Ouch, My Ankle!: Here’s Why Your Ankle Hurts

Did you know that ankle sprains are the most common injury in the United States? The ankle is an unusually unstable joint that is susceptible to a long list of injuries. At some point in their life, everyone should learn how to handle common ankle ailments.

Read on to learn about what might be happening if your ankle hurts!

Why Does My Ankle Hurt?

Broken ankles are a common way to injure the ankle. They might be the cause if your ankle hurts after running and falling or if your ankle hurts when walking.

You might think that you would never break a bone without knowing it, but this is not true. In some cases, people are able to use their limbs all the way through recovery when they break a bone.

Unfortunately, broken bones are sensitive injuries. Even if you can “walk it off,” there’s a good chance you’ll just make things worse. This can prolong your recovery time.

Not only that, but untreated broken bones often heal crookedly. Once they’re healed, you can be permanently left with a loss of functionality. In some cases, doctors can re-break your bones and set them to heal correctly.

Whatever the case, you should definitely see a doctor if there’s any chance you’ve broken your ankle.

Achilles tendinitis can also cause ankle pain. In fact, it usually occurs in runners who push too hard, so it’s a strong candidate if your ankle hurts from running.

Gout is a more likely cause of ankle pain if your ankle hurts for no reason. If the pain suddenly starts in the middle of the night, that’s a sign that you may be suffering gout.


What If My Ankle Hurts When I Wake Up?

If you’re suffering from ankle osteoarthritis, it’s pretty likely that you’ll feel the most pain and stiffness right when you wake up. It can make trying to get out of bed a difficult process that requires carefully easing your ankle back into use after it’s been resting in bed.

Some people make the mistake of blaming the pain or joint cracking of ankle osteoarthritis on old injuries or just getting older. Unfortunately, this ailment will likely get worse as you use your ankle day by day. It’s important to seek treatment.

One of the most common places to feel pain if you have ankle osteoarthritis is in the middle of the foot. You might also feel it at the bottom of your shin, or at the back of your foot. Pain can be either chronic or acute.

If you have joint swelling along with your pain, you may find it difficult to move your ankle through its usual range of motion. Both of these symptoms are further evidence that you may have ankle osteoarthritis.

Follow this link to find out more about the anatomy and functionality of the ankle and other joints of the body that might be ailing you.

What You Should Know When Your Ankle Hurts

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