What Are the Best Careers in Writing in 2021?

Do you thrive on creativity and love putting a pen to paper?

Writing jobs might seem like they’re difficult to get but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Many companies need writers to help them convey their message.

This article will highlight the best careers in writing.

1. Journalist

While traditional newspapers are quickly becoming a thing of the past, journalism is still alive and well.

Publications have moved their news online and they need good journalists to tell their stories.

Journalists need to be outgoing and have a nose for the truth. Journalists should be willing to relentlessly pursue the truth, and talk to as many people as it takes to get there.

In the year 2020, it is not enough to simply be a good writer. Being a journalist in the digital age also requires photography, videography, and social media skills.

You will be expected to shoot the images for your story and promote it on social media.

Newsrooms around the country are being consolidated, so it’s important that a journalist can wear many hats.

Regardless of these changes, journalism is still one of the best jobs for writers who love to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

2. Novelist

Do the stories you like to tell not fit in a single article?

Are you always dreaming up new characters and plots?

A novelist is a job for the most imaginative writers. It takes time and dedication, but it becomes worth it when you land your first book deal.

If you dream of being a novelist, you might need to get a day job to support you until your book takes off, but it’s still an amazing job for a writer.

3. Screenwriter

Do you have a passion for movies and television?

Screenwriting is one of the more lucrative writing jobs out there. It’s a competitive industry, but one that is always hungry for new talent.

You’ll need to write a spec script and submit it to multiple channels.

Once you’re taken on as a staff writer, you can make a lot of money working for one particular tv show.

4. Copywriter

If you love advertising and writing short, punchy copy, copywriting might be for you.

Companies need to sell their products and they do this by hiring good writers who have a way with words.

Take a copywriting course to solidify your skills and learn what companies look for in their writers.

Copywriting is a creative job with new, fun challenges each day.

Now You Know The Best Careers in Writing

Don’t give up on your dream of being a writer just because it feels difficult sometimes.

Continue practicing your craft and submitting your writing to different avenues.

There are many different careers in writing because the written word is a hot commodity that people will pay plenty of money for.

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