Make It Pretty! 5 Creative TV Display Ideas

After a long day, there’s nothing better than kicking back and watching a classic movie or bingeing on your favorite series. Before you can do that, however, you’ll need to find the perfect place to put your TV!

Choosing between a range of TV display ideas often comes down to deciding whether to highlight or hide your TV. But whichever you go for, your main objective should always be to ensure both optimal viewing pleasure and interior design harmony.

But how can you achieve both? Keep reading to find out!

1. Wall Mounted

Looking for flat-screen TV display ideas to make a feature out of your new television?

While wall-mounted TVs are a popular choice, there are plenty of different TV wall display ideas to choose from to give this look an individual touch. For example, you might prefer to mount the TV on an eye-catching acrylic or wooden panels, or you could make the TV the central piece in a gallery wall.

Whichever option you choose, though, always make sure to go for a professional TV wall mount installation for guaranteed safety, functioning, and convenience.

2. Custom Cabinets

TVs stuck on top of console tables, chests, and other pieces of furniture can sometimes look out of place. This can then make the rest of your interior decor feel haphazard rather than put-together and intentional.

That said, if you’re looking for TV stand display ideas rather than wall-mounting inspiration, custom cabinets are the perfect solution. Made-to-measure cabinets can be a little more expensive, but having a dedicated space for your TV allows for a more streamlined effect.

3. Entertainment Corner

Another way to incorporate your TV into your decor is to display it as part of a retro entertainment center. Surrounded by books, DVDs, and CDs, your TV will become the central feature of an ode to the pre-digital age.

Corner TV display ideas often use this technique to make an unexpected TV placement seem more purposeful and thought-out. It’s also a handy way to turn a lack of storage solutions into an aesthetic feature.

4. Secret Screen

For those of you who want to avoid the ‘black-hole effect’ a TV can give when it’s off, there are many innovative ways to hide your screen.

One of the simplest solutions is to display your TV within a wall-mounted cabinet with closing doors. Other unusual TV display ideas include mounting your TV behind a sliding panel, a retracting mirror, or a folding panel painting.

5. Fireplace Feature

While some interior designers object to the idea of displaying a modern TV above a fireplace, this look is a popular way to make a feature of a state-of-the-art flat screen.

Or, you could opt for a wooden framed TV with a gallery-mode option for a modern solution with traditional undertones. This new technology turns your screen into a piece of art when it’s not in use, creating the illusion of a painting hanging above the fireplace.

Creative TV Display Ideas

As these creative TV display ideas show, your TV doesn’t have to be a stand-alone functional feature.

By considering how to make your flat screen work within your home’s decor, you’ll achieve a much more intentional aesthetic, as well as the ideal setting to relax and watch TV.

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