Lessons Learned: 3 Important Room Cleaning Tips to Teach Your Kids

Legos sending sharp pains up your leg as you step on them. Tiny knick-knacks scattered around the floor. Colorful stains on the carpet.

Where are you? Your child’s room. Getting them to clean their room is a task in itself, but getting them to clean it properly is a whole other chore.

You want your child to learn how to clean their room up to your standards. To ensure this, you’ll need to teach them a few room cleaning tips. The best cleaning tips for kids are simple ones that work well for both you and them.

To get started, continue reading below for a few cleaning tips you must teach your children!

1. Schedule Cleanup Times

Children won’t stop what they’re doing to pick up and clean. They’ll play all day, getting lost in their imaginary worlds until their bellies tell them to stop for food. Otherwise, they’ll continue playing and pulling out new toys every minute.

Children also do well with routines and need structure to thrive. To teach them how to clean their rooms, try giving them a schedule of cleanup times. Each day at the same time, have them clean up.

When the clock hits this time, they’ll know it’s time to clean and will be more willing to do so when you give them their reminder. You can also give them a timer that gives them a certain amount of minutes to finish cleaning by. The timer will make it more like a game for them and more fun.

2. Have a Designated Place for Everything

If children aren’t sure where each toy is supposed to go, then they’ll have a hard time cleaning their rooms. Rather than placing everything in its rightful spot, they’ll end up just moving things around. To prevent this, have a designated place for everything and make sure these places are clear to them as well.

You can label clear bins so they can see what’s in each bin and can read what’s supposed to go inside it. When everything has a specific place, children can clean much better and faster.

3. Teach Them to Clean as They Play

Unless there’s a commercial cleaning service to come in and clean up behind them like in daycare, you’ll want to teach your children how to clean as they play. Even if there’s someone to come in behind them and do the majority of the cleaning, it’s good to teach them these skills.

Rather than taking one group of toys and then taking out another when finished playing, teach your children to put the toys back that they’re no longer playing with before taking out the new ones. IWhen cleanup time hits, it’ll make it much easier for them to clean the entire room.

Teach These Room Cleaning Tips to Your Children Today

If you want your children’s rooms to remain clean and up to your standards, be sure to teach them these room cleaning tips! Once you teach them, give them some time to adjust to these cleaning tips. Before you know it, they’ll be cleaning like the pros!

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