The Most Popular Bushcraft Websites Online

Living in the wild moves the heart of the conqueror within us! This is why bushcraft has become so popular in recent years.

These activities have been boosted by TV shows like Naked Wild and have gone through a growing audience of men and women who aim to connect with their inner beasts, and if you felt described by the prior sentence, you will enjoy our list of the most Popular Bushcraft Websites.

Survival Sherpa

Survival Sherpa

Official Site

The term Bushcraft refers to living together and in nature, either with modern tools or in their absence, referring to the basic resources for their welfare.

This idea is based on developing with the minimum of resources, getting the food on its own, using hunting skills, fishing, tracking, and even making fire and purifying the water collected for consumption.

Survival Sherpa is a blog where you will find an impressive amount of content for the Bushcrafter lifestyle. This blog had its first content entry in April 2012, and since then, the great ideas, tips, and innovations have not stopped coming to the website.

One of these Bushcraft websites highlights that it has more than 75 categories for you to explore and find, from building shelters to using lifestyle materials in nature. So if there’s one thing we’re sure of, you’ll find more than a few things on Survival Sherpa’s website that catches your eye.

You can be part of the blog, joining through your email to receive all the website updates and thus be part of the more than 1600 people who follow the site.

You can also follow Survival Sherpa’s social networks on Facebook and Twitter.

Greenman Bushcraft

Greenman Bushcraft

Official Site

Today we decided to give you a window to one of the most popular Bushcraft websites online so that you can learn a little more about this lifestyle and, if you already know about it, find ideas, tips, resources, and content that may be of interest.

Greenman Bushcraft is a website whose history goes back more than ten years. They started with certain specialized Bushcraft courses for forestry schools. It was there that some outdoor products were introduced that are currently used and usually receive the term “forest craftsmanship.”

It didn’t take long for Greenman Bushcraft to become one of the favorite suppliers for those who love this lifestyle, and you are always looking to add new products and keep your website up to date to give you the best possible service.

Greenman Bushcraft is currently an outdoor store with almost 40000 products and has even been awarded. Plus, today, it has a blog in which they offer the best advice for everything related to bushcraft.

Bushcraft Northwest

Bushcraft Northwest

Official Site

The Bushcraft Northwest Web site managers are focused on preserving the true Bushcraft term, which means having the knowledge and skills necessary to enable everyone to travel through the desert with minimal requirements and reduced dependence on equipment.

The Bushcraft style of the Bushcraft Northwest site is easily adapted to military, nature professionals, or ultralight backpackers, because they refer to the use of any material that can be used, as well as any skill that can work, without taking into consideration some cultural or historical prejudices that may exist.

Cody Lundin


Official Site

Cody Lundin is a professional survival instructor and lover of self-sufficiency. He has been internationally recognized for his work and has over 29 years of practical experience.

Lundin’s love of being independent and self-sufficient began when he was just a child living a rural lifestyle in South Dakota, near the land.

Cody Lundin currently lives in a passive solar land home in the desert of northern Arizona, trapping rain, compost, trash, and other things and not paying a dime for heating or cooling.

This lifestyle has been captured on his website, where he shows his daily life and advice and even gives courses for those interested in this lifestyle. Some of the courses are Skills courses, Adventure Courses, and Intensive Skills Courses, and you also can take your own private or personalized course, so dare to register for Cody Lundin’s courses from their website.

Willow Haven Outdoor


Official Site

Willow Haven Outdoor is a Disaster Preparedness and Survival Training Center headquartered in central Indiana, USA.

This center’s mission is to teach outdoor life and survival skills, covering everything from disaster preparedness to using primitive skills.

They have a 10000-square-foot Willow Haven Lodge located on the best acres in Indiana City, with forests, meadows, lowland swamps, and gullies to aid in survival training for those who choose to take the courses.

You will find all the information, testimonials, images, and more details about this renowned training center’s work on the Willow Haven Outdoor website.

To say that survival techniques and Bushcraft are the same is wrong. However, knowledge of nature is required for both practices, and with Willow Haven Outdoor, you can learn to do it like a professional.

Bushcraft Outfitters


Official Site

In Bushcraft’s practice, we can also mention collecting natural materials to create baskets, ropes, and traps. You can also refer to the construction of shelters, everything necessary to ensure the person’s survival.

If you need an online store where you can buy Bushcraft items, then we have found the perfect place for you is not another but the website of Bushcraft Outfitters, where you can purchase all kinds of materials for bushcrafting.

You can enhance a search by the search bar at the top of the main page, or you can go to your favorite category either by brand or type of item, including ponchos, cooking and hydration, knives and tools, bags, first aid, flashlights and lights, navigation, clothing, books, and many others.

Also, the Bushcraft Outfitters website has nine payment methods for multiple options, and you can purchase your favorite items without hassle. Besides, you will value those articles you have obtained according to what you consider depending on their good use, quality, duration, etc.

Explore the Great Outdoors


Official Site

And to finalize our selection of the most popular Bushcraft websites online, we have the Explore the Great Outdoors website, where you can find direct links to other Bushcraft-related websites, so you can expand your options even more and find something that attracts your attention.

On these Bushcraft websites, you’ll find you can investigate and learn more about this lifestyle. If you already do, you can meet others who, like you, love the self-sufficient and independent lifestyle in line with nature and using minimal resources.

Living Primitively     (Not Available at this moment)

Living Primitively

Living Primitively is another Bushcraft website you should know about. The philosophy of this website is governed by the connection of human beings with the paths of their ancestors.

In the creators of Living Primitively, this goal is achieved by working with nature since they consider that we are all nature, to the same extent that our ancestors were.

Of course, this is seen from a much less idealistic perspective, but it is still the web’s central idea, with a much broader focus.

When you visit Living Primitively, you will find ten categories from which you can choose what to discover, as they are: Animal Materials, Catching Animals, Controversial Discussions, Expeditions and Experiences, Fire and Camper’s Life, Food, Vegetable Materials, Stone Work, plus a general category and a category for that which does not yet have it.

Being a website in cyberspace since November 2006, you can be sure that you will find something interesting to read or do.

In Brief

Learning to live along with nature may be hard, but you can find some guidance to get started within this list.

On the other hand, you could fan up and find more people who enjoy these activities and work together towards your common learning survival methods.

Don’t hesitate to tell us how you’ve been doing with the websites you’ve found on the Explore the Great Outdoors portal, what you’ve managed to put into practice, and what you’d like to try in the future on Bushcraft-related topics.

We know that you will love the websites that appear contained in this portal, so do not hesitate to take a walk through them all, explore and delve into the wonderful content they have.

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