Moving in Together: 10 Signs It’s Time to Find a Place With Your SO

There once was a time when getting married straight out of high school was the norm. Teenage sweethearts would tie the knot and start a family at tender ages, and usually stay together for decades.

Well, things are done a bit differently in today’s world. More and more couples are deciding to take things slow, and “shacking up” is not a big deal. However, just because something is socially acceptable, doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

If you’re debating on whether moving in with your significant other is a good idea, this guide will give you some pointers.

Moving in Together: Is it the Right Thing to Do?

Listen, there’s no definite answer as to when to move in with someone. It really depends on you and that person, and how well the two of you mesh. One thing’s for sure, you don’t want to rush into it. Just as things could go south with a roommate, the same could happen with someone you love.

So, take a moment to lock up all the mushy feelings you have for your boo, and think about this thing logically. Check out these 10 tips:

1. You’ve Discussed a Future Together

Okay, before making such a huge decision, you need to make sure you and your significant other actually have a future together. Honestly, if not, will they be your lover or roommate?

Imagine growing apart and being stuck together until the lease is up. Do you realize how hard it will be to move and date while living with an ex? Ummm…awkward!

2. You Practically Live Together Anyway

Most couples spend the majority of their time together anyway. They head to their bae’s place right after work and have a toothbrush in the bathroom.

You might be in this situation too, but don’t let it be a deciding factor. When there’s a problem, you can leave and have a little time to cool off. Well, that’s not an option when you live together.

3. Your Last Vacation Was a Success

If your last vacay was a success, that’s a telltale sign that you two might be ready to move in together. Spending a week alone without wringing each other’s neck is a big deal. It means you guys can spend an extended amount of time together.

But understand, people tend to be in good spirit’s while vacationing; it’s not quite the same as living with one another.

4. Moving in Together Isn’t Just for Financial Reasons

If you live with your parents and are ready for independence, or are struggling to pay rent alone, it’s tempting to just move in with your lover.

Sorry, but that’s not a good idea. The two of you decide to get a place because it’s best for your relationship. Using each other as financial crutches is a no-no.

5. Finances Have Been Discussed

Money has the power to destroy family, friendships, and romance. When it comes to money, things can get ugly quickly. Before signing the lease, have an in-depth talk with your significant other.

Come up with a budget, decide on a figure, and work around that. A simple ” Hey babe, look at these apartments” is a good conversation starter to begin discussing finances.

6. There’s Been Time to think About It

You never want to make a rushed decision when it comes to your living situation. If the thought of “should we move in together?” crosses your mind, don’t act on it just yet! Speak to your lover and then take some time to think about it first.

Even if it seems like a great idea, don’t let your excitement hinder you from thinking straight.

7. The Relationship Is Solid

Okay, there’s no rule for how long you should date before moving in together but, the honeymoon stage should be over. Getting a place during the early stages isn’t a good idea. During that time, you feel like your boo can’t do any wrong and they’re the greatest person on Earth.

Well, that might be true but wait until you have a chance to see all of their flaws. You need to know how they are when they’re mad or anxious because how they handle their mood will directly affect you.

8.You Both Believe Moving in Together Is a Must Before Marriage

Everyone has different ideas of right and wrong, and you want to be on the same page with your partner before moving in together. For some people, getting a place before marriage is necessary, while it’s not essential for others.

If your bf/gf feels negatively about living together before tying the knot, don’t force it on them; the same goes for if you’re not comfortable with it. Both of you should be at ease with the situation, otherwise, it won’t work.

9. You Overcome Arguments Easily

No one likes living in a hostile environment, but that’s what’s going to happen if you and your partner argue a lot. Especially, if the two of you go days without speaking and have a hard time apologizing.

However, if you guys kiss and make up with no problems, by all means, start packing.

10. You’re Willing to Take the Risk

Life is about taking risks, and if you feel like your boo is worth it, then go ahead. Rolling the dice with your heart isn’t easy to do, but sometimes it’s necessary. Hopefully, it all works out in your favor.

Honey, I’m Home!

Moving in together with your significant other is exciting because you get to grow your relationship while enjoying each other’s company. In this guide, our goal was to give you hints on whether you should take the next step, but also offer you sound advice.

Sometimes, love is blind and avoiding pitfalls is vital. On the other hand, settling down with the right person is an unbelievable feeling.

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