We All Scream for These Top 9 Ice Cream Flavors in 2020

Americans love their ice cream. In fact, it’s reported that ninety percent of American households enjoy the frozen treat. And while chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry are seen as the foundation of the ice cream flavor pyramid, there are many more flavors out there worth knowing about.

People are very defensive of their favorite flavors. And while some of the most popular ice cream flavors might seem obvious, other ones might really surprise you.

So what are the most popular flavors? And is your favorite flavor one of them? Continue reading and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

1. Rocky Road

After chocolate and vanilla, you’re probably going to hear people professing their love for rocky road. Traditionally, rocky road is made up of chocolate, marshmallow, and nuts. While it might seem like a simple concoction, this is certainly an example where the sum is greater than its parts.

Thanks in part to the ice cream magnate William Dreyer, rocky road became a staple ice cream flavor in the 1930s. It was given its off-beat name based on the idea that people could have something to laugh about while the Great Depression was going on. Or at least, that’s how one of the rocky road origin stories goes.

2. Birthday Cake

There are so many different kinds of cakes that can be used to celebrate all sorts of special occasions. Because of that, this flavor of ice cream can sometimes lead to some confusion among people who haven’t tried it before. With that said, the majority of people would likely agree that the standard birthday cake is a vanilla sponge with some rainbow sprinkles thrown in.

And that’s pretty much what this much-loved ice cream flavor is attempting to recreate. However, it’s also so much more than that. This kind of flavor tends to have a more frosting and/or batter-like texture to it.

Also, the sprinkles are completely mixed in instead of being sprinkled on top. Some kinds of birthday cake ice cream will even include a frosting ripple in their recipe.

3. Salted Caramel

While it bears some similarities to butterscotch, salted caramel is distinct enough that it deserves its own spot on this list. First off, the flavor has become incredibly popular over the last several years. And that’s not just for ice cream but also cookies, cupcakes, and brownies.

Salted caramel is special because it helps distinguish a part of cooking that’s often overlooked by the average American shopper. Salt is essential to creating a truly exceptional sweet treat. That’s what makes salted caramel a great flavor, no matter what you use it in.

But when you eat it in a refreshing and smooth ice cream dessert, its flavor is even more tantalizing. Whether it’s fully mixed in or rippled, it’s always delicious.

4. Chocolate Chip

Chocolate chip is a classic, and there’s good reason for that. The cocoa bean acts as the foundation for a wide variety of tasty desserts. And ice cream is no exception.

With this flavor in particular, you get extra bits of the chocolate flavor in the form of chips. Usually, it’s in a vanilla base but you can also have it in chocolate if you’re a real chocoholic.

5. Neopolitan

Is Neopolitan ice cream cheating? Maybe. But that’s okay with us!

Neopolitan gives you three different ice cream flavors in one scoop. Neopolitan is one of the older ice cream flavors and it gets its name because it was first brought to America by immigrants from Italy.

Originally, the Neopolitan ice cream flavor was composed of strawberry, vanilla, and pistachio. This was to represent the colors of the Italian flag. Today, Neopolitan is primarily made up of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate.

6. Pistachio

If the previous flavor got you worried, fear not. Pistachio is still going strong as its own standalone flavor. Pistachio has a nutty, rich, and sweet flavor. Pistachio is another flavor that’s had quite the resurgence over recent years.

7. Coffee

For many people, their first time tasting coffee flavor is with the ice cream rather than the beverage. Coffee is one of the most polarizing flavors on this list but people who love it really love it.

Coffee ice cream was first created in the 1800s and was originally used in parfaits. These days, it’s enjoyed on its own as well as under splashes of hot fudge.

Still, due to its distinct flavor, it tends to more popular with adults rather than with children.

8. Vanilla

Vanilla is the true cornerstone of modern ice cream. While it’s simple, it’s also smooth and loved by pretty much everyone.

What’s great about vanilla ice cream is that it goes well with pretty much every other dessert out there. If you’re looking for an even more creamy texture, then be sure to give French vanilla a try.

In fact, vanilla is such an enjoyable treat that even Thomas Jefferson made his own vanilla ice cream back in the 18th century. This was after he returned from France with a new appreciation for a variety of desserts.

Make sure to include this flavor the next time you order ice cream catering.

9. Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the earliest ice cream flavors and was used even before vanilla. The earliest versions of chocolate ice cream date back to the 17th century in Italy. Chocolate ice cream is great all by itself as well as combined with other flavors.

Which of the Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors Have You Tried?

If you’re like us, then this article has definitely got your sweet tooth craving some ice cream. And if you haven’t tried any of the most popular ice cream flavors on this list, then definitely make sure to head down to the grocery store and pick up a few cartons to test them out for yourself.

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