How Much Does It Cost to Make a Commercial: 2021 Edition

So you have an idea. Maybe it’s for the must-have product of the holiday season. Perhaps it’s for an that can change social media forever. Whatever it is, word of mouth alone is not the best way to market your idea. What you need is to make a commercial, but how much does it cost to make a commercial in the first place? Consider this your quick start guide.

Why Make a Commercial?

In the digital age, some see commercials as archaic relics of a bygone era, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Every time you open your favorite video streaming service, or you when you start up a free to play the game, you are presented with a video advertisement front and center. While traditionally commercials were a television exclusive, the majority of modern advertisements are simply commercials for the digital era.

There is no better way to generate hype around your idea than by making a commercial for it. Though this may seem like an intimidating task, commercials are relatively simple to create, so long as you can answer the following questions.

What Are You Selling?

Your idea is unique to you. Be it a product or service, you have to have a strong grasp of exactly what you are trying to advertise before you can make a commercial for it. Different products demand different aesthetic and creative choices, the differences in which will dictate the budget needed for your commercial.

Who Is Your Audience?

Knowing your audience is the key between success and failure in any sort of marketing, but it is especially important when it comes to commercials. You will be less successful selling a cutting edge piece of technology if you marketing that technology to a group of senior citizens. Remember that your audience is the demographic of people that you think of when you envision someone using your product. With the knowledge of who your audience will be, you can determine what sort of appeal you need to create around your product.

What Platform Will the Commercial Be on?

A TV commercial is different from a Facebook commercial, which is different from a YouTube ad. Determining which of the various platforms that exist in the world today will be the one that your audience will engage with is the difference between a viral commercial and a flop. It also dictates the length and quality needed for your commercial, which reflects dramatically on your budget.

So How Much Does It Cost to Make a Commercial?

Ultimately, it varies. Knowing your who, what, wheres can help you structure a budget that is best suited for your idea. A traditional commercial can run upwards of $150,500.00 US dollars. A commercial for social media could be as affordable as filming your product at home on your cell phone and uploading it to the world for free. You just have to know who you want to sell to, and how best to reach them.

Get Ready for Commercial Success!

If you have a run of show stopping ideas that you would like to share with the world, remember that knowledge is the key to success. How much does it cost to make a commercial? You can determine the answer for yourself, and Shoflo can help. Check out Shoflo for tips, tools, and templates that can make your idea a commercial success.

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