How to Keep Live Plants in an Aquarium: Picking the Best Ones

When you decide to have an aquarium in your home, one of the first things that you’re going to need is plants. So, you must learn how to keep live plants in an aquarium. We’re going to give you a brief guide that details how to do it the right way.

Don’t waste any more time! Read this guide from end to end for everything that you need to know to purchase live plants for your fish tank today.

Get the Right Supplies

Before you can purchase the plants that you want to keep in your aquarium, the first thing you need to do is have the right equipment. The equipment is not only going to help you keep your plants alive it’s also going to help you take care of the rest of your tank for as long as you have it.

When you have the right supplies, the fish in your tank s are going to receive the maximum benefits from having live plants. One of the benefits of having live plants in the fish tank is that it helps reduce the amount of algae that grows in the tank.

For example, pom pom microalgae is a common type of algae that you may want to research when it comes to your aquarium.

And it’s also another source of food for your fish.


The first step to take when it comes to caring for live plants in your aquarium is finding the right lighting. Live plants need up to 12 hours of light each day to ensure that they remain healthy.

If the room where you’re placing the aquarium doesn’t offer optimal lighting, you’ll need to either consider moving it to a sunnier room, or you’ll need to purchase lights for the tank.

Monitor the Temperature

A tank can’t be too hot or too cold because the temperature can negatively affect everything inside it. This is why you’ll need a thermometer that you can stick to the tank to ensure that the temperature remains constant at all times.

If the temperatures reach a range that is detrimental to your fish and plants, you’ll need to take steps to ensure it’s returned to a balanced state.


Substrates will be used to ensure that your plants are healthy and growing the way that they need to grow. That’s why when you’re getting all of the supplies for your aquarium that you take the time to ask one of the specialists what the best substrate will be for your tank.

You’ll need to specify the plants that you’re putting in the tank to ensure you get the right type of substrate for your plant’s root growth and health.

Now You Know How to Keep Live Plants in an Aquarium

Reference this guide on how to keep live plants in an aquarium as often as you to! Doing so will help you create the optimal environment for a healthy fish tank. When you take the steps we’ve provided, you can keep your fish and plants alive for as long as possible.

Now that you understand what you need to do when placing live plants in your aquarium, be sure to read some of the other helpful articles on our site.