How Social Media Can Help Your Business

Social media networks have undoubtedly brought people together in a way never seen before. Today there are no inconveniences in communicating with a family member who lives on the other side of the world, besides seeing it live, something unthinkable 20 years ago.

This ease of communication has also expanded the size of potential clients.

Since there are 3,484 million active users on social networks worldwide, about 45% of the world’s population uses them. Therefore, all that available market cannot be ignored. In fact, many companies have significantly increased their customer’s thanks to their online presence and good management of social networks.

Whether you offer a product or a service, all owners can make their businesses grow their customers through thoughtful advertising campaigns.

That is why we have prepared this article, so you can understand how the introduction of your business (small, medium, or large) to social networks can expand and even globalize your market.

You can get more information from your customers.

One of the main advantages of using social media as a marketing strategy is getting firsthand information from your customers.

This is because users share impressions through comments, emoji’s and stickers and make recommendations. You can even conduct surveys that let you know how your target audience thinks.

This way, we can say that interaction with users is the best source of information for product development. After all, they are the ones who consume what you do. Therefore, their opinion helps you know what can be improved to meet their needs.

Use the information gathered to find inspiration and ideas for new products and services or improvements in a current offering.

You should also bear in mind that if your product or service fails at something or cannot meet their expectations, dissatisfied users are likely to report it on social networks and expose their opinion to many other consumers, which will harm your reputation.

You can promote your business more efficiently.

Getting your business or company to succeed thanks to social networks depends on the strategy used, and the most common is advertising.

Thanks to the advanced options available to you for targeting and remarketing, you can direct the audience that is probably most interested in your products and services to your profile or official site. Also, consider that paid advertising on Facebook and Twitter is more accessible than appearing on TV.

Now, to reach your target market, you have more tools than paid advertising. Another method, albeit slower but quite effective in getting a new customer, is to reach consumers who report a certain need that your company can satisfy, especially in the digital area.

To reach those customers, you need social listening tools. These help you to find such mentions and comments related to your specialty. Today many people ask for recommendations online every day, some close to you.

Put, every time a person posts a question, “Where can I buy …?” Or “Who would you recommend for …?” they can find your company if you apply the social listening tool.

Social Media Allows You to Be Closer to The Customer

Surely you will never know your customers’ opinion if you are always behind your desk running your company. But, equally, they will never know the human side of your company if they never interact with you or with an employee authorized to do so. From this point of view, social networks can be a two-way channel in which you have the opportunity to establish a relationship with customers and prospects.

These platforms are not linked to the amazing sales launch that is delivered to the public. Rather, they must have interactions and open dialogue with users (your customers) as their main purpose.

Social media allows you to humanize a brand and establish genuine relationships with the community to which your company belongs. This means that the distance between you and the target market is shortened, especially when you approach them from personal accounts.

This is why it is not unusual while becoming increasingly common for users to receive human responses (do not use a bot) from the official accounts of recognized companies. But, of course, this means that you need staff capable of answering your questions, making suggestions, and answering concerns, but dedicated exclusively to this task.

Enjoy the Loyalty of Your Customers

A phenomenon of using social networks is that your company ceases to be a brand, as mentioned in the previous point. Rather, it has a face, and this is even more powerful when you use personal profiles. The result is that potential or occasional customers become exclusive customers.

Explaining this is simple, no one is attached to a person you have never seen and never talked to. Still, now you have become more accessible and reliable in the eyes of current and potential customers.

If you can establish genuine personal relationships with a community associated with your specialty, customers will be less likely to change brands. This type of online activity could also result in customers of similar companies deciding to use you or your product.

Your Website Traffic Will Increase

Perhaps you already have an online site, which is also of professional quality and meets your customers’ needs.

But that’s just one of the steps you need to take for your business to reach its full potential. Now you need more people traffic, and one way to achieve this is by directing social network users to your website through links, mainly provided by advertisements.

Another factor in making your website evident and increasing traffic is to improve your position in searches.

To achieve this, you have to use the SEO method, which consists of reaching the top of Google search results using external links, number of visits, selected keywords, and website content, among other things. Social networks can help you improve these factors through direct traffic and shared links, primarily through social media user profiles.

They are a profitable resource.

Most social network advertising is cheaper than traditional advertising, and it is often unnecessary to hire too many people to carry out the campaign you plan. In fact, you may not have to hire anyone and end up using enterprise-level social network management software.

Therefore, the costs associated with the staff are lower.

Another advantage from this point of view is that social networks often add algorithms that filter what their users see in the news that appears when they log in. The truth is that the organic content you’ve tried to create can be lost in confusion. Take advantage of the low-cost advertising features offered by social networks to promote your content and special offers.

They Are Available At All Times

The average U.S. citizen accesses their social networks 17 times a day, using various devices such as cell phones, tablets, and computers. Because of this, social networks have developed applications or websites compatible with such devices, as they understand the communication needs of their users.

Use that in your favor. Perhaps the next customer who hires your services or buys your product is watching an ad of yours with his cell phone before going to sleep, passing in front of your business to read the ads you have placed.

Make sure your digital campaign is compatible with most devices, so there will be no major inconvenience to those who are looking for what you have.

In addition, you can use these platforms so that your target customers can subscribe to your newsletter if you have one. This guarantees that they are aware of the news of your company, as well as the promotions you launch as a strategy to attract customers.

At the End

As time goes by, it becomes increasingly clear that companies need to be present on social media networks. This incursion is necessary to expand your market because you could go from serving only customers in your city to selling whatever you do worldwide. The limit is only in your imagination.

Prepare a marketing strategy, register a user for your company on several major social networks and decide between hiring an agency specializing in social network management or taking care of yourself or your employees through specialized software, both low-cost options.