Telltale Signs That Say You or a Loved One Need to Go to Rehab

It can feel nearly impossible to go to rehab when you’re in the midst of a serious addiction, but it’s important to remember that you’re in control of your own life and your own choices. If you feel lost, depressed, and constantly in need of your next fix, it may be time to start searching for rehab options.

Getting sober is an uphill battle, but it’s one that could save your life. Don’t let fear, drugs, or addiction keep you from getting the help you need and deserve. Find out more about rehab services today!

What is Rehab?

Though you may have heard of rehab, you may still wonder, “What does rehab mean?” Well, it’s just a shortened form of the word “rehabilitation.” In general, when someone says “rehab,” they’re referring to a rehabilitation center or clinic.

There are many different kinds of rehab centers around the country and around the world. Some specialize in treating certain addictions or diseases, like alcoholism, bulimia, or opioid dependence.

For example, one of California’s most inclusive rehabilitation centers provides over a dozen specialized treatment services. Alo House drug addiction treatment is always catered to the needs of the individual. This ensures the most effective and efficient recovery possible!

Signs That You May Need Rehab

If you’ve been wondering about going to rehab, there’s a good chance that you need to go. Recognizing that you have a problem is half the battle when fighting addiction, so it’s wise to listen to that nagging voice in the back of your head that keeps wondering about rehab centers and programs.

Check out these common signs and symptoms, and be honest with yourself as you read.

You Know You’re In Trouble

If you’re able to admit to yourself, “I’m in trouble, I’m an addict,” then you’re already halfway to recovery. Admitting that you’re deep in debt, isolated, and potentially in trouble with the law thanks to your addiction are the first steps toward finding professional, caring help.

You don’t have to keep doing all of this alone. There are people out there who want to help you. Take a chance on trusting these healthcare workers — your whole life could change for the better!

Drugs Come First

Do you choose to spend your money on drugs or alcohol instead of paying bills, buying food, or saving for important purchases or events? Chances are, you’re facing an addiction.

You Smell Consistently Bad

If you’ve ever wondered, “What does meth smell like?”, the answer might surprise you! Often, meth doesn’t smell like anything. However, it can leave a lingering smell in buildings, clothing, furniture, and even human beings.

This scent is often likened to cat urine or nail polish remover.

It Takes a Lot to Get High

Oftentimes, addicts require more and more of their preferred drug to reach similar highs as when they first started using it. This is extremely dangerous, costly, and detrimental to anyone’s health. If it’s taking you more and more to get a buzz, it’s time to step back and re-think things.

You’ve Tried to Quit Before

If you’ve tried — and failed — to quit in the past, think back on the reasons why your attempt failed. Were you still surrounding yourself with people who used drugs? Were you not making healthy life choices while avoiding substance abuse?

There are many reasons quitting an addictive drug can feel almost impossible, but with a little help, all things are possible. Don’t be afraid to try again!

You Have a History of Mental Health Issues

If you have a history of mental illness and you regularly use psychotropic drugs, especially Flakka drugs, you may be causing serious damage to your brain and central nervous system every time you light up or get down.

Seeking medical assistance as soon as possible is crucial to preventing long-term damage to your body’s crucial organs.

Go to Rehab and Get Your Life Back on Track!

Though admitting that you need help can be a challenging thing to do, it’s often the best thing you can do for yourself. Even sober, stereotypically successful people need help from time to time, so seeking out treatment via rehab is nothing to feel ashamed of.

If you go to rehab or make the first efforts to contact one, you can begin letting go of your addiction and saying goodbye to your fear, today! If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, please reach out to a rehabilitation center today!