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If you have ever dealt with the frustration caused by erectile dysfunction or have felt its effects beyond the sexual act in your relationship and love life in general, this review may be really helpful for you to avoid scams.

Many men face circumstances due to stress, physical problems and even congenital without knowing how to cope. But here is your solution.

BlueChew then throws you tons of ads about its miraculous results, but: does BlueChew work?

To put  it simply, yes, it works, just as any other Viagra related product, but this one extends the service a little bit, which we will be explaining below:

This is a pill that you can purchase by subscription and that you will be receiving regularly after your first purchase to enjoy your sexual life to the fullest and that erectile diffusion is a thing of the past forever.

What Does BlueChew Offer?

The possibility of forgetting for life of erectile dissemination and its collateral damage, the opportunity to enjoy a full and unhindered sexual life until now uncontrollable and a new way to access a holy remedy online.

How to Get the BlueChew?

To acquire this pill you must obtain a medical prescription –Which you can get from any doctor or online with Dr. Alex Jovanovich, a licensed physician with years of experience and creator of BlueChew or any of the company’s doctors-.

That’s right, they make sure that medical prescriptions are not a limitation for their sales

During your subscription, you must fill out a medical form with your personal information and medical history so that these professionals issue an order designed for your particular case.

Through this prescription, you will also get a personalized treatment adapted to your personal situation and that will arrive at your home to be renewed when appropriate.

How Does BlueChew Work?

BlueChew works in a similar way to Viagra and other medications indicated to treat erectile dysfunction, but a bit more safely.

This pill is basically a small-dose Viagra- It improves blood circulation throughout the body, allowing your penis to remain erect for a longer time once awakened.

Its active formula is based on Sildenafil and Tadalafil, whose common ability is to prevent erectile diffusion from circulatory improvement.

This formula directs blood to your once-erect penis and holds it there for a longer time, temporarily altering the way blood flows through you. In addition, it reduces blood pressure while raising your heart rate in a controlled manner, maintaining the erection for as long as you want.

Prices and Plans

To purchase it you must make the purchase of one of the four subscription packages offered.

  • Active Plan: 5 BlueChew for $ 20.00 per month.
  • Occupied Plan: 8 BlueChew for $ 30.00 per month.
  • Popular Plan: 14 BlueChew for $ 50.00 per month.
  • Pro Plan: 28 BlueChew for $ 90.00 per month.

All these packages include discreet delivery to your door, free medical consultation, monthly refill and the established amount of BlueChew on presentation of 30mg.


  • It is convenient even for your presentation because it is a small pill that you can take anywhere and just take it 30 minutes before sex you will be ready for action.
  • In addition, its packaging is similar to that of condoms, so it goes unnoticed.
  • The levels of risk for consuming it are really low as well as its contraindications, which implies that solutions to your problem of erectile diffusion are to risk your health too much.
  • It has given good results in hundreds of users.
  • It seems that almost all the men who have tried it have obtained positive short term results with it.

In addition, the discretion with which the company works will keep you calm. This product is marked with your name, but not as a medication to treat erectile dysfunction, so even if your partner comes across one, you will not recognize at a glance what it is about.


  • Being a medication to treat erectile dysfunction that you can acquire without a traditional medical review, it lacks the approval of the FDA as a recommended product for the treatment of ED.
  • Even once the subscription is canceled, some users report in their reviews that they continue to receive their monthly refill and charge them to their credit card.

In The End

BlueChew promises to prevent subsequent cardiovascular damage and heart attacks due to its way of controlling cardiac pressure, however, since it does not have an FDA certification, it is advisable to go to a physical doctor to inform you more about it and how it can affect your body Remember that not all bodies are the same, and not all cases either.

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