Best Cat Lover Websites Online

Perhaps you are a cat lover or need to find unique gifts for cat lovers to surprise a special friend. Well, today, we are going to give you a list of the best cat lover websites available so that you can reach the fun.

So, let’s get to it:

Cat Lovers Only

Official Site

Cat Lovers Only is a site created by an owner of three cats to share experiences and recommendations.

Nevertheless, It’s not like a social network. It’s more like an informative cat blog. It’s about someone’s experience with several of these animals. And it doesn’t recommend treatments in cases of illness or emergency.

Subscribing to the newsletter is free. You can also follow the social networks and share things there. You get the profits for promoting amazon articles.

Furthermore, there are no threats to your or your pet’s safety on this site. Nor do they ask for your personal information.


  • Informative character in its articles.
  • Photos of your cat can appear on the site and your story in one of their books.


  • The website could be more organized.
  • It is not possible to know who exactly manages the site.

Page managed by a cat lover. Who takes the time to share his valuable experience with you if you have questions about your kitty.

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Official Site

It is a community of cat lovers who seek to ensure their quality of life. Here you can share what you know about cats as an article. To participate in this community, you must complete the registration process, which is very simple:

  • Fill out the form.
  • Solve the question to confirm that you are not a robot.

It won’t cost you anything to participate in this online cat community. They maintain the site through small commissions obtained from sales on Amazon from here.

As it follows the scheme of a social network, you have to submit certain personal information. They don’t indicate what they do to protect that data. After that, there is no major concern.


  • The online community where you can get advice and suggestions from various people.
  • Registration can be done with the Facebook account.


  • You don’t know if they protect your data.
  • It can be hard to keep up with the publications.

The online portal is useful to acquire different points of view about your cat. You can share your knowledge here. It’s also easy to explore.

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Official Site

It’s a magazine with digital and print editions. But it shares a lot of useful content on its website.

This site is supported by its magazines’ sale, Which seeks to share useful content for cat owners. But it also writes it for you with professional quality. They also do contests.

Subscribing to the newsletter is free. But the subscription to the magazine is fixed as follows:

  • A one-year digital subscription costs $14.95
  • A one-year print subscription costs $19.95 ($25.95 elsewhere)
  • And a one-year digital and print subscription costs $24.95 ($30.95 worldwide)

In the PRIVACY section, they clarify all the doubts about using the data they obtain from you. Everything that appears is legal and in order.


  • Access to digital and print edition of a cat magazine.
  • Top-quality content.


  • You can only access the site if you subscribe to the newsletter.

Professional-quality content about cats. They also have a digital community. If you like dogs, you may be interested in the sister site dedicated to dogs.

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Official Site

When you enter the website you can easily perceive its purpose. It is a social network for cat lovers from all over the world.

It connects cat lovers like you with others with the same tastes. This way, they can share socially:

  • Stories
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Feelings for your pets

They charge a pretty low subscription, $12 a year. But considering that other social networks don’t charge, you should think about whether you want to join or not. All content is released when you’re a member.

The people on this site are real and have real experiences. Just try to take care of yourself. That is, don’t reveal personal information to a stranger.


  • You can learn about breeds from other parts of the world or new feline customs.
  • Share photos and videos of your cat.


  • It can take a lot of your time to see this place.
  • The blog is not super active.

Purrsonals works as a social network for cat lovers with lots of content and ideas to have fun at home. Just practice the same precautions as on any social network.

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Crazy Cat Shop

Official Site

As the name says, it is an online store to buy unique gifts for cat lovers. Everything you find here is related to cats. But most of the products are not for your cat, but for you:

  • Jewelry
  • Sweaters
  • Bags
  • Technological accessories
  • Mugs
  • Toys for your cat

All shipments have a fee according to the time you want it to arrive. There are no ways to earn free shipping. In the United States, the rates are:

  • Registered international shipping for $4.95
  • DHL Express shipping for $34.95

There are no major drawbacks to this online service other than the usual ones. For example, Someone who wants to change the address after ordering may have problems; Or a person may have problems with return policies.


  • They have a nice Follow-up system in order.
  • Prices are low.


  • You only have 3 days to notify that you want a refund and 10 days to send it back.
  • The payment can only be made via PayPal or Stripe.

This is the perfect online store for those who are not afraid to wear clothes with printed cats. Besides, here you can buy fun stuff for your pet.

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Official Site

HomeLife Media, a family-focused company, owns the website. So the goal is clear; cats are part of the family. This is what the site proposes.

Besides, they have an online store where you can buy funny cat gifts for everyone at home or toys for the cat—also, a community based on the most popular social networks. So you can share your cat moments with other people. It is complete. For example, in the behavior section, you can read about:

  • Your cat’s behavior
  • Training tips
  • Tips for taking care of your cat

There are no ads that you can win free shipping. There are also no promotional coupons or seasonal discounts. The prices of the items are reasonable.

It seems there are no major risks on this site. We warn you that they use four different deposits. That means that if you buy several items in one order, they may arrive separately.


  • You can find items for each member of the household.
  • Intuitive Website design.


  • Receiving separate orders can be annoying.
  • Complicated claims system.

This is a website that combines communities with online stores. In the end, it is easy to use and perfect for taking ideas for your house or your cat.

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The Spruce Pets

Official Site

This site offers useful tips for caring for pets. Most of the articles have been certified by veterinarians and other animal experts.

Its team of experts constantly reviews articles to ensure they are up to date. They have accumulated for 20 years over 3000 useful items to care for all types of pets, such as:

  • Horses
  • Pigs
  • Fish
  • Dogs
  • Birds

Reading the content and browsing the site is free. They are part of a fairly large digital publishing group (Dotdash).

The whole team responsible for the content is listed for you to know. They even offer a veterinary guide, so you don’t have to experiment with your cat.


  • Content certified by experts.
  • A site with tips on caring for other pets and the home.


  • Home page very uncomfortable to explore.
  • No social network format.

Excellent quality website and an ideal option if you need advice on caring for your cat and not just viewing videos and photos.

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Official Site

This is a fairly large online store with many cat and cat-themed items.

It’s a place on the web where you can read cat stories and trends, shop, or read tips about cats. They also support organizations that coordinate cat adoption events; here are a few:

  • Catsbury Park Inc.
  • Good Luck Cat Cafe
  • The Noah Center

The products you will see on this site are reasonably priced. Besides, they usually have active promotions so you can enjoy discounts on some things.

We didn’t find any alarming signs you need to know about them. The products comply with what they advertise, and they comply with the deliveries.


  • Online store, offering discounts on selected goods.
  • You can help a cat to meet a family.


  • They don’t say exactly when the adoption events are.
  • Without a social networking system, it’s hard to tell them you want to adopt a cat.

An online store that is “socially” committed to cats presents you with useful offers on articles about and for cats.

We hope you enjoyed this article about the best cat lover websites, and we invite you to look at Good Sites Like to find other great reviews and blogs.

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