Is It Necessary to Tip Movers? (Yes, and Here’s What You Should Know)

Millions of Americans pack up and move every year. When they do, the majority will rely on the expertise of movers to get them to where they need to go.

Movers manage just about every aspect of a move from packing furniture to loading it up to driving it thousands of miles across the country. For all of that effort, many movers will expect a tip.

So, should you tip movers? Below, we answer that question and others regarding assessing service and common tip amounts.

Should You Tip Movers?

While tipping is not technically required, as is the case in all service jobs, the answer to whether or not you should tip movers is almost always yes. Movers work extraordinarily hard and while you are paying them their agreed-upon rate in exchange for that labor, if you generally tip restaurant workers, there’s no reason why that same courtesy shouldn’t be extended to movers.

If you haven’t tipped movers in the past, you’re not alone. There’s a much lower level of awareness around tipping expectations pertaining to movers than there is when it comes to food workers.

Assessing Your Service

If you received bad service, you’re under no obligation to reward it by tipping movers. A few questions you can ask yourself to determine if a mover deserves a tip include:

Were Your Movers on Time?

Showing up on schedule is an important part of any service. Did your movers arrive when they said they would?

If they did, that’s a mark in their favor.

How Were Your Items Handled?

Do you feel as though your items were handled with care during your move? Taking the time to regard property with respect is a telltale sign of an excellent mover.

That’s effort worth rewarding.

How Polite Were Your Movers?

Movers will be working in your house and as such, should treat your domain with respect. Did you get that sense of respect from the people you hired?

If so, you’ll definitely want to tip.

What Does an Average Tip for Movers Look Like?

An average tip for someone helping you when moving to a new house varies depending on the methodology you utilize to calculate your tip.

As an example, some people apply the same 18% for service mindset they do when tipping at a restaurant. Another popular tipping strategy for movers is to award them $4 per hour worked. That, of course, may end up being too much depending on local economics.

When You Tip Movers, You Solidify the Economy

If you’re in a financial position to do so, we always recommend being generous with your tips. Being generous with tips helps stimulate often low-paid positions making them a viable means to an end.

Through that stimulus, you’re putting food in people’s mouths, rewarding their hard work, and validating their career choice which can reduce employee turnover and ultimately, help secure the economy.

That’s a lot of value that can come out of a tip, so, up your tipping game today! We also welcome you to check out more content on our blog if you’d like additional guidance on your should you tip movers questions.