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Carpentry is the name given to the trade in which wood is used for work or artistic purposes.

Through carpentry, objects, elements, and even furniture are manufactured. In this last field, wood furniture is one of the most appreciated and requested by buyers worldwide because wood furniture is considered the noblest, most decorative, and warmest.

There are many online sites where you can learn more about carpentry and different styles. If you need help moving your own in wooden, we have eight sites to find all the information you need regarding carpentry.

Digital Woodworker

Official Site

Digital Woodworker is a carpentry blog created by Nikolaus “Nik” Brown, who describes himself as “a competent cook, aspiring carpenter, and expert in technology in general.”

Nikolaus made the first blog entry on June 19, 2008, entitled “My First Carpentry Project: Home Cinema Speakers.” In this one, Nik Brown relates his experience elaborating on carpentry set to place the speakers that would complement and do justice to his 52-inches TV.

On the downside, this site hasn’t been updated for a while and could be down anytime soon. The last entry recorded in the blog was made on July 29, 2015, which presents Brown’s development of a table that, in turn, serves to store Legos.

In the blog, you can find different works made through the art of carpentry. If you need ideas to work in wood, without a doubt, this blog will help you to open your mind to multiple works of carpentry.

The Wood Whisperer

Official Site

Another relevant site you can visit on the web if you are interested in finding information about the incredible world of carpentry is The Wood Whisperer. This website was created by the podcaster, video producer, carpentry enthusiast, and author of the book “Hybrid Woodworking and Essential Joinery,” Marc J. Spagnuolo, who has contributed articles and content for multiple websites concerning this art of working with wood.

You will find sections on videos, projects, woodwork, and even a section showing products that can be purchased and how they work on this page. In addition to the above, there is also an innovative section in which you can see and enjoy the live show made by Marc J. Spagnuolo, creator of the website. Finally, the site also has a blog and the possibility of subscribing to the site to receive a newsletter about the presented content.

Make Something

Official Site

“Make Something” is a website where you can find many objects, elements, and furniture made of wood, as well as many video tutorials with which you can make your works carpentry.

The website also has different sections; one of these is a section where you can make purchases depending on your needs and what you want to build. In addition, they have a section that presents videos of carpentry tools, reviews about their price and quality, and the correct use.

The aim of the creator of this website is, above all, to inspire and encourage the creativity of those who visit the web and present content that each person can adapt to their tastes, style, needs, and space they have.

Its interest lies in visitors seeing ideas they can put into practice and venture into the world of carpentry.

Ana White

Official Site

This blog has been created by Ana White, a mother of a family who along with her has been dedicated for more than ten years to designing and building furniture plans, which have been shared both on the website and the YouTube channel they own.

Ana’s site’s goal is simple: to help all those who want to make a change in their homes using essential tools and with a reasonably minimal budget.

The explanations and other resources presented on this site encourage those who want to change their homes’ style and remodel what they already have or use elements at their disposal to create new and beautiful things. All the projects presented on the website use essential tools, most of them only four: a drill, a power saw, a nailer, and a sander.

Note that this is the best site if you want to make some DIY arrangements at home.

The American Craftsman Workshop

Official Site

American Craftsman Workshop is another website related to the art of carpentry that you can visit if you want to learn more about this fantastic and exciting trade. In the first instance, this website aims to inspire and educate all woodworkers working in this beautiful art in the modern era.

On this page, you will find different sections, among which you will find the ACW Journal, in which you will find posted all the latest news from the website. In addition, there is also a gallery that you can access to view all the projects designed and built by the American Craftsman Workshop.

Todd A. Clippinger is the website creator and, since 1997, has been working as a professional remodeler, designer, and carpenter for commercial and residential clients in multiple locations.

I Build It

Official Site

I Build It is also a page that you can consider among your options if you are interested in learning or know a little more about the world of carpentry and all it entails.

On this website, you will find multiple topics regarding woodworking. On this site, you can see projects that have been put into practice, arrangements or modifications made to already elaborate pieces, and various tips or advice that can help those interested in this profession.

But I Build it also has:

The best part of this site is its community. You can find advice or someone to do the work for you, which goes totally against the site’s name.

Fix This Build That

Official Site

Fix This Build That is one more website that Brad created. He states that his primary goal is to help those who visit his domains on the incredible journey of building truly incredible things.

Brad has no distinction between being a beginner carpenter or a master carpenter. Instead, he seeks to innovate and teach new skills to provide a different way of looking at life through carpentry.

On this fantastic website, you will find different sections where you will have the possibility to visualize elaborated projects, plans to realize, and a section of tools and tips that you can put into practice. Even a section in which you can find the merchandise you can acquire through the online purchase method is related to the immense and incredible world of carpentry and construction with wood.


Official Site

Lumberjocks is a large and interesting community where you can share with 292,100 other carpentry lovers on different topics related to woodwork and art.

Here, you will be able to find

You can also find videos and a shopping section with guides and tools –And yup, some stuff is already done. The website has a search bar that will help you find faster and easier the topic you are interested in.

Lumberjocks also has active social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and the site’s main page has a Top 15 daily in which the most relevant pieces of the day are on the site.

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Well, we’ve already presented you here with some of the best and most exciting places where you can know, learn, and discover everything related to the world of carpentry and the art of using wood.

There are pages for different tastes depending on the type of person you are and your interests. Undoubtedly, the significant number of projects elaborated in wood is impressive, all adjusted to your tastes and interests.

Carpentry offers the possibility of creating as much furniture as objects of all types with this beautiful material. Wood is one of the favorite elements when designing or remodeling objects, decorating, and more. Take a look at Ana White’s site if you need something done quickly and easily, but if you want to dive deep, Lumberjocks is probably your best call.

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