5 Incredible Road Trips from Manchester

The UK is a country of extreme beauty, it has an array of amazing landscapes and can mesmerize even the pickiest travelers. The most amazing thing about traveling to Great Britain is that it basically has everything that any person might want in a journey, like the cosmopolitan chic of London, the charming and quaint beauty of small towns, the rugged coastline of the Atlantic and La Manche, and lusciously green rolling hills of the countryside. 

The Atlantic Highway

If you are on the quest to see all of the world’s oceans then this road trip is definitely a must for you. The part of the A39 highway goes right along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and contrasts nicely with the green hills of the countryside. You can hire a car in Manchester, and be on the road there in no time.

Moreover, once driving along the coastline, you will also enjoy going to the very bottom of the island to the Land’s End. If you have some time, you could also go to Exmoor National Park, a place of the unique beauty of moorlands, woodlands, and valleys. It is the perfect place for hiking, star gazing, and having a picnic.


If you are keener on a more relaxing type of holiday or even a weekend getaway, you might feel inclined to make a trip to Buxton. It is a small spa resort town that can boast some marvelous spring waters that could be used for drinking to improve your health and bathing to improve your overall wellbeing. Once you find a 7-seater car hire in Manchester, it will take you a mere hour of driving to get there and that makes it perfect for a small family weekend adventure. 


 Another exciting and charming location which is just within an hour’s drive from Manchester is Blackpool. If you choose a car hire in Manchester and get to this airport then you might get to Blackpool the very same day. It is a stunning coastal town and it will take you back to the Victorian era with the amazingly beautiful architecture of that time. 

As for the entertainment, there you will find three piers, a wonderful beach, and lots of entertainment activities for the kids, including a Ferris wheel and rides. On the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, both adults and kids will surely enjoy multiple rollercoasters, including the tallest one in the country, reaching about 200 feet, lovingly called ‘the Big One”. Once there you can also marvel at the Blackpool Tower, the Victorian time counterpart to the Eiffel tower.  

North Coast 500

If you are traveling with a family then 7 seater van hire is the ideal option. Traveling with the close ones can be a lot of fun, but also a bit of a challenge to find something of interest for everyone, that is why you could opt to explore Scotland, following the circular route North Coast 500. It winds along the coast of Scotland for a little more than 500 miles and can be the perfect adventure for a family or a group of friends.

It offers a bit of everything, for instance, exploration of architecture and history, cross-country cycling, luxury holidaying, and outdoor adventure. Moreover, there are excellent dining and wining options and the possibility to go on a whiskey tasting tour. Everything will surely depend on your choice of stops and itinerary overall, but regardless of what type of trip you choose, you will experience everything against the stunning backdrop of nature.

The Coastal Circuit

If you are intent on discovering some of the most beautiful sights in the country, you ought to try out the Coastal Circuit route. It goes from Belfast to Derry, and if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you will have pleasure in carrying on up to Dublin. The views here are iconic, the landscape is stunning and the rural part of the country is as charming and quaint as ever. 

Besides, following this route, you will be able to stop in some of the locations where the Game of Thrones was shot. You could even make the whole trip itinerary focusing on the aforementioned sites. For example, Giants’ Causeway, the World Heritage Site, is a great place in itself, since it consists of 40000 basalt columns and is an absolutely breath-taking place. You can stroll on top of the columns, following the edge of the sea, and it will be a truly unique experience.

Overall, Britain is an even welcoming place for explorations. You will be spellbound by beautiful and unique nature, neat and charming countryside towns and villages, and certainly bustling cosmopolitan centers. The historic heritage is also great and you can explore most of it through multiple preserved castles and other sites of historic importance.