How to Buy an Electric Guitar: Get to Know the Essential

“How to buy an electric guitar” is a commonly asked question once you realize that there is a huge bunch of options out there. So, don’t be ashamed and get ready to know the important details that you need to check before giving your money to any guitar company.

Let’s talk a bit about electric guitars!

The electric guitar has been a “technological breakthrough”, to say the least.

The guitar began as a simple instrument, but as the years have gone by it has taken on different forms, and its use has expanded within the different genres. When the electric guitar appeared within the 30’s it was a basic instrument. Yet, as the years went by, new elements were added, allowing its users to amazing new sounds.

Its main evolution began to be noticed when new metal parts, made of aluminum, among other elements, were added to the classic formula in the wooden structure.

These elements were tested with several purposes, mainly to be able to achieve a greater amplification of the sound, since what was the goal sought with the creation of this guitar, having a stronger sound.

We can say that the wonderful thing about this instrument came from its creation. With the passing of the years, we could see how the guitars influenced within different genres.

From listening to the electric guitars within classic rock, blues, and even pop to get to hear a little heavier tunes, like heavy metal, thrash, among other genres that used and still use this instrument.

Besides, it was not only the fact of using the guitar within these musical genres, but people also saw the possibility of exploring new horizons, they knew that although it was still a guitar, the horizon of possibilities it opened was different from the classic sound.

Are you excited? We will be talking about some tips that will help you to buy your next guitar. The first thing that you should know is that there are different kinds of electric guitars:

Types of electric guitars

Today, like many other instruments, we know that there is a wide variety of electric guitars, each with a unique function so to speak, that will make you think twice when buying a new one.

Within this section, we will be talking about the most common types of guitars in the market:

Solid-body guitars

This type of guitar is made with a single piece of wood, of solid consistency to give a better finish.

Within this type of guitars, you can get the classic guitars, in this case, we can mention the Fender Stratocaster, which in a certain way is among the best ones you can find in the market. Something well known is that solid body guitars have these advantages:

  • They’re stronger because they’re a single body of wood.
  • This type of guitar usually has a better sound than others.

Within this section we can mention the following guitars:

  • Stratocaster: It has a tremolo that allows variations in its sound, and its use can distort the sound.
  • Telecaster: It has a strident high range of sound.
  • Super Strat: The preferred ones in rock and heavy metal have a higher dispersion threshold.
  • Les Paul: It has a cleaner sound, ideal for almost all genres.
  • SG: It is the lightest of the guitars, it allows high frets.

Semi-hollow body guitars

The main feature of this type of guitar, besides its semi-hollow body, is something known as a “tone block” that runs through the instrument. Being built in this way, the guitar is ideal for certain musical genres, such as jazz, since the sound it provides is of a high resonance, accompanied by a hollow tone thanks to its design.

This type of guitar, although it is mainly used for genres such as jazz, it is also used for genres that do not require large amounts of sound gain.

Hollow body instruments

This type of guitar allows seeing old aspects of the guitars, since its construction makes the sound more acoustic, being able to observe that the resonance and the tone of the same one are greater, in comparison to the other types of guitars.

Although they have a similar sound to the semi-hollow body ones, the main difference is their acoustic tone, which is not observed in the other type of electric guitars.

What characteristics should I evaluate when buying an electric guitar?

We already took a look at the different types of guitars that can be found on the market, but we also noticed that their use can vary quite a bit. The main thing is to know the price range, this way we know the range of possibilities to buy an instrument.

The other thing is to know beforehand which music genre you want to play, this will help in the latter choice of the instrument, since not all of them provide the same result, even though they are used in almost all genres, some serve better in a specific one.

Another thing that should be taken into consideration is your musical style, according to the style that you can play, you will be able to visualize the type of guitar that will best suit your needs since the main limitation here is style and skills.

Besides, you must take into consideration other elements used by guitars, such as pedals, tuners, amplifiers, among others. Not all of them share the same price, so this must also be evaluated when buying a guitar.

What accessories are necessary afterward?

With other types of guitar, the need for accessories is not so big. But when talking about an electric guitar, it is a fact that you must have several accessories to take the juice out of your new instrument.

These accessories will make the use of the guitar neater, besides having a better connection with other accessories that are used within the musical field.

We can mention the following:

  • Metronome: It allows a better synchronization of the guitar with the rest of the instruments used.
  • Tuner: Serves to ensure that the guitar strings are in the correct frequency.
  • Capodastro: Used to change the tuning of the guitar.
  • Amplifier: Helps to improve the final sound, it is the most necessary with an electric guitar.
  • Pedal: Allows you to add distortion to the sounds and even mask effects (The coolest ones are Wah Wah and Death Metal pedals)

How to maintain an electric guitar?

An electric guitar is an instrument that requires continuous maintenance. You must give it constant care so that it does not deteriorate. So, you must keep the strings in good condition, among other things.

The most important thing is the general cleaning of the guitar, a simple cloth is enough to start cleaning, besides you can use your fingers as support for cleaning, this way the body and the strings will look better.

The other thing is the hydration of the guitar, and by this, we do not mean putting water on the instrument. Just remove all the strings from the instrument to do this step well, after that you should use oil and start cleaning, it is something that does not take more than half a day to do.

The body of the guitar should also be observed, in some cases, it could be curved, suffer a blow, or something like that. In this case, the neck of the guitar must be adjusted. With the use of a couple of squares, it is enough to see where to start the work.

On the other hand, the maintenance of the neck is also important, apart from checking it for imperfections, it should also be polished, although the maintenance is different depending on the type of guitar you have since you can get adverse results when doing this step wrong, such as scratching the wood of the neck.

Finally, you must check the strings. With the use they will have continuous wear, so checking them from time to time is not superfluous. The important thing when doing this is not to remove all the strings at once, because then when assembling the complete set of strings, the work will be more tedious.

Having said all this, we can see that an electric guitar is an instrument just as complex as any other, which has evolved from a base instrument to something more complex over the years, besides we know that within the market there will be many options to buy, it is all a matter of making a quick assessment of what is needed.

And not only that, but you can also see that to have an electric guitar you must take into account other elements:

  • The genre you want to play with the guitar.
  • The elements that should be used to get better results when using the guitar.
  • The maintenance must be done to keep it in good condition.

Now you know how to buy an electric guitar. So it is time for you to start evaluating options and getting the right instrument, which will meet your needs, and open the doors to a musical world.