to an economic, personal or material sphere. For example, the phrase “Swimming in abundance” is open to multiple interpretations, with the person having to give it its meaning.

Therefore, we can find ourselves before different perceptions of what abundance is, but something in which we can agree is that people throughout their lives, will look for the way to develop habits or customs that allow them to live under their concept of abundance.

Next, we will be talking about those habits that make us move away from abundance, either because we have a wrong concept of what it is, or because we may not know how to handle things to get the expected results.

What habits keep us from abundance?

In this life some things are true, and that is that what you call, you will get. It may not be something quick, it may take years to get it, but as long as the thought is right, the results will come, and they will come with a reward.

Within the following list, we will talk about those habits, customs or actions that keep us from the results we want.

Criticize the one who has more

Another thing that keeps you away from abundance is criticizing those who have more. And we do not only talk about criticizing, creating envy is not healthy.

This shows us that, as people, we are not capable of achieving more than we already have, but we take for granted that our capabilities are not capable of making us go further.

This tends to make people procrastinate and not seek to improve what they have since they imagine that people who have achieved greater abundance are doing so illegally, because it has come to them by some facility, or because they have done something bad to people. But leaving this aside, the real problem begins when a person only criticizes, without acting to find a solution to his problems.

Lack of ingenuity and creativity

Today, we know that some factors directly influence the ability to achieve abundance.

One of them is ingenuity, this is a determining factor for people who want to get ahead, using their ingenuity can design new strategies, projects or businesses, and that driving with creativity can make something a success.

Although not all people have this kind of element in their daily lives, they are factors that can be developed with a little practice.

Within this point, we also take factors from previous one, since there are people who have a high level of ingenuity and creativity, but decide that it is better to settle for the little they have obtained, or criticize those who have managed to undertake and succeed.

This does not only apply within economic areas but can also be seen within personal areas, not wanting to come up with new ways to make friends, to encourage family life or to be creative in giving something away.

Spending instead of investing

There are times in life when our income becomes stable, but we don’t know how to manage it from that point on.

Some people decide to spend it without thinking about what they might do in the future, some people decide to keep the money, and others decide that the best option is to invest what they received for a higher return.

Many people are not able to find that right place to bet on, others are afraid of being scammed, others simply do not see beyond their horizon of possibilities. These are factors that take away a person’s capacity for abundance since they are not capable of taking risks and decide to spend all their money, and not in the correct way.

Living in a fantasy world

It is not a myth that all people tend to have small unrealistic dreams, those dreams where the fantastic is more striking than real life. But the truth is that in several cases, people decide to stay stuck inside their fantasy world, they think that inside their imaginary bubble everything will stay fine when the truth is that it is the opposite of the real world.

A person who lives locked up inside his imagination will have various problems, he will not be able to come up with new projects, to think creatively about how to solve problems, much less be able to achieve real comfort, since inside his little imaginary world he has enough to live on.

Lack of effort and little enthusiasm when working

This point is closely linked to the first two on the list, as they are directly related to them. The fact that a person lacks the desire to make an effort for something shows his level of conformity with what he has, or simply thinks that it is not enough to continue growing. Enthusiasm is something similar, as they see how people who are above them have achieved results quickly and they have not.

Also, the lack of effort can be present in more areas, not only within work. If a person does not make an effort to improve other areas, such as personal or economic, he or she will also be sunk in a place where abundance is further and further away.

Doing nothing to make things happen

Standing still is easy, you know that something will happen but you do not know when or how, but within your way of seeing things you should not do anything to make something happen.

Everything that happens around you is fine and there is no need to act, propose or develop anything to make things happen.

This type of mentality goes hand in hand with what is conformity, although they are not extremely close. In both mentalities people share something in common; they do not see the need to act on their own.

They think that what is obtained is sufficient, therefore should not make further effort to attract better things, may at some point these arrive, as may not, and both cases are well within this type of mentality.

Abundance Mentality

Within this point we can also observe those people with a need, the victims, saying that what does not happen is due to external factors, by people outside them, or because they simply say they do not have enough luck to succeed.

But the truth is that all this is quite relative, we can say that in some cases external factors have an influence, but the one who mainly has the power over the actions is the person who is victimized, therefore, the change must start from the root.


This is one of the most dangerous areas, so to speak since we will always think of being within a comfort zone, without wanting to take risks, without wanting to take new adventures, among other reasons.

Settling for having little and not wanting to bet on more, is an area that will eventually take its toll, as abundance will move away and unless radical actions are taken to create change, the results will be the same.

Conformity ends up closing doors since it makes people feel that their capacities have already reached a limit.

An example of this is settling for a job that doesn’t give you enough money, a partner that doesn’t fill you up or simply not changing basic aspects of your life for fear of change

To Sum Up

Having said all of the above, we can see that people can develop different areas, which will eventually translate into what they want to achieve or obtain.

But as long as you have a vague mentality, we can see how this type of lack will push away all the good, making you perceive yourself as not being good enough for something. This way, victimizing yourself from society, does not provide opportunities.

Now, we can conclude that many habits keep abundance away, but by reversing all this, the results can be very favorable, knowing that the acts that must be done begin with one, not with external people.

If you have any of these areas and you think it’s time to improve, do you know where to start? Do you know what deficiencies to attack? Or do you plan to wait for something to happen?