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A few years ago, large insurance corporations included many medical specialties but excluded any possibility of access to dental care plans.

This represented a disadvantage of high social impact, as many of the great diseases can be prevented from the teeth’ care.

Aware of all this over the years, policies began to include the possibility that the mouth’s elementary care was part of the benefits included in the policies. For some time now, policyholders have access care ranging from routine cleaning to root canal treatment to save a tooth.

Although the progress is significant, there must be providers of benefits that can directly cover all people’s dental needs.

In this sense, Careington Dental is a provider of discounts and benefits specializing in dental care with highly accessible offers. Its insurance benefits and tools are a wide variety.

Careington Dental offers a special membership that allows its addicts to access an extensive list of specialists that belong to its database, distributed throughout the United States.

What does the Careington Dental offer?

“Save between 20% and 60% on most dental treatments”.

This is the phrase that defines the main benefit of belonging to this membership offered by Careington Dental.

With an investment of only $99.00 per year, you can access an expanded directory of specialists near your location. When presented at the dental office, you will access benefits, bonuses, and special discounts with the subscription card.

How to use Careington Dental?

There are just three steps to enjoy these benefits.

  1. The first step is an online application to receive a membership kit. This process can take between 7 and 10 days.
  2. Once the kit is received, you can access a comprehensive directory of specialists affiliated with Careington Dental by phone or from the website between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm.
  3. With the presentation of the membership card, you can enjoy the benefits and discounts.

This company has an exciting way of working. It allows us to generate benefits to the patients who subscribe and to the doctors affiliated to the directory that they manage in their database.

Reliability of Careinton Dental

By reviewing the Trustpilot brand and business review portal, we can determine, based on customer experience, the reliability of this brand of discount services and dental directories.

With 80% acceptance, your clients claim to have saved a significant amount of money on their treatments. Some comment that Careington Dental allowed them to meet a high quality professional very close to their living area.

On the other hand, most negative and intermediate ratings are from those who have not enjoyed the benefits because they are in geographic areas where there are not enough affiliated professionals.

Another common complaint is the automatic enrollment fee when you reach the subscription year. When you withdraw, you do not return 100% because this subscription has an operating cost of $25.00.

Overall, the reviews provided by its users express a high level of reliability for the simple reason that their detractors have not used the service.

Besides, there are no significant and sustainable complaints about the use of the benefit as such. As long as the subscription is used, its benefits will be fully enjoyed.

Advantages of Careington Dental

  • It’s easy to affiliate
  • Attend to your concerns by all possible means.
  • The discounts you offer are significant compared to the annual money you pay.
  • The directory of professionals that you manage is wide and accessible.
  • It has no administrative complications.
  • They can be individual or family benefits.
  • There are no limits on dental specialties to choose from.
  • Savings range from 20% to 70% off.

Disadvantages of Careington Dental

It is geographically limited in some areas. To explain this better, there are certain states where there are not enough nearby professionals.

This creates problems when it comes to accessing and enjoying the benefit. So, we suggest that you should check this before making any payment.


Getting a good dentist is sometimes a hard task. Even when you may not give it a priority, your oral health will depend on this.

If you are the type of client who prefers to get a good reference before entering a doctor’s office, then the fact that there is a subscription that helps you access a good professional is good news.

On the other hand, the search made through Careington Dental comes with discounts and promotions included and has no price.

Overall, we can recommend the Careington Dental service, as it offers something sustainable, easy to access, and enjoy –As long as you live in a good area for their service.

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