How to Plan a Beautiful Beach Wedding

Are you planning a wedding near the beautiful sand of the beach?

There are few settings perfect for a wedding than the shore. The beautiful views, romantic sand dunes, and cool ocean breeze make for a memorable occasion.

If you are wondering how to plan a beautiful beach wedding, then you’ll want to take a look at our guide. We’ll cover the beach planning checklist, sand ceremony ideas, and wedding themes that fit perfectly in this extraordinary setting.

So, turn up the volume, and let’s begin this beach wedding planning guide.

Finding the Perfect Beach Venue

With so many stunning locations to choose from, finding the perfect beach wedding venues can be difficult. It is important to choose one that suits your unique style and personality. Decide if you want a public or private beach.

Public beaches are free to use, but you’ll need to obtain a permit. Private beaches may be more expensive, but they offer a more intimate setting. Destination weddings on Wedinspire are one of the many options you can consider for the perfect venue.

Keep in mind that the time of year will affect the price of venues and availability. If you’re flexible with your date, you may be able to find a better deal.

Decorating a Beach Wedding

A beach wedding can bring the beauty of the outdoors inside on your big day. The best way to decorate is to keep it simple. Use natural elements like shells, starfish, and sand to bring the beach into your wedding.

Use white or light-colored fabrics to keep the focus on the outdoors. Fill vases with sand and sea glass or use lanterns to light the way down the aisle.

Creating a Beautiful Aisle

Creating a beautiful aisle is one of the most important details of a beach wedding. This is typically done by using two rows of chairs, with each row facing each other, and placing a decorated archway or trellis at the end of the aisle. Add to the beauty of the aisle by lining it with flowers, shells, or even candles. For an even more breathtaking look, you can get married at sunset with the aisle lit up by tiki torches.

The Perfect Menu

Your wedding menu is just as important as the location. Choosing the right foods and drinks can make or break your big day. Consider your setting when planning out your menu. Is it a casual gathering or a formal affair? The menu should reflect the tone of the event.

Next, don’t forget the drinks! A signature cocktail is a must for any beach wedding. Make sure to have plenty of non-alcoholic options for guests who don’t drink or are driving.

Capturing Beautiful Wedding Photos

If you’re working with a professional photographer, be sure to share your vision for the perfect wedding photos. The time of day can make a big difference. Shooting during the golden hour (right before sunset) will give your photos a warm, glowing effect.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the natural elements around you, like using the sun to create a backlit photo or incorporating the sand in creative ways.

Don’t Worry, Beach Happy!

Although planning a beach wedding may seem like an overwhelming task, with a little bit of careful planning, it can be a breeze! With a little bit of creativity, you can plan a beach wedding that is both beautiful and stress-free!

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