Good Tips to Save Money for Your Next Vacation

One of the most anticipated moments of the year is usually vacations, enjoying trips through places with incomparable beauty or immersing yourself in a cosmopolitan city is the perfect definition of vacations.

Save money for your next vacation

However, getting enough money to afford a family vacation or a trip like no other could be a big challenge.

Carefully planning your expenses now is the best way to get money for your next vacation. It is not necessary that you acquire debtor that you travel to any place for not allowing the opportunity to pass.

Try to put into practice the tips that we present below and you will see how fast you gather enough money to enjoy a few days in the destination that you have in mind.

Plan your trip well

The first important aspect to take into account is to know how much you need to save.

You will not know how much money your trip will require if you do not investigate your destination. Do you want to enjoy a spa day? Dinner at a restaurant first? Know a historical place? Enjoy an important annual event? Whatever you can do, investigate the price, how much you will pay to get there from the hotel. Also, investigate the price of the services you will have to use and the price of the food.

When you have all these data or any other information that you consider necessary then plan your vacation, so you will know how much money you need to save.

We recommend that you leave at least 15% of your budget for expenses that you did not expect, as well as space in your itinerary for unplanned activities.

Automate Your Savings

Even if your budget seems to be very tight, you can save if you automate the savings from your checking account (or where you receive work payments) to your savings account.

You only need to enter your bank account online and schedule weekly, biweekly or monthly payments, in this way you eliminate the possibilities of forgetting it or the temptation of ignoring it to incur in other expenses.

Now, this is an auxiliary tool to save money, whenever possible you have manual transfers to your savings account.

Also, you can travel back to your childhood and save the spare change in a piggy bank, they will serve you during the trip for minor expenses such as parking, tolls, and taxis, entrance fees to monuments –Which are usually cheap- or similar expenses.

Multiply Your Income

On the other hand, the best way to save for any project is to increase the income rather than reducing your expenses, so the next tips are oriented towards making extra cash that will be directed to your next vacation savings plan.

Extra hours

Reaching a goal requires effort, so if you want to enjoy a dream vacation you will need to get more money.

Making yourself available for overtime is the first option to get more money than you are usually able to generate, even if on the first occasion you say no, your boss will consider your disposition on future occasions.

Work part-time or seasonal

You may prefer to change the environment instead of staying longer at your place of employment, in that case, become available for those ads where they pay a decent sum for simple jobs that require little time.

Also, if you have such an opportunity, you can take advantage of all kinds of seasons: work in stores during the holidays, harvest seasonal food in the field, to name a few of the many options.

If you are good at something, Make Money From It

Many people discover that they are better at their hobbies than at their jobs, and that could be your case.

If there is anything you do well: cooking, building, writing, designing, helping others, find out about the rates that are charged for it and start to getting money, it is possible that in the future it becomes your main source of income.

Rent a spare

It is possible that, like many people, you have rooms, annexes, or even a whole house or a cottage that you use very little, the truth is that all those places require maintenance and not getting anything in return does not help.

Find out if you can rent that space per season or rent it permanently to get an extra income.

Take advantage of your car

There are several apps where you can get money in exchange for carrying people or shipments, so you could use your trips to and from work or your free time to get money with your car.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

Finally, a great way to improve your saving process is to cut off some unnecessary expenses.


You may receive many magazines in your home or even the press, and you really do not have time to read everything, if that is the case cancel such subscriptions.

Another idea is to get cheaper rates on your phone line, or even cancel the TV subscription; some people have seen more profitable recourse to the internet through the IPTV or NETFLIX.


Assuming you are not one of the few people who doesn’t drink coffee, we recommend that you avoid buying coffee in commercial establishments, they are usually very expensive; For example, if a cup of coffee costs $ 5 you are spending $ 25 per week to buy coffee ($ 100 per month and $ 1200 per year), instead you can buy a thermal container and take your homemade coffee to work.

Food outside the home

Undeniably it is more pleasant to pay to enjoy a good meal instead of preparing it yourself, but undeniably it is more expensive.

You can still enjoy eating on the street, but a simple suggestion to apply is to reduce the times you do it, you will see that it represents a substantial saving when you check your bank account.

In addition, it is usually healthier to cook oneself than eating out.

Avoid buying things for the trip

Unless it is strictly necessary, as you live in a cold place and visit a warm area, avoid buying clothes, shoes or accessories to use only during the trip, leave that pleasure for other occasions that require it.

Try to use the clothes that you already have in the closet, maybe you can exchange clothes with family or friends. It is also possible that being in your destination you can buy clothes instead of reducing your budget before the trip.

Take advantage of the local Library

Instead of getting information about your destination by buying travel guides, go to the library.

You will usually find a lot of information about your destination and, in general, more than a travel guide can offer you.

Use the credit card well

It may sound strange, but paying your debts with the bank is a way to save money, prolonging a debt increases the amount of interest you have to pay, so at the rate of one year you will have spent more money than if you had paid your card.

Another strategy to obtain money with credit cards is to use rewards cards, you can usually accumulate points redeemable for the cost of your air or hotel ticket or to opt for a credit card that allows you to earn money every time you use it for groceries, gas, etc.

Use your things with care

It is the easiest council that you can apply. It is difficult to save money if you constantly have to replace things in the home, buy clothes, footwear or even repair your home just because you do not take care when giving them use.

In other words, take good care of each of your possessions, so they will last much longer and you will not be forced to replace them.

  • Plan the way you prepare and use your food, throwing away food stored in the refrigerator is the same as throwing money away.
  • Keep your car up to date, preventive maintenance is always cheaper than a corrective one.
  • Make your own home maintenance on time to avoid major repairs afterward.

Reduce the market budget

A simple option is to buy the largest bulks of non-perishable items, although in principle it seems more expensive, it is actually cheaper. Another option is to reduce the quality of some products.

This does not mean you should buy the worse ones, but you can choose an intermediate quality product to replace your premium mayonnaise.

Make good use of the bonuses

Finally, if you had to enjoy a tax refund or performance bonus, immediately dedicate a portion of this unexpected money to your holiday fund, do not waste it, after all, you will enjoy it.

Remember that when you file taxes you can use software instead of going to an accountant’s office, which will also save you some good money.

In The End

Enjoying a dream vacation is not necessarily a dream, as long as you put the effort in reaching your goal.

Do not forget to apply any of our tips and in a reasonable time, you will have saved the money you need to enjoy at your leisure in the destination of your choice for your next vacation.