Best Websites to Buy a Wedding Dress Online

The big day is coming! And maybe you don’t have a 1920s wedding dress relegated in your family (Or don’t want to keep the legacy running). To buy a wedding dress is not always as wonderful and easy as it seems in the movies.

Buy a Wedding Dress Online

So, to keep you from burning your feet on a 9hr walk for the perfect dress, we bring you the list of the Best Websites to Buy a Wedding Dress Online. Besides we also included some sites that you should avoid:


Official Site

This online store has been in operation since 2010. They sell to girls who want to look good or wholesale if you are interested in distributing. They describe themselves as a global factory dedicated to making various types of dresses:

The prices are quite low in this place. On average, a wedding dress will cost over $200 to $1400. In addition, they have free shipping to the United States.

There is no phone number listed. It seems that all communication with their customers is through email. Many customers have complained that the dress did not arrive, arrived badly, or had poor quality. Few are satisfied with their purchase.


  • There is no minimum amount to get free delivery (or it is not visible).
  • You can personalize your dress before you receive it.


  • You risk receiving a poor-quality item or not receiving it at all.
  • Customer service is bad.

To buy a wedding dress with them might be a good idea for the price. But you run the risk of being disappointed like other people. This store is based in China.


Official Site

According to the information, the section has been online since 2012. They do not have physical stores. They are dress manufacturers, so your dress will be manufactured at the time you make the purchase. Among the clothes you can order through this store are

  • Stylish wedding dresses
  • Bridesmaid’s dress
  • Mother of the Brides
  • Flower girl dress
  • Wedding accessories

They offer occasional discounts. They currently offer a 40% discount on bridesmaid dresses. A wedding dress can cost less than $100 up to $1442. You decide how much to spend. They have free shipping in the United States but no return policy.

Opinions are mixed about their customers’ satisfaction—several mentioned receiving exactly what they ordered; we found some complaints about incorrect sizes.

Furthermore, we couldn’t find any regrets regarding the quality of the dress. So, if you are not in a hurry and fall in love with a model from their catalog, you can go for it.


  • Competitive prices compared to other similar sites.
  • The quality of the dresses is good.


  • Asian sizes are smaller than US sizes, so keep that in mind.
  • They’re located in China, and the order could be delayed.

YesBabyOnline is a relatively reliable online store that sells a good variety and beautiful designs of wedding dresses. On the one hand, they have free shipping, but on the other, no return options.


Official Site

It’s a dress manufacturer based in China. They have a beautiful selection of dresses and colors for your choice. They guarantee that your order will arrive within the specified time. They also have a color guarantee. So the color of your order will match the color of the photo. They also sell other items that may interest you:

  • Wedding shoes
  • Accessories
  • Bridesmaids’ dresses

They are always looking to keep promotions active. For example, you currently buy three bridesmaid dresses and get the fourth one sent to you for free. Shipping is free from $20, and you are entitled to express shipping from a $100 purchase. A dress could cost you anywhere from $99 to over $1,700

Again, we have mixed opinions on who bought them. Some girls are delighted, there was even a change of order in time, and she received a gift. But others complained about receiving poor quality or incorrectly sized dresses, even with the color very different from the one in the picture.


  • Color guarantee.
  • Very accessible prices.


  • Customer service is very inconsistent.
  • Measurements or finishes could be incorrect.

This store is also based in China. Furthermore, they are willing to offer a color guarantee on the dresses they make, with free shipping and express delivery system that is easy to qualify for.

JJ’s House

Buy a Wedding Dress

Official Site

Founded in 2007, this online store has a good selection of wedding dresses. According to them, they are proud of their customer service. And they give several reasons to buy from them:

  • High quality and affordable prices.
  • Straight to your door anytime, anywhere.

The prices of the dresses on this page are quite low. You can pay from just over $60 to over $400. And they have many models for you to choose from. They also have weekly specials on selected merchandise.

Here again, there are many conflicting opinions. Many people said they got exactly what they expected, while others mainly mentioned problems with returns.


  • Very economical dresses.
  • Variety of styles for all types of brides.


  • Problems with shipment efficiency.
  • It isn’t easy to arrange a return.

JJ’s House is an online store with a long history compared to similar ones. A great choice if you are looking for variety on a limited budget.


Buy a Wedding Dress

Official Site

It’s not an online store or a manufacturer. Instead, Bybridal is a Hong Kong store specializing in wedding night dresses. That’s why they can offer other products you might like to buy:

The dresses sold by this online store are very affordable. In addition, seasonal discounts apply to selected merchandise. Unfortunately, they do not mention if they have a free shipping system. But in addition to the offers, you can also get single-use coupons.

Most buyers were satisfied with the items they received. Some complaints were that the orders arrived too late. But they were few. They have a good time in the market because they started trading in 2009.


  • They have a wide selection of dresses in styles and applications.
  • Their prices are low.


  • Shipments may take longer than expected.
  • Existence in their warehouse may not be accurate (Ask before buying).

Bybridal is an online company with an acceptable track record. Since they are not manufacturers but they can offer you good prices. And they have an interesting variety of items.


Buy a Wedding Dress

Official Site

It’s an online store that focuses on helping to build love in homes. For them, one way to do that is to make the wedding night perfect. You can buy most of the dresses that you find in other similar places, but for:

  • Styles
  • Trends
  • Collections
  • Seasons

Dress prices range from under $100 to about $1,000. They usually offer discounts on special dates or seasons. They do not indicate that they have a free shipping program or additional discounts. They also do not have special coupons.

Virtually all reviews of this online store are positive. Their rating at Trustpilot is 4.3 out of 5, which is excellent. Some complaints were about the quality of the dress and customer service. But compared to the rest of the reviews, it should not be a concern.


  • They have the best reputation among their competitors.
  • They’ve been on the market for 19 years.


  • You could get a dress with some finishing touches.
  • Like anywhere, you need to be very attentive to the size.

Cocomelody is a Retail store for wedding dresses and everything you might need for that special day. The level of trust from previous customers makes them a desirable purchase option. And the prices are competitive considering the quality.


Buy a Wedding Dress

Official Site

Dedicated to creating high-quality products, Bridelily uses good materials for clothing. So you can also buy the dresses for the bridesmaids and the evening dress. Interestingly, they can send free fabric samples (up to 5), so you can be sure of the color. You can also get accessories like:

  • Wedding flowers
  • Wedding veils
  • Lingerie
  • Flower girl accessories
  • Wedding Bags
  • Wedding petticoats
  • Wedding shoes

We can say that the prices here are quite interesting. You can get dresses for less than $100 or spend up to $1,200 if you want. If your purchase is $70 or more, the shipping is free. And the return policy is seven days.

There are many different opinions about how reliable this online store is. Some people complained about the quality or the delivery time. Others were delighted with their item. While some had problems with returns, others did very well.


  • Free shipping when you exceed $70.
  • You can purchase several accessories that you may not have thought of.


  • Very different opinions about trust and customer service.
  • Shipping may take longer than expected.

Bridelily’s online stores are located in China. They count on various clothes and accessories for the wedding night, But with a questionable reputation regarding refunds. On the other hand, consider that Asian sizes are slightly smaller than US charts before buying anything.